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What to avoid when dealing with the computer guy


We all have that friend that ‘know about computers’ and does all the computer repairs for family, neighbors and acquaintances.

We are in 2014 so let’s be honest, we all know about computers; what differentiates us from that poor guy is just honesty.

One day when asked, hey you know how to fix this? He took the time to Google the problem and solves it; and that day his nightmare begins.

Ten years ago we used to have specialized stores for repairing computers and thanks to such honest guys we don’t have those anymore.

Today all computer repairs are done, not by professionals who get paid, but by a beloved friend who knows about computers the same that we all know but who is patient enough to look up error messages on Google and follow the steps.

The first couple of times we contacted him, he was proud but then he slowly started to hate us all.

Here I share some tips to avoid that the computer guy eventually kill you.


Everything bad that happens to your computer after he fixes it is not his fault


After your friend spend 7 hours trying to get your computer back into the original condition before you screwed it up, if you need to call him back, please don’t tell him ‘the program you installed messed up my computer’.


If he installs something, do not uninstall it


The majority of computers break downs are caused by needless programs we installed, like the one that changes the cursor into a cat.

After removing all these junky programs, the computer guy will only install one thing, an antivirus.

So remember, if you need to contact him back, and he ask you about that unique piece of software, please do not reply ‘I uninstalled that because it was messing up my computer and it wouldn’t let me play my games’.



Toolbars are mean


Toolbars are the little strips that get glued on top of your browser when you downloaded important programs like the one you use to watch pictures of your boyfriend while playing inspirational songs.

Every time you download one of those crappy packages, its toolbar will not replace the last one but it will glue itself to the 76543e previous ones.

So next time you download anything, read instead of blindly click ‘next’, look for the word ‘toolbar’ and uncheck it.

The program won’t be offended.




the world must know the truth!


What to avoid when dealing with the computer guy
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What to avoid when dealing with the computer guy
Things we all should avoid when dealing with the computer guy. A guide on how to behave when someone is helping you fix the computer


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