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How to easily get rich


Not even one of us think of success as working 40 hours a week for just enough money to have a house a car and travel abroad once a year.

We all want to be rich overnight and spend the rest of our days flexing.

Well, sometimes it happens.

Here I’m inspiring you with some ideas.


Sponsored clothing


Sometimes the more stupid an idea is the better it works.

Especially in marketing and advertising you don’t need to be even smart to succeed.

And of course, you don’t have to work.

A guy named Jason Sadler decided to set up a website and offered companies to pay him to wear Tshirts with their brands on it, a human billboard let’s say.




He made more than $300.000 the first year just by wearing a shirt.

Eventually he started hiring people to perform the hard work of wearing Tshirts and his total earnings reached somewhere in the upper tier six figures.

For wearing a shirt!


Web domains


Domain names are a huge business, with professional investors and manuals and everything you imagine.

And you could have made some serious money if you happened to jump on the train before anyone even realized there was a train.

A guy named Chris Clark registered the domain name Pizza.com in 1994.

He maintained the domain for $20 a year for 14 years and then placed the domain up for auction.

He netted $2.6 million dollar.

I bet all intellectually hard workers out there are feeling pretty dumb uh?

And this is not the only story.

Very similar chain of events took place with Vodka.com and Sex.com sold for $3 million and $5.6 million respectively.


Being lucky


Imagine a friend ask you to be partner is some business but without offering you a lot of money.

He wouldn’t even pay you because the business is new and he’s not making much money.

Of course you say yes and work hard just for the sake of your friendship.

What he offers is being a partner so if someday the business goes well you will be 50% and 50%.

You feel very happy because you do what you like, you help a friend and you build up a bond with him based on mutual trust.

Less than 15 years later you cash in your stock options and leave the company $36 million richer.

The company was Google but it can also happen the same with OhmyGodd or any other startup.




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 Vomit, fellatio and a moving speech


Lady Gaga is known for her odd looks and for shed her clothing onstage.

Her insubordinate inclination was totally exhibit on Thursday night during a corporate sponsored concert at Stubb’s BBQ.

Gaga invited friend and performance artist Millie Brown to vomit paint on her during the song Swine.

The pop singer unleashed an absolutely non corporate show that was equally vulgar and bizarre.

The performance got started with woman fellatio to a sausage.

Then there was Gaga herself being rolled out to a spit by her backup dancers who proceeded to baste her with BBQ brushes like a pig while singing.

Before the crowd was able to react, things got even uglier.

Gaga brought her friend Millie Brown out onstage who assisted the singer by drinking green paint and vomiting all over Gaga while drumming.

Immediately both of them, covered by green vomit, manned a mechanical pig and played a keyboard as the pig bucked the liquid around.

After all this disturbing acts, Gaga paused the performance and honor the victims with a nice speech.

‘… when you leave the earth nobody’s gonna give a fuck about what you tweeted. Nobody’s gonna care what picture you posted. They’re gonna care about that one person you told that one little inspirational thing to and they look back at you and knew they weren’t alone. So be that for each other right now. Don’t let the machine and don’t let technology take you into a place where you don’t belong. Stay right here on this earth, we need you…’




 The U.S. Daily 


How to improve The Walking Dead


I love The Walking Dead and I’ve watched every episode.

The reason I watch the show is not because I think is good but because I want it to be good.

From season one I’ve being expecting the show to revolve around how society will be after the zombie apocalypse but instead it’s been all about how people from different ethnic backgrounds treat each other.

I’m very positive that The Walking Dead is finally going to be the show we are waiting for after the producers read this article.


Red shirts


The Walking Dead has run out of Red shirts and that’s an improvement per se.

It’s stupid that the screenwriters keep throwing out insignificant characters instead of messing with the important ones.

With Jimmy and Patricia dead they are now out of easy people to kill.

I think about the writers like myself after a hard day at work when I grab everything I could possibly need, phone, laptop, remote and a drink to avoid getting up from the couch for the next couple of hours.

That’s what they did at the start of every season, they collected and arranged their Red shirts and they lazily punctuate a scene with a meaningless death whenever they needed it.




The show had Shane survive two full seasons and that was a mistake.

He was cast as the antihero and as much as woman may love him, watching his descent from amoral to evil just wasn’t absorbing.



The writers divided the Rick character into Rick and Shane rather than having one single character wrestle with opposing moral concepts.

Now that Shane is dead they’ve no choice but to make Rick actually grow as a character.




Dale is dead, and that’s good because Dale was really boring.

For me he was just an excuse for the writers to tell instead of show.

Now that he’s gone, with him went the pro bandit sermons and voting sessions making room for more actual zombies in a show that it supposed to be about zombies.

In the future if the show still needs a moral center Hershel can do it.




Convenient burdens only exist as easy plot devices to put the group in trouble when it gets boring.

Now that they’ve finally gave Carl his own gun it is the end of the helpless child lost plot lines.

Convenient burdens complicate so much around before achieving the original purpose that they end up not working for the show.

Now there’s only one left, Carol.


The farm


There is no possible worst location for any show.

Even farming shows would be better served with more interesting set pieces.

Literally anything is more interesting than a plain old ordinary farm.

The Walking Dead spent approximately five hours showing the characters cleaning wells, fixing windmills, patching up fences and protecting cows.

It seems that the writers finally understand what they did wrong.

Relocating to the prison means the group is probably going to encounter prisoners and the new dilemmas that come with them.

This is the perfect time; the show is finally going to pull it together.

It took three full seasons of boredom and idiocy to get here but we’re finally here.

The Walking Dead has finally caught up with the first 10 minutes of any ordinary zombie movie.




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  In Touch Weekly 

A better bum than Kim Kardashian

(Photo gallery at the end)

Kim Kardashian has some competition in the sexy bum stakes.

Fitness fanatic Jen Selter has more than 1.700.000 Instagram fans since she started posting hot gym pictures in 2012.

As her butt started to become more shapely more people started reposting her pictures and her Instagram account blew up.

Thanks to her internet fame, Jen has quit her job and is now being paid to front campaigns.

Despite being regularly compared to Kim, she doesn’t see the similarity and says she prefers the bodies of stars such as Rihanna and Miranda Kerr.

She’s recognized wherever she goes for one very impressive attribute: Her rounded rear end.

Just one picture of her on a workout ball or squatting at the gym can garner as many as 80.000 likes, and thousands consider her a fitness inspiration.

She started by posting photos of her workout and yoga sessions to Instagram and admits that some of the pictures can be a little ‘showy’ but that she wants to inspire and motivate people to stay fit and grow a nice butt.

She confesses that her photos are always focused on her rounded behind explaining that she doesn’t post face pictures because nobody want to see her face.




She remembered that she was very flat before and that after she started working out at the gym, she noticed that her behind began getting bigger and was inspired by the transformation adding a little surgical procedure to make it even bigger.

After that she joined Instagram in March 2012 and began posting images of her body.

When she saw people reposting her images, she asked for a credit and her number of followers boomed.

While she would not reveal how much she makes from this web page, this girl, who did not go to college, said she’s making a lot more money than a graduate would be making.

Her mother said she couldn’t be more proud of her daughter and her butt because she’s a girl who didn’t want to go to college and she was able to build up this social media in such a way that she has become famous and she is an inspiration and motivation for so many people.

Jen, who hopes to own a chain of gyms, admits that some of the photos can be showy but she wants to inspire people.

‘I see myself motivating and inspiring everyone around the world,’ she said, ‘With hard work and dedication, anyone can have a butt like mine’


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 The Huffington Post 

Cocaine, a gift from mother Earth


The use of drugs is a controversial topic even as more countries allow the use of them every year.

For some unknown reason we tend to condemn cocaine consumption but medical studies shows that is completely healthy and it actually help people in ways you might not expect.

The largest ever study of cocaine use around the globe was carried out in the early 90’s by the Colombian Health Organization and under pressure from the US its publication was suppressed when it became clear the report’s findings were in direct conflict with the myths, stereotypes and propaganda that prop up the war on drugs.

Cocaine consumption was historically revered as a divine gift from Mother Earth by the people of the Andes.

During the time of the Inca, the sacred leaf was used as currency and a pivotal part of holy ceremonies.

Cocaine contains riboflavin, vitamin A, iron, and calcium.

A study conducted by the University City of Bogotá found that consuming 4 grams of cocaine a day is the equivalent of a full day of nutritional sustenance for an adult.

It acts as a natural stimulant and is effective in combating fatigue, hunger, thirst and headache.



Cocaine cure alcoholism

Cocaine made people feel more confident, happy and satisfied with their lives, decreasing the feelings that led most of them to abuse alcohol.

The effects lasted for about six months, at which point the person can return to a treatment clinic for another dose, repeating the process until they were able to transition into sobriety.

Sin título

Cocaine help woman give birth

Cocaine is a class of drug commonly used as painkillers, is actually much more effective than morphine, working its magic in about two or three minutes.

The National Health Service in Peru Britain recommends giving it to people in extreme pain, people in surgery and women in labor.

Many South American hospitals give cocaine to pregnant women.

The women are given an injection of it to help with the contractions as they blast their progeny out with vagina propulsion.


Cocaine gives you status

Due to the elevated price, cocaine it’s considered a glamorous way of getting high and it has a lot of mysticism.

Commonly referred as the caviar of drugs, cocaine is seen as a status drug normally consumed by models and business people.

Think about it, nature is perfect so if it gives us cocaine, it can’t be harmful.


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  Game Informer

Best online game sites


Crazy Monkey Games


On Crazy Monkey Games most games are equipped with short guides as well as tips and tricks for navigating some of the more frustrating portions of your favorite titles.
The newsletter, another aspect that differentiates the site from its online peers, is a great way for users to stay up to date on the latest games, contests and general news coming out of CMG.



Yahoo Games


A good deal of the titles will require you to sign in with your Google account or sign up for a free Yahoo account, specifically ones with any multi player functionality.

There is a plethora of games pulled from other sites that require absolutely nothing in the way of commitment or allegiance to any corporation.






This free site is burgeoning with a vast wealth of diverse games including shooters, role-playing, puzzle, action and online multiplayer.

I recommend signing up for at least a free account so you can save your badges, points and games as well as participate in the leaderboards and the helpful community forums.


Addicting Games


This website has the most extensive category list of any of the sites on our roundup, incorporating categories for girls and cute shooters but it’s also the most childish given the site is owned and operated by Nickelodeon.





Armor Games


This is a wonderful site for appeasing the gaming nerd inside all of us.
Instead of games like Hob the Hobbit and Orc Slayer, Armor games now showcases a deep, ever-expanding catalog of some of the Web’s most renowned online games as well as some up-and-coming alternatives.


Finally I’ll recommend an excellent game: Zuma Deluxe!









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 Daily Mail 

Kardashian Family: Global Role Models

Some may say that the Kardashians TV show is not based on people performing but if we think about it is so much hard to be able to open up your life like they do and be shown as you really live than perform a song or act in a movie reading what others write for you to say.

Acting and singing aren’t better ways to show talent than take part in a reality show.

It’s a skill to get people to really like you for who you are and not for a character written for you by somebody else.

The Kardashian sisters have become Hollywood headliners for their reality television series but most important because of their wise lifestyle and brilliant minds.

Differing with the American growing culture of violence, excessive drinking and early sex the immaculate lifestyle the Kardashian family have provides new generations an example to look up for.

The show focus on the opportunities and challenges that girls today have to face and promote the image of women being successful business owners as they are also great housewife’s.

The Kardashians portraits a role model family that uses their public personality and position of power to further advance the opportunities of all those who identify with them.

They do not do it with the objective to create profit, they just do it for the sake of helping others and they are aware and very mindful of how society interpret their image.

Kim Kardashian herself is an ideal role model for today’s teenage girls as she is focused, empathetic, loyal, a leader, and she has integrity.

She is a splendid example of all that is right in our Western society, she represents what we all want our young people to aim for and she is the image of what success should mean to everyone.

Kim Kardashian has managed to take a potentially humiliating incident for her like being cheated on and turn it into a successful branding opportunity for herself and her family.

From that very day she keeps taking the perfect career decision on every step she makes and that is what makes her deserve the great career trajectory she has.


Despite the colossal success this family accomplished we are focusing on the example this family is giving to us all whose behavior we need to try to emulate to achieve perfection.

They are a global role model because of they significantly impact in each of us future choice of career.

They provide a clear example on how self-confidence is of paramount important in pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematical fields.

They are also a great influence on how education and training helps on building an entrepreneurial career.

At the heart of their TV show added to the clever sense of humor displayed, they are a family that truly loves and supports one another.

The Kardashians are energetic and strong willed, passionate and career focused and also confident and downright hilarious.

The love and devotion they have for each other and their family is inspiring to see.

Aware of the brilliantness they possess they are so secure in themselves and are not afraid to stand up and fight for what they believe in if necessary.

The Kardashians are omnipresent throughout modern media.

They are a cultural touchstone representing warrantless celebrity, voluptuous beauty and social media savviness as well as narcissism and glamour.

The Kardashians have seemingly achieved the American dream without the visible hard work required for it.

They embody the contemporary American dream which is attaining success propelled by social media and reality TV as well as parading their opulent lifestyles and sparking a valuable cultural change.

They contribute to promote family values and place into the common people mind profound subjects like interracial relationships and mixed families.

Kim Kardashian is the hardest working young lady in the world, she never sleeps, she never stops creating and she never slows down and works so hard for what she’s got.



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Michael Jordan was not better than Kobe Bryant

 Washington Post 

Michael Jordan was not better than Kobe Bryant


When judging the careers of players we need to measure based on championships, awards and an ability to consistently raise the level of play when the situation calls for it.

We all remember Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Larry Bird and Michael Jordan whose merits are undeniable.

But what separates these NBA stars from the greatest basketball player of all the time?

His temperament, dominance and the ability to win championships. That’s exactly what made Kobe the number one.

Every year he reinvents the heart and lift up the spirit of the competition from the first season game.

Kobe Bryant is the greatest and most legendary player of basketball history being dominant on both sides of the floor throughout his career.

Nobody who understand the game can deny Michael Jordan’s achievement but what is also true is that everything Michael did, Kobe did better.




At the age of 18 he was the youngest player ever to play in an NBA game becoming the youngest player to be named the slam dunk champion.

Through fan voting, he also became the youngest NBA All-Star starter in NBA history.

At 23 Bryant became the youngest player to win three NBA championships.

Kobe is also a much complete player than Jordan.

In his last season with the Chicago Bulls, Jordan averaged 28.7 points on 46.5 percent shooting from the floor and 23.8 percent shooting from 3 range.

Currently Bryant is averaging 29.5 points on 47.8 percent shooting from the field along with a 38 percent clip from downtown.

During Jordan days the NBA was also more a Showtime than the rough arena than is today so standing out the average back there was so much easier than today.

It’s easy to understand that Kobe’s championships were tougher to earn than Jordan’s.

The teammates they had are also a significant component in this comparison. Bryant is basically unstoppable despite being surrounded with lesser talent.

He accomplished achievements that many could only dream of such as outscoring a Dallas Mavericks team through three quarters or dropping a ridiculous 81 points in one game against the Toronto Raptors.

Another remarkable detail beside his technical superiority is that he is the first NBA player to play 20 years with the same franchise.

Kobe has a sense of urgency with everything he does: every rep, every shot, every drill is important to him.

He takes advantage of every opportunity to get better, he is never satisfied with his game and is always looking to improve.

Is that hunger is what makes him great.


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Justin Biever is the best singer ever


Justin Bieber is the best singer ever


With only 19 years old, Justin Bieber has the right to be called the best singer that ever exists. 

Even if you are not one of his almost 50 million followers on Twitter or one of the 60 million people who actively likes him on Facebook you are aware about the celebrity that this young guy became in a couple of years.

 He was discovered by a music producer just by accident and since that very day he works hard to achieve success.

 The talent manager Scooter Braun mistakenly clicks on one of the videos that Justin mom uploaded on Youtube and immediately realized the aptitude of this kid.

 He even called Justin’s School to get his number and when he got hold of his mom she initially dooubted about leaving the little town behind to pursue a music career with her son.

 They said goodbye to the neighbors with tears in their eyes and took off to United States.

 A week later, Justin was already singing with Usher.



He became the first artist to have seven songs from a debut record to chart on the Billboard Hot 100.

 Justin’s 2010 hit Baby has gone 12 times platinum and has racked up 3.9 million track sales and over 876 million views on VEVO.



 By 2012 Bieber was releasing his third studio album and it became his fourth chart topper in the United States, debuting at number-one on the Billboard top 200.


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