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Daily Mail


How to judge others correctly


We constantly judge people by meaningless things and that is not appropriate.

Below we give you the proper elements you need to ponder when criticizing others.


The job


We’ve all felt that satisfying superiority that comes from seeing a stranger doing a crappy job.

When we see a cute guy working at McDonald’s we immediately assume he’s uneducated.

It never occurs to us that he may be intentionally working there to become a manager or that this isn’t his only job, instead we mock because it makes us feel better about where we are in life.


Sleeping habits


Late sleepers are lazy and unproductive.

The reason for someone to stay up late every night can be writing articles, partying, playing video games or simply insomnia.

But it doesn’t matter the reason, if you stay up late every night you are unreliable.

Night people are immature, real adults start their day when the local businesses open and go to bed when late night talk shows are over.




If someone doesn’t have a Mac we of course can assure he’s weird.




And it’s the same with video game consoles.

If you play an Xbox of course you are not a rational person worth to have a conversation, unless you are a woman.

Pretty much everything you buy tells something about your personality.

TVs, phones, monitors and speakers has different brands and each of them reflects how you are as a human being.

If you are not able to see what other people use and you don’t have enough material to judge them by you can also take a look on the next facet.




Almost as important as what you get is where do you get it from.

Either if you like what someone is wearing or you thing his home furniture is classy, the crucial thing to know is where he bought the stuff before judging correctly.

The price is also important.

If you buy something in a second hand store because is cheaper, you are a swine; but if you got it from the same store at a hyper expensive price because it is an antique you are really cool.



Entertainment is very serious.

A large part of our personality is invested in entertainment, and when someone insults our taste in it, they are directly insulting us as humans on an intimately personal level.

But if you really need to correctly judge others, start up a conversation about comedy.

Specifically, say on a public forum that you think Dane Cook is funny or that Jerry Seinfeld isn’t.

There you will have material enough to confirm if someone is stupid.




the world must know the truth!

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 The Hollywood Reporter 


Movies control your life


A couple of years ago there was a shooting during a Batman movie and the killer owned a Batman mask and called himself The Joker.

And we’ve seen that kind of movie triggered episodes repeatedly.

We always read that movie producers explain that those people are already crazy and that movies can’t influence people to do anything because the audience knows how to separate fact from fiction.

Well, they are wrong; we do not know how to separate fact from fiction.

When you watch a movie based on historical events, can you tell which parts was fiction and which ones reality?

You don’t know, do you?

What is real is that after Top Gun, Navy aviator recruitment rise 500 percent and also that the number of kids taking martial arts classes exploded after The Karate Kid.





Every single movie story was invented to control you.

That’s why superhero movies are so popular, because they were created as a way to teach you how to behave.

This is why stories were invented, to shape your brain in a certain way.

In a society, the people, the buildings and the roads are the hardware, movies is the software.

A clear example is Michael Bay.

He feels a certain way about women, and about the role of women in the world, and you will leave his movie agreeing with him just a little bit more than when you came in.

If you ever been arrested you know that nothing is like what we see in the movies because we don’t have criminal classes at school.

Everything you know about the criminal justice system came from actors on a glowing rectangular screen.

That’s why movies are so effective at shaping your personality, because you subconsciously assumed that large parts of these fictional stories weren’t fiction.

Fictional stories shaped your entire world.

You will reject this idea because you hate the thought that anyone but you has made you who you are.

But the truth is that you will spend your whole life trying to make your world look like what you’ve learn from movies.

Your expectations of how your life should look like are programmed by movies.

Expectations are crucial in your life and you’re handing them over to Michael Bay.




the world must know the truth!


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 Entertainment Weekly 


TV shows are very racist


Is well known that racism was developed by the radio but after TV was invented it widely exceeds the radio levels of intolerance and racism.


American Gypsies

The National Geographic Channel is producing an atrocity named American Gypsies.

American Gypsies is a show so empty that the Kardashians would find it boring.

What they mainly offer is a reality show that focuses on an ethnic group in a really offensive way.

They get rid of the myths and stereotypes we all have about Gypsies by replacing them with all new and worse ones.

After a couple of episodes they just confirm the old ones anyway.

In most episodes there is a scene with one woman rubbing someone’s palm and proclaiming that all Gypsy women are psychic.

All of them.

After watching the show you learn nothing about Gypsy culture beyond the fact that they seem to be angry, violent frauds.




You don’t have to be an expert to realize that Glee looks like a U.N. musical that nobody normal would ever perform.

The two Asian characters on the show have the same last name.

The Jew’s last name is Ben Israel and he’s as sexually deranged as Gladstone.

The Latina cheerleader is actually named Santana Lopez, possibly because they had to cut Conchita Mexicola out of the script.

There’s even an Irish exchange student who is immediately believed to be a leprechaun.


998427a8c4ef4133a5649d9686eecb0f4zQzvg 2_broke_girls_oh_han_season_2_episode_3


One episode revolved around a Jewish girl wanting a nose job to look like one of the white characters and they even included a duet of the two girls singing ‘I Feel Pretty’.

So what’s the message? That you can be pretty even if you are Jew?


2 Broke Girls


Has anyone who is involved with this show ever met an Asian real person?

Really, what’s going on there?

The actor is from San Francisco and speaks perfectly clear English except on the show where he’s an semi stupid Asian reporter.

They specifically designed a character to be the perfect Asian stereotype; he’s a workaholic, nerd and speaks like he just rolled out of a fortune cookie factory.

I’m surprised he’s not quoting Confucius while throwing ninja stars at rice eating pandas.



the world must know the truth!

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   The Washington Post        


Ecology is very dangerous


This entire green trend we are facing seems not to be working as good as it supposed to.

We have to wonder if it’s all really worth it because some of the inventions we’re trying end up being totally unsafe.


Energy windows


Some people tried to be friendly to the environment and save on energy bills by installing e-windows meant to reflect the sun’s heat and keep the inside of your house cool.

They didn’t realize that in some cases they’ve turned the house into a giant death ray that melts the surroundings.

The e-windows have kind of a concave shape so they not only reflect the light out of your living room but focus it on whatever they’re facing, like a magnifying glass frying an ant.

And if your windows are aimed toward a neighbor’s house that happens to have vinyl siding, which most houses do, it can get more than hot enough to make it look like they sided their house with gummy bears.

As the number of melted houses continues to rise, siding manufacturers are starting to drop reflected sunlight damage from their warranty coverage, leaving homeowners to either foot the perpetual bills or living inside a Jackson Pollock art piece.


Waterless Urinals


Unlike traditional urinals, which use one to five gallons of water per flush, new waterless urinals use no water save for the occasional cleaning.

These urinals are getting installed in modern buildings around the world.

Imagine what pee looks like, imagine how it smells, now imagine it like, everywhere.

Soon we will be living and working inside a scene from The Shining, only instead of blood covered by pee.



 Solar panels


Solar panels are being used all around the world to turn sunlight into electricity without considering that the massive glare is literally blinding plane pilots.

Of course, airplanes being airplanes, they could always fly around the vast swath of nothingness like a Desert but that still doesn’t solve the whole area nearby the airports.


Natural fertilizers


Scientists affirm that if we process all the US waste we could eliminate the need for chemical fertilizers.

The raw materials in compost piles attract bacteria that turn it into plant food but since we can’t see them, we forget that they are alive, and any living, moving thing creates heat.

As more and more bacteria crowd together reproducing, they raise the core temperature of the pile.

Between 2009 and 2013 there were 6900 fires started by spontaneous combustion ignited by organic material.

That’s 6900 fires caused by people not wanting to mess with the icky stuff in the backyard.

While compost piles may be helping to make the world a cleaner place you’re now being exposed to bacteria empires who only desire is to see you burn.




the world must know the truth!

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Daily Mail 


Hidden meaning of children’s popular songs

When you listen to kids’ songs long after you are not children anymore, there is something disturbing you realize you were not aware back then.

Maybe because you only listen to those songs while being a kid or maybe you intentionally omitted the lyrics but there is a complete misunderstanding of what the song was trying to say in the first place.

And it is very disturbing hearing the same sons again knowing what they’re really about.

London Bridge is falling down

We don’t even bother trying to understand it, how bad could this be?

Aside from being a place where people jump to suicide, nothing sinister ever happens on a bridge, right?

Yes right but this song is all about starving children to death.

I’ve studied over the years as to what the collapse of the London Bridge in the song means.

The real interpretation is immurement; don’t know the term?

Immurement is the practice of entombing kids within a structure where they slowly die from lack of food and water.

Is a variation of being buried alive, where kids just get to suffocate.

The tradition is centuries old, based on the belief that such sacrifices would ensure the stability of the structures in which children were trapped.


London Bridge is most likely a reference to the sacrifice of a child within the bridge’s base to serve as an eternal custodian.

Your kids at school practice ritual sacrifices and you worry that video games teach them bad behavior.

Blow the Man Down

Let’s see, it talks about the ocean and an old skipper so there must have been a bad storm or something that caused him to get blown down, right?

Being blown down doesn’t refer to a strong wind or anything else you probably suspect about a bunch of men stuck at sea for long lonely periods.

Blow the man down is slang for a man being knocked to the ground, either from in-crew fighting or from the ships’ officers inflicting a little discipline.

Jimmy crack corn

The whole master’s gone away line is the source of the trouble here although we have no idea who Jimmy is or why everybody is so indifferent to his enthusiastic corn cracking.

Called Blue tail fly when first written, the original lyrics weren’t Jimmy crack corn but Jim crack corn.

If you actually read through the full song lyrics, it tells the story of an unhappy slave whose job is to follow around his horseback riding master and shoo away the flies.

However, a blue tail fly bites the horse, causing it to buck, and the master to be thrown and killed.

An investigation follows, for which the slave avoids being blamed for the death.

Remember what we said about the refrain, that it used to be Jim crack corn?

A quick search of the old English dictionary finds that Jim crack or gimcrack used to mean cheap and corn was shorthand for whiskey.

In other words, what at first sounds like a lament from a strangely loyal slave suddenly reads like the man is kicking back and enjoying some cheap booze after his jerk master’s death.

It makes way more sense this way; an oppressed slave would celebrate his temporary freedom with a cheap bottle of rotgut.

We’re not saying the song is bad or anything; rejoicing at the death of evil isn’t necessarily evil itself but our children are singing a song about getting high on scotch to commemorate that time a guy got his brains bashed in.




the world must know the truth!

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The New York Times 


Tell me your language and I’ll tell you how smart you are

The language you speak affects how you think because the language entirely determines the range of possible cognitive processes of an individual.

When we learn our mother tongue we acquire certain habits of thought that shape our experience in significant and often surprising ways.

If you speak only German you might be a little pragmatic; if you speak only French you might be just a touch more emotional.

But you will be surprised to know that if you speak more than two languages fluently you are smarter than people who don’t.

The brain is simply wired differently depending on whether you think thoughts in one or multiple languages.

Our mother tongue constrains our minds and prevents us from being able to think certain thoughts.

Depending on the native language people tend to discriminates against poor, black or gay people.

Italian speakers for example discriminate black people and German speakers discriminate gays.

People who think in different languages make better decisions.

Thoughts are notions, ideas, not mere words so when you process them into a second language, it forces you to rely on analytical cognition rather than emotional deliberation.

That’s because every language has a unique set of intonations, called the prosody.

The prosody is so ingrained in you that it can actually make other languages more difficult to understand.




Take sarcasm, for example, you probably know how to detect it in the languages you speak but not in others because sarcasm sounds completely different in each language.

The languages you speak play also an important role in shaping how you see the world.

Languages with an inflectional morphological type such as German are the most perfect languages and that explained the dominance of their speakers over the speakers of less perfect languages like Hebrew.

The idea that some languages are naturally superior to others and that the use of primitive languages maintained their speakers in intellectual poverty was wide proven by science.

Did you fail the test in German? Don’t worry, you are racist anyway.





the world must know the truth!

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 Harper’s Magazine 


Why everybody hates hipsters?


There is no other group that ever incites more blind hatred than hipsters.

The term arose in the 40’s to describe middle class whites acting like black musicians, now referred to as nerds.

The hipster rebels against social norms by paying way more attention to them than anyone else.

They were way better before they went mainstream and sold out.

Hipster is another one of those subcultures that is hard to nail down, just like emos have bitchiness and ghosts have scarring, hipsters can generally be identified by their completely unjustified arrogance.

While most well-adjusted members of society view music as an enjoyable addendum to life, perhaps a distraction or even a hobby, hipsters take music as a serious business.

Lacking of any other talent since a very young age they decided to exercise influence in the fields of listening to boring music and putting on ugly clothes.

Every normal person recognize these areas as something subjective and not worth giving much attention and this is why hipsters win every single argument on those matters.

The reason is very simple: they’re the only ones who care enough to notice what it’s going on about music or clothing.





If asked to define what it is to be a hipster the answers may be passion for obscure bands, obtuse fashion sense, cheapness masquerading as quirkiness and the most important quality; judging.

Hipsters judge items, activities, bands, companies, clothes, brands and above all, other people.

They don’t seem to realize that if someone is less savvy than you about something; it doesn’t mean you are a better person.

They are all the time making huge efforts to stay a step ahead of normal people.

It reflects deep personal weakness being all the time trying to follow the trending stuff instead of attempt to create something yourself.

I don’t think hipsters are cool at all, I thing not caring is cool.

Really cool people ignore the conventions of mainstream society, we’re rebels in a good way; we surround with good people and spread the charm everywhere we go without wearing any weirdo clothing or following every new band that comes out.

Everything about hipsters is constructed to pretend they don’t care; they care a lot about the way they look to make sure they end up looking like they don’t care.

That continuous effort on wearing rainbow shirts, listening new bands, reading twisted books and watching weirdo short movies ends up being mainstream.

But let admit something important, there is one positive aspect about hipsters, right?

Yes, they’re a big joke and we all enjoy watching them.



the world must know the truth!

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Zombie apocalypse is around the corner


On some instinctual level all humans know it’s just a matter of time until the zombies show up.

Our culture is full of tales of the undead walking the Earth from our religions to our comic books and there are several proofs that zombie apocalypse is not far from happening.



Does exist a living creature named toxoplasmosa that literally takes over rats brains and program them to be eaten by cats.

Half the human population on Earth is infected with toxoplasmosa and don’t know it so if you want to know if you’re one of them, flip a coin.

Infected people see a change in their personality and have a high chance of going insane.

Humans and rats aren’t all that different that’s why science uses them to test our medicines so it only takes is a more evolved version of toxoplasmosa to start the zombie invasion.


They are a certain kind of poison that slow your bodily functions to the point that you’ll be considered dead.

Victims that take those drugs remain in a trance state with no memory but are still able to perform simple tasks like eating, sleeping and moaning.



This has happened in Haiti and there’s where the word zombie comes from.

Zombielike Ghoul was a Haitian guy who was declared dead by two doctors and buried in 1962 and found wandering around the village 18 years later.

Landowners were also founded using chemicals to zombify people and putting them to work on the sugar plantations.

The next time you’re pouring sugar into your coffee remember that it may have been handled by a zombie.



This is a method by which doctors re grow dead brain tissue.

When a patient clinically die and they reanimate him, what they do is just giving life only to the part that controls basic motor function.

Now, combining neurogenesis and reanimation, people will never die and since humans don’t need the cortex to survive, clinically dead people will soon still be able to walk, eat and watch The Big Bang Theory.

Just like when chickens can keep walking around after they’ve been beheaded.

Our goal is to be responsible; we don’t want to create panic.

All we’re saying is that on an actual day on the actual calendar in the near future, microscopic nanobots will end civilization by flooding the planet with the cannibalistic undead.



the world must know the truth!

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The Guardian


Nobody cares about you

Think one second about the guy that sits next to you at the office for 8 hours a day, five days a week and tell me, does he cares about you?

Humans are goddamned horrible at caring to one another.

This is never more ostensible than when we’re forced to talk.

When a friend or family member is down we use the same repetitive phrases somebody said to us in the past.

It is weird though that we already know that being the recipient of this generic kind of advices feels like crap but it’s like an automatism.

We can’t help, we see someone suffering and immediately activate the reservoir of stock replies that sound good but means nothing.

‘You have to believe in yourself’, ‘Everything happens for a reason’, ‘Try see the bright side’…

These help us as much as help pages on Windows.

The one I like the most is when a person trying to lose weight is told by her skinny friend ‘Well, you just have to eat less’


Don’t you think that person and the other 2.4 billion obese people on Earth have already tried that?

Obese people can give advice to obese people; addicts can give advice to addicts, no one else.

So if that’s not you, zip it.

Next time you hear the word ‘Just’ coming out of your mouth chew your tongue.




Another one that I love is ‘You have to cheer up’

There is nothing worse for anyone struggling that knowing everyone is going to bug.

In addition to already feeling like crap, you now have to hide it from everyone. 

Next time you see someone down try asking how things are going and maybe the person would talk about the problem and that would help him.

The belief that a normal human should be happy every waking moment is killing us.

It trains us to constantly seek little pleasures like video games, porn, food, weed and prevent us to think.

We consider being normal a permanent state of breezy distraction and that explains failure.

Success depends only on your ability to delay gratification.

The cheerfulness we should have is not the happiness of a healthy animal but the supernatural happiness that comes from knowing what is important for you.

What really matters is to have a clear idea of what we want and set our mind to it.

Another indicator that somebody doesn’t care about you is the following ‘You miss a hundred percent of the shots you don’t take’.

Clever, accurate, but let me explain you something.

The ‘taking risks’ lifestyle probably work for you, blond, male, successful business owner who lives in a beautiful neighborhood two houses away from your real parents.

But for me, a brunette woman, adopted by people who live sixteen thousands miles away; trust me, I don’t want to take any more risks.




the world must know the truth!

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Chicago Tribune


Everything you know about drugs if false

Since we are kids we hear things like ‘Drugs are bad’, ‘Drugs leads to death’ and many other fallacious statements that as we grow up we assume are true.

More than any other topic which opinions vary so widely, much of what you’ve been told is utterly wrong and there are too many myths in need of busting.

LSD makes you go insane

‘If you use too much LSD you’ll become insane’, ‘LSD makes you feel like the laws of physics don’t apply to you’…

The reality is that there’s no scientific proof that any mental disorder can be diagnosed based on past drug use.

Also, in a 1960 study, LSD was given to 2000 people and not even one of them exhibited any form of psychotic behavior.

Scientists hypothesized that LSD not only doesn’t cause any mental illness but also help cure some of them.

The only insanity caused by LSD consumption is to free from inhibitions and to feel relaxed and we all know that totally socially accepted substances cause the exact same symptoms.

Alcohol actually causes psychotic behavior much more widely than LSD.

Natural medication is good

Next time you listen some smelly hippie supporting this, don’t believe him.

There is always an untidy crafts maker willing to give you some plants and mushrooms that grow from Mother Earth with the excuse that is so much better to use natural medicines than chemical ones.

Well, that’s incorrect.

Natural is not a synonym of good, on the contrary natural substances are the most risky and highly addictive and can easily kill you.

Pharmaceutical medicines, fabricated under strict quality controls instead, are safer.

Just because an element is natural, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s any safer and when referring to drugs, it’s quite the opposite.



Angel dust can make you violent

Research shows that PCP does not in fact cause users to exhibit violent behavior at all.

It is true that PCP changes your perceptions and it anesthetizes you against feeling pain but that it’s much like alcohol which actually has in fact been shown to cause aggression sometimes.

Cocaine during pregnancy cause baby damages

Although prenatal cocaine exposure may increase the chances of a premature birth, it turns out that most children born as crack babies aren’t mentally distinguishable from other children.

Much like your average Internet user, they do tend to display short attention spans, but there were no significant effects on their intelligence or classroom behavior.

To put all this into perspective, other vices are just as or even more damaging to babies than crack.

For example prenatal alcohol exposure causes cognitive impairment, learning disabilities, and behavioral disorders.

We’re not encouraging people to enjoy angel dust or to do crack while pregnancy, we’re just debunking some of the stupid ideas that you’ve been hearing for the last 40 years.

US government war to drugs created an enormous amount of completely exaggerated and deliberately false information spread into the world, and that’s bad.



the world must know the truth!

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