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Born poor, die poor. Social mobility doesn’t exist


If you think that a salary rise, a job promotion or hitting the lotto are steps towards upward social mobility, you are wrong.

Those events may change your income but will not change your social class.

God says: Whoever has, will be given more and whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them; Mark 4,25.

And that is how society works, class status is determined by birth.

All the propaganda about opportunity and merit determining status is baloney.

You may not have the same kind of job or even income as your father, but you have the same social status.

The nonexistence of social mobility isn’t exclusive to our country, even in societies with more equitable wealth distribution, the class structures are fixed.

A study held by the International University of Monaco has demonstrated that people who came from aristocratic families have 98% more chance to appear among the ranks of the richest than those with slaves surnames.



Every now and then we have some kind of propaganda trying to convince us that social mobility is possible.

We feel good about that utopic idea but does it really exist such thing as social class changes? Not really.

We need to accept who we are and the class we belong to.

We live in an economic system that needs everybody to perform different activities.

Social mobility doesn’t matter, we need to accept that everyone belongs to his family status and be proud of that.

It isn’t the changing of class that is important but the style of living within the classes.

This need to be understood by those lefty hippies that came up with such thing as social mobility theory.

They want everyone to go to college and get a degree as if that will make people happy.

Poor people don’t go to college because they hate education and that’s fine.

Nature knows better and there is a reason why poor people don’t like to read.

As a society we need people that dedicate their lives to clean houses and serve food and those people believe it or not, are as important as us.

Social mobility doesn’t matter, if we want to understand how society really works, just look at how much fun people have and how much time they spend with friends

It’s not the promise of social mobility that’s important, it’s just the quality of life enjoyed in each social class.

Being different is good.



the world must know the truth!

Born poor, die poor. Social mobility doesn’t exist
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Born poor, die poor. Social mobility doesn’t exist
Born poor, die poor. Social mobility doesn’t exist. You can pay for school but you can’t buy class.


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