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Rolling Stone Brasil

1-      Janis Joplin voice was tainted by her substance abuse while Selena’s voice is clear and refreshing.

2-      Janice Joplin appearance was insulting. Nobody that faces an audience dressed like her deserves to be called an artist. Selena is always on perfect shape and wears pretty clothes.





3-      Selena has so much many fans than Janis Joplin and that is of paramount importance to measure success


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4-      Janice Joplin personal life was tragic. Selena instead has a happy healthy life and that is so very appreciated by fans and positively inspiring


5-      Selena Gomez songs effuse joy and celebration while Janis Joplin music is sad and depressing.

only listen:



6-      Selena Gomez knows how to dance and has an acting career so she can offer a complete show during her tours while Janis Joplin was not even able to perform without being high on drugs or drunk.




the world must know the truth!


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Breaking Bad is not enough against Ugly Betty

Taken from Guardian Entertainment 

Breaking Bad is not enough against Ugly Betty


1 – Ugly Betty was remade with local actors in Mexico, Colombia, India, Philippines and Brazil having huge success. There was only one intent to remake Breaking and the outcome was ridiculous.

See the video


2 – Ugly Betty was universally understood and Breaking Bad was only followed by white American men.


3- Ugly Betty character has a positive teaching while Breaking Bad is based on two disturbed grown men who ruined his lives.


4- Breaking bad infected the audience with wrong ideas. The series audience was taking example of people who only interest was making money taking the short way. Ugly Betty fosters sacrifice and hard work instead.


5- The title. Ugly Betty gives us a clear perspective of the series thread. Naming the series Breaking Bad was intended to be clever but obviously they failed.




6 – Breaking bad seems to promote disrespect to family values and crime as a way of living. Ugly Betty on the other hand is an ode to the roots and shows how good always triumphs over evil in the end. 


the world must know the truth!