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CBS News

Mike Shanahan, the new Abraham Lincoln

Our President Lincoln faced the most enormous crisis in the history of our country and he was determined to lead the nation to recovery; he earned respect as he kept his eye on the enormous challenges the nation was confronting.

When he lost he warmly congratulated the victors even after a painful defeat.

And those traits are clearly shown in Mr. Shanahan personality. He rises to the occasion and led this team of fierce rivals during The Washington Redskins’ biggest crisis.

He worked extremely hard during almost four years to put the team together and rebuilt a solid team.

When he was hired there were tough times for the team but he was loyal to the direction selected and got some defense players to complete the stronger offensive and they were able to overcome some battles and found a way to win every game.




Thanks to Shanahan job The Redskins are today in a much better situation thanthey were four years ago and now that Daniel Snyder, owner of the Washington Redskins, has fired him we will face the countdown on the team’s debacle.

President Lincoln was shot from the bacm by someone he perfectly knew so, figuratively speaking, we can affirm that Dan Snyder is the John Wilkes of our days.

Being the owner of a football team should be a responsibility and imply management and interpersonal skills but this is something that Daniel Snyder ought not.

There’s an old Groucho Marx line about not wanting to join any club that would have you as a member and that’s what any coach may be thinking at this moment.

Anyone that Daniel Snyder think is a good candidate to hire should be skeptic about his future and questioned the reason why he was selected.





Why would any coach be willing to enter Snyder’s circus given that an ignominious exit within two or three years is the guaranteed end?

All this said lets go to the bottom of this matter which is that the Redskins are suffering their worst season in almost 20 years.

There should be a real reason for that beyond the coach, the owner, the manager and even the players and we think that reason is that Washington’s football fortunes won’t improve until the nickname is changed.

The Redskins name is clearly cursed and it’s easy to see how it’s made much difference in their play.

Having an ‘Indian’ name is something that anyone needs to avoid if wanted to achieve success.

As soon as this team changed their name they will advance to the playoffs, immediately began a string of bowl winning seasons and become a consistent winner again.

So is only bad karma that’s causing Washington’s miseries and changing the name will obviously change that.


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Daily Mail UK


Videogames are healthier than play with kids


In the recent years we encountered some articles indicating that videogames are not healthy so is time to clarify and explain that videogames are a path to smarter and gentler people.

Researchers have found that playing video games including violent shooter titles boost children’s learning, health and social skills.

Playing violent shoot them up games such as Call of Duty enhances creativity and interpersonal abilities.

Playing with other kids could be risky given that sometimes we can’t control how clean they are and we cannot select the most intelligent ones to allow them to play with our owns.

On the other side videogames increase concentration, visual abilities, hand eye coordination and fuel your imagination, it inspires you. Playing videogames on a daily basis also gives you better reflexes, sharpens your instincts and improve problem solving skills and the mind’s ability to process information.


Social benefits


Video games cause also personal benefits because people who spend too much time sitting while playing video games don’t get into socializing much and therefore they avoid any kind of discussion or misunderstanding.




They keep a perfect record on their relationships and everybody is always willing to welcome them since they don’t usually appear in the social sphere.

True friendships last forever and the basement of true friendship is not bothering each other and if you play too much video gaming you’ll never be the super bored person that stays longer than needed at friend home.

If you want to have healthier relationships you should at least play 5 or 6 hours a day video games to enjoy a balanced, well rounded social life.

Playing with other people instead of video games led to depression, anxiety and inhibited social development.

If you are smart enough you can always win playing with other people and on video games you always find another level, another challenge to keep improving and that it what makes you a better person.

Video games are a place where you learn failure because you can lose a game and since failure is part of life there is why videogames are much healthier than playing with real kids, because videogames reflects real life.



Playing video games gives you the confidence to be anything you want, you can be a hero who saves the world, or a villain who destroy it and that it was life is all about.




Video games had distinct effects on the brain because achieving a high score requires players to react quickly, while processing information in their peripheral vision, multi-tasking, making predictions and processing the constant player feedback.

Individuals who play games at least 2 hours per day are better than non-gamers at rapidly processing complex information, estimating numbers of objects, controlling where their attention is focused and switching rapidly between tasks.

They are also better able to identify distraction and quicker to return their focus to the main task and at ignoring irrelevant, distracting visual information and made better decisions.

Playing video games lead to beneficial brain changes and consequently affect our behavior positively.

A study held in the US and Japan concludes that the children are more likely to help others in real life or in simulated tasks if they play video games at least 3 hours a day.


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Videogames also affect children’s sense of empathy since they don’t have to play with kids with a different mental level, the video game level itself with the kid intelligence so they always find it interesting.

Kids that play with other real kids are always more violent that kids that only play videogames as they become better at noticing the feelings and reactions of others.

Playing games offer us an opportunity to take greater control over the shaping of our own minds and brains.

We are moving forward to most parents wanting their children to be educated by videogames and to discover how games can be the better teachers we can harness.

Let’s wish and hope that in the immediate future gaming will become the universal path for education, not school.


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The New York Times 


Christmas is a Communist invention


We all know how the hanging stockings by the chimney started but are we aware who is behind all this imposed behaviors during Holiday season.

Never in American history have we been so controlled on how to spend Christmas than these past years.

We know that Christmas has been celebrated in either December or January since Christ was born and rituals vary depending on what people feels like doing but now we are all being brainwashed to do all the same things and fit some pre designed ceremonies.

Originally the only idea associated with gifts was the fact that from Christmas night to the morning of January 6 the Three Kings traveled to visit Jesus and gave him some presents.

And that was all the reference to gifts.

So what happens that we became this kind of gift giving machine? Who is moving the strings of all us as puppets?

We are witnessing that the cold war has been as hard to avoid on television in recent weeks as it was during the 1960s, we can also see that the cold war had not ended but merely mutated into a more hidden war.

It’s no coincidence that Christmas has become for more us in the past years a mere festival associated with vaguely superstitious gift exchanges rituals and food ingestion than a spiritual celebration as it really was intended to be.

How we changed all the good tradition of being with the people we like to this torture of sharing with the ones we are forced to?

And think about this, which color is Santa outfit? Which color is the large stripe on Christmas candy cane?

And what’s the color of our enemy in the cold war? Coincidence? I don’t think so.





One of the defining features of the cold war was that it was a game of smoke and mirrors in which neither side quite knew what the other was doing.

Apart from for a while the Soviets who had a spy inside the US navy feeding them every US technological development and that is exactly what they do running all this retail stores in our country.

Every massive retail store from Victoria’s secret to Target is filled with Russian sales people.

Above all, the cold war was a time when the participants had to believe they were making a difference.

A US submariner for example talked of his pride at evading the Soviet fleet in the Barents Sea while a Soviet commander felt much the same about remaining undetected in the Bermuda Triangle for a week.

And that’s exactly what is happening right now with this endless gift purchasing tradition

They are pushing us to the edge and we don’t even realize it.

The materialism of it, the way it’s turned from a wonderful tradition into a buying rage, the forced gift giving, the greedy little children waiting to open the latest whiz bang on Christmas morning , all these is diminishing us as a country.

Why can’t we give gifts when we feel like? Why can’t we spend our free time with the people we really want to be?

There is no other nation in the world that sees gift giving and spending Holidays with the family as mandatory.

And is one of our highest obligations, actually.

It is the fundamental basis of all our economic behavior and that was meticulously stipulated by Russians.

They are mining a beautiful religious based holiday into a gift exchange ritual and that means that Russians are successfully transforming Christmas in America into something purely politic.

Too often these days the Cold War is treated as past events but it is in this kind of  tradition that the true Cold War unveils itself and affect our lives.

The idea that impregnates our kids brains is that there is no need to work or deserve things, just wait for Christmas day and a tons of gifts will be given to you even if you are a lazy ass.

Is that how we want to educate our new generations?

Maybe it sounds over dramatic to say there’s a war going on for the souls of our kids, but it’s definitely what is happening and we need to wake up.

Communism is being impregnated in their minds through this dissimulate Christmas traditions.

Not everyone is the same, not all of us need to get presents at the same time.

Only a blind person doesn’t see communism running all of this puppets theater.




The cold war is also mining our self esteem, we start comparing ourselves, comparing our gifts, comparing our Christmas decoration, our Christmas dinner party …

So remember, if every year you give gifts to everyone, decorate a tree and display all decorative lights around your house then let me tell you, you already are a soldier from the other side.


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 Manhattan Medical Magazine  

Why men should grow a beard


If you are thinking about grow a beard do not hesitate anymore, the answer is yes.

Growing a beard requires a commitment and is an experience that tests your own character.

If you have what it takes then here the reasons why you should do it.

Beards go way back as having prestige and power from the dawn of time, a man’s beard was a symbol of his honor and social status as a man.

In the Middle Ages just touching another man’s beard was offensive and grounds for a fight.

You’re likely to suspect he has something to hide under that beard, but contrary to what you would think under that bushiness is blemish free and baby smooth skin because beard prevents from rubbing natural moisturizing oil off his face and protects him from those bitter winds. No redness or dryness on this faces.




A beard is the fountain of youth.

According to recent research from the University of Southern Queensland a man’s beard blocks up to 95 percent of the sun’s UV rays and us all know that exposure to the sun means a higher risk of melanoma.

Four out of five cases in men appear on the face, head or neck and the sun causes up to 90 percent of the visible signs of aging.

While we still suggest that he lather on that sunscreen, keeping up his beard will keep that chiseled jawline of his spot free and baby smooth.

A survey this past summer found that beard faced look as much sophisticated than those who are clean shaven, they looks more mature without looking haggard or weary, it has all the benefits.





With role models like Ben Affleck and George Clooney is clearly understandable the growing popularity of traditions like No Shave November.

This entire hippie trend leads more and more men to take medicines and vitamins to stimulates the hair growing.

There’s also a security reason behind wearing a beard, because bearded men appear more intimidating to other men and seem more aggressive when angry.

You know they are softie in the inside so there’s no reason to fear.


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Al Jazeera


Osama Bin Laden University 2013 Graduation Ceremony


With a cast of more than 90 graduates and guests the 2013 Osama Bin Laden Terrorism University Graduation Ceremony was a truly momentous occasion on an unprecedented scale.

For many, the occasion was a once in a lifetime opportunity that they will never forget.

The ceremony played host to guests from a vast spectrum of cultures and backgrounds, resulting in a vibrant celebratory atmosphere.

Our graduates and their guests were notably impressed by the splendour of our ceremonial traditions and the grandeur of the auditorium in which the ceremonies took place.

Many were said to be bursting with pride, having been congratulated on their academic achievements by a member of the Bin Laden Family.

The morning ceremony began with a speech from officer Ali Abdul-Rahman, who warmly congratulated our graduates on their achievements: I acknowledge that your journey in getting to this point has been far from easy and I know that for all of you, it represents a long and sustained commitment to a program of study.

Between the morning and afternoon ceremonies, a small cross-section of students had the privilege of attending a special reception with Osama Bin Laden mother.

It was an unforgettable, once in a lifetime experience, she asked what the future holds for me and I spoke of my passion for terrorism and my desire to continue improving, a 16 year old student stated.

Following the ceremonies, and a champagne reception for our graduates, the day’s proceedings continued with the announcement about the winner of the 2013 Mohamed Atta Fellowship, an annually awarded scholarship and stipend that is bestowed on the most exceptionally talented young terrorist from around the world.

The foundation, which reportedly aims to promote the ideals of strength, leadership, and Sharia law, is said to select the best and brightest aspiring terrorist operatives between the ages of 15 and 25, providing each with a $200.000 grant to study under experienced Islamic extremists at leading training camps, safe houses, and caves across the greater Middle East and Africa.



Operation Enduring Freedom


By the grace of the Almighty I’m pleased to award this year’s Atta Fellowships to the finest group of young terrorists we’ve seen in years, said foundation president and current high ranking al-Qaeda officer Ali Abdul-Rahman at the gala dinner honoring the recipients.

We couldn’t be more excited to help these youngsters fulfill their immense potential and watch them grow into wonderful soldiers of the Holy Prophet and one day, God willing, martyrs.

Our Atta Fellows come from every corner of the world and all walks of life, but what they all share is a fervent devotion to Islamism and a constant commitment to crushing the enemies of the one true God, Allah.

These bright, inspiring young faces are indeed the very future of Jihad.

According to officials, this year’s fellowship recipients were chosen from an extensive pool of over 900 hopefuls from around the world and include up-and-coming militants from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran, Egypt, United States, Canada, Brazil, Mexico and Oman.

To apply for the fellowship, applicants were reportedly required to write a 1,200-word personal statement describing their past experiences in terrorism, their future ambitions, and what fatwā means to them, while also including three letters of recommendation, five samples of handmade ricin, and a detailed blueprint for an attack on a major U.S. or European city that would kill at least 500 civilians.

After the initial applicant pool was whittled down, 35 finalists were reportedly flown to remote locations in Yemen for in-person interviews and advanced electrical wiring and chemistry tests, after which the bin Laden Foundation’s board of trustees selected the winner.

We look not only for talent, but also a self-starting attitude, an ability to think outside the box for ways to impose a fundamentalist caliphate across the globe, and a commitment to give back to their local extremist communities, said Abdul-Rahman, adding that many fellows come from lower class and underprivileged backgrounds.

For example, I was awestruck by the application of Yasin Kenadid, a 16 year old man from India who built explosive vests on his own every day after school, dreaming that he might one day appear on television alongside his heroes and a blindfolded American journalist.

And I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more advanced plot to detonate a dirty bomb outside UN headquarters from someone his age.

You can expect big things from these kids, added Abdul-Rahman smiling.

The Osama bin Laden Foundation was originally founded in 1990 by the late al-Qaeda leader with the stated goals of spreading radical Sunni principles to poor and underdeveloped regions of the world and empowering impoverished residents to lift themselves up and massacre Westerners.

The fellowship program was inaugurated in 1995 and later renamed to commemorate the life of former fellow and lead 9/11 hijacker Mohamed Atta.

The program has since produced over 100 suicide bombers and dozens of other notable alumni, many of whom have been accepted into such prestigious organizations as al-Qaeda, the Taliban, the Haqqani Network, and the Central Intelligence Agency.

Following bin Laden’s death in 2011 the foundation reportedly received a $5.000.000 endowment from the US government allowing the expansion of the program.

To be able to learn from some of the same guys who worked on the 1998 U.S. Embassy bombing in Nairobi and to study insurgency tactics under a legend like Ayman al-Zawahiri it’s an unbelievable opportunity, said 14 year old Shahid Farooq speaking alongside his proud mother and father.

I can’t wait to get started, this really is a dream come true.

Death to all infidels! he added.





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    Fox News     

Dylan Sprouse nude photos leak


The words ‘Disney’ and ‘Star’ seems to said enough about this kids but let’s analyze a little further.

They are almost all subjected to the kiddie casting couch by the nest of pedophiles known as Disney producers so it’s hardly surprising that they’re programmed to behave like hedonistic exhibitionists and grow up developing personality disorders.

We’ve seen them surfaced all over Disney as innocent children and then after growing up they’re shredding up Hollywood with one scandal after another.

And that is the result of the sick combination of the regular amount of free drugs celebrities get with all the attention from pedophiles that this kids receive just for being cute.

Adding those two ingredients you’ve got a recipe for one perverted person.

We all know that Hollywood is full of pedophiles, especially Disney and when you live surrounded by some kind of behavior you start to assimilate it and to reflect it in your personal life.

The number one problem in Hollywood was, is and always will be pedophilia and that seems to especially affects Disney children in the industry.

They are surrounded by pedophiles and they don’t even know it until they are old enough to realize that they were abused.

The trauma of pedophilia leads some young actors to suicide, others to abruptly end their career and most of them to abnormal behaviors.



Another reason for this kind of edgy conduct is that they don’t live life stages as regular people.

As human  beings we all rebels as teenagers and explore sex during that life stage so then after 20 year old we are mature enough to face daily life with a calm and relaxing perspective.

These kids are surrounded during their teen years by an entourage of people every single minute of their lives and that prevent them from living a normal life and experience what is healthy for a kid their age to experience.

As a logic result they react getting resentful and as soon as they have a bit of freedom they don’t know how to manage it.

When the little fame of Disney is gone this kids feel lonely and need to get the attention somehow.

Is because of people like Dylan Sprouse that our country is becoming a very dark place.




More than any other time in the history of America we need to have spirituality in our lives, we need to believe in a higher power and stay positive no matter what.

Dylan Sprouse spreads a message of sexual desire, lasciviousness and that is contrary to natural laws.

Taking selfies is always the first step towards seduction, premarital sex, adultery, unnatural vice and rape.

Watch any kind of nudity is a perversion and we must make every effort to eradicate this perversion from the media.

We have the obligation to protect our families and guard them, we have been created to reach happiness, happiness is found in God and lust is forbidden by God.

For the sake of this country we should immediately legislate on this matter and make this kind of pictures removed from the internet within seconds after leaked.


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Gifted Magazine



1. Apple’s iPad Air

The bigger screen iPad Air is lighter, thinner and cooler than its predecessor, it ships in 5-7 business days and starts at $499.  You can order online at apple.com and pick up in an Apple retail store.


2. Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4

Microsoft’s and Sony’s rebooting of their gaming systems meet entertainment center have sold out with initial sales of 1 million each, but online reports suggest some stores have units in stock.  If a video game console is on your must have gift list check nearby stores for details on when their next shipments arrive.

3. Laptops

The MacBook Air, which starts at $999 is a great gift and if you’re looking for something more affordable there are many Windows 8 laptops at way more reasonably priced.


4. Chromecast

This is maybe the most economical tech gift of the year. It beams YouTube, Netflix, HBO Go and Hulu from your smartphone or tablet to the TV and it cost only $35.


5. Roku 3

Roku is a market leader in bringing Internet streaming to the TV. The Roku 3 box, $99, offers 750 channels including Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, Vimeo and others. And it has the coolest remote we’ve ever seen, truly wireless, with a built-in headphone jack so you won’t disturb others in the house.


6. FitBit Force

The latest edition of the wristband monitor lets you track your steps, miles and sleep habits. It is easy to set up, and communicates via Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet. Best of all, the battery charge lasts a week.


7. Sonos Play One

There is no longer need to string speaker wire all over the house to bring music to another room. Now companies like Sonos makes portable audio systems that connect easily and wirelessly and churn out Internet music from channels like Pandora, Spotify and your iTunes library. The new Play One is the smallest most affordable Sonos speaker at $199.


8. Nexus 5 phone

Here’s one of the lowest priced, most full featured smartphones to date.Google’s Nexus 5 phone sells for just $349. With the Nexus 5 you’re not locked in to a contract as the phone isn’t subsidized when you buy it from Google’s online Google Play store.


9. Canon Powershot SX280

Even though we are in the smartphone era sometimes we still need cameras for great photos. Pictures on the iPhone and Galaxy S4 are great but you can’t zoom in on the action, the flash is poor and there are limits for how long you can shoot a video. With the $199 SX280 you get a whopping 20X zoom which will bring you way closer to the action and you can put in a big fat memory card and not have to worry about running out of space. And the camera has Wi-Fi just like a smartphone so you can share directly from the camera to social networks and e-mail.


10. Philips Hue Connected Bulb

With the new $199 Hue system you can adjust the lights in your home not with a dimmer but via a smartphone or tablet. You can also turn off the lights without reaching for the switch and turn on automatically in the morning as well. If you forgot to turn on the lights before you left home and you don’t want people know you are away? That’s not a problem, you can reach for the app from anywhere and flick them on.

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Guns save lives

 The Dallas Morning News 

Guns save lives


Seems to be popular these days to declare that guns are dangerous but that is not true.

Thousands of families are being robbed and murdered every year inside their homes and that is the real danger. We all have the right to be safe.

Honest families should have the right to protect themselves from the immorality of this world.

It’s just a matter of common sense that if there is a chance to receive an aggression then every man should bear his own gun to neutralize that chance.

Humans were not created to live in fear. Also we were not created to suffer so if we feel some kind of pain that same gun would help us to end it.


All those lefties who have never being attacked or robbed because they don’t even have anything worth to steal are the ones deciding what is best for us and that is clearly wrong.

Why should some French mannered politician tell you if you can or cannot own guns, why would they tell you if you can or cannot defend yourself?




If you don’t want to defend yourself you can choose that but if you are smart enough to want to protect yourself no one should tell you if you can or cannot do it.

Picture the following scenario; one of those poor drug addicts’ maniacs broke in the peace of your perfect home and you don’t have a gun because some effeminate understood that that would be beneficiary for you, would you be safe? I don’t think so.

Guns empower good people to protect themselves and their families.

How many Nazis could the Jews have taken out if they weren’t defenseless? Guns are our protection against the evil in the world.




If literally everyone had a gun criminals would almost certainly think more than twice about break into a home trying to steal, rape or murder.

Statistics shows that 98% of robbers say they wouldn’t go into a home if they knew someone in there was armed and that speaks for itself.

Guns save more lives than they take and prevent more injuries than they inflict

Guns are used 2.5 million times a year in self-defense and 200.000 women use a gun every year to defend themselves against sexual abuse.


the world must know the truth!


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Top 10 cheating professions

The Herald Sun

Top 10 cheating professions

Even though who already has inside his heart the seed of infidelity no matter what their profession is, we can say that some of them tend to lead to an unfaithful behavior.


This is the top ten.


10 – Taxi drivers or professional drivers. The daily contact with the customers and the trust put on the one that every day takes you home safely allows a very intimate relationship.taxi

9 – Leisure workers. Tour guides and hotel employees spend many days away from home in paradisiac places interacting with people willing to enjoy and experience the best out of their vacation time.

8 – Bartenders. Every night surrounded by alcohol and party celebrations where customers always try to made a good impression. It’s hard not to please them and fulfill their requests for understanding and love.

7 – Teachers. Not only students have fantasies with them, also some parents looking up for a safe image of care and protection.

6 – Pilots and flight attendants. Is probably one of the jobs where people travel more and spend more time far away from home. Many hours of work lead to a state of nerves and tension and not having adequate interaction with your partner might predispose to find love with the ones you have by your side at work.


5 – Psychologists. Due to the high amount of privacy needed to obtain results with the patient they obtain an enormous closeness and dependency that awaken feelings of love and affection.

4 – Executives, clerks, lawyers and professionals spend more hours at the office than home. It is likely that that contact wake up feelings that goes beyond the merely job relationship.

3 – Journalists, cameramen, producers and broadcasters continuously travel and surrounded themselves with beautiful people willing to do anything to reach fame. Working in this frivolous atmosphere does not cooperate to maintain a faithful behavior.

2 – Famous Stars. To singers, models, actors and even soccer players the fame makes them an easy target for young people to admire and follow as fans.

1. Health workers. Physicians of all specialties and nurses spend entire days and nights at the hospital without going home. Long work schedules and so many free hours added to the close contact with death that makes them see life differently conspire against fidelity and honest relationships.