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Benefits of being fat


School bullying is big news these days and the most teased and bullied segments of the school population are slutty girls and fat kids.

We have good news for all the chubby kids of the world.

No matter how fleshy you may be, it doesn’t mean your life is always going to be horrible.

In fact, being fat could have some benefits.


Nobody notices if you gain weight


How many times have you friended an old classmate on Facebook and upon seeing what they look like now, found yourself wondering exactly what happened.

That cute girl you always wanted to bang now looks like Shrek.

Everybody enjoy checking pictures to see how popular friends have fallen into overweight.

But you know who doesn’t have that problem? Yes, you!

Since you’ve always been fat nobody is surprised when they see you again, years later.


You are not expected to be athletic


If you are overweight you are not expected to be athletic and to be honest, people don’t expect much of anything from you because you’re lazy.




You save a lot of stress when nobody has expectations on you and when you are fat you had no expectations of any sort placed on you.

You can of course play sports as a fat person, specifically baseball.


It took attention away from other issues


Even if you have plenty of other problems going on in your life nobody will notice them.

You can be poor, have allergies, use ugly clothes or wear glasses and nobody will ever care because since you’re fat, that is what everyone will ever tease you about.


Being fat forced you to learn on how to approach people


Fat people also want to have friends.

Clearly nobody wants to be friend with someone overweighed so this people have to develop conversational skills.

They have an important motivation to learn how to talk.

That’s why fat people read a lot of books.




the world must know the truth!

Benefits of being fat
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Benefits of being fat
Benefits of being fat. Even though you are obese, there are a few things you can do well


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