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 The Wall Street Journal 

Tips to improve your job performance

Before became a successful writer I also spent a lot of time working in offices like you so here I left some great tips for being a successful worker.

First and most important: Fill your cubicle with personal crap as much as possible.

Science has proved that having control over one small, insignificant, utter irrelevant aspect of your life improves your productivity.

The brain has a mechanism that self convinced that is a sign of power deciding whether to hung a picture of Madonna or ACDC on your desk.

Faceless corporations keep us almost all day prisoners of their offices like sardines in a can, but we’ll still feel independent as long as they allow us to hang a stupid motivational poster in the cube.

The second tip is alcohol.

Get drunk at work every time you see the opportunity, it will help you out relax and get your job easily done.

Alcohol improves creativity and concentration skills.



Third tip, follow you guts.

If you are a night person then ask to change your shift to the night one, which will make you a better worker because your mind and body are programmed to perform better at night.

The same rule applies if you are a morning person. With a lot less coolness but it works.

Everybody has different body clocks and there is no need to go against that, nature knows best.

Giving all the employees the same shift is as smart as hiring all people named Steven to save money in name tags.

Another important tip is gum.

Chewing gum motivates the ones surround you and also allows your brain cells to keep in movement even when you are performing repetitive tasks.

Gum is like meth for your brain, and we all know that meth doesn’t have any negative side effects.

In a study where subjects were given demanding cognitive tasks to perform with or without gum, the people with gum performed better in every single category except verbal fluency.

Chewing jump starts your brain for a solid 2 hours time frame and allows you to handle stress and distraction far better.

Of course an important trick to improve your productivity is take more vacations and days off from work.

Research shows that taking longer vacations and leaving early every day to go home and take a nap make you a better employee and increase your company productivity.

Rest, relaxation, and the sensation that your soon doing something that you like improve your mood, which boosts productivity and focus.

Your overall contentment with your life and existence makes you a happier individual so your blood flows all around your brain.

And last but not least keep always a bad mood.


By showing up at work every day with a very bad attitude you will ruin everyone’s mood and damage the morale and productivity of the entire office and by doing that your performance will shine.

People with shitty moods are great at concentration and working under pressure.

And if you work really hard, you can slide right from the intolerable asshole to the general manager of any global corporation.

Remember, always listen and believe the voice inside your head.

That one saying that it doesn’t matter if you don’t have to visit people anymore or to enjoy a drink at home with that friend you really like.

It doesn’t really matter if the only conversations you have is with coworkers and that you don’t have company to watch a movie or your favorite TV series

You don’t need company when you are at home, you don’t need to laugh, you don’t need to visit friends and you don’t even need to have friends; the only thing that you really need is being successful at your job.








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  Thirty Magazine  


Got soap? Better not


It happens to be very trendy today reducing the shower frequency among forerunners of healthy living.

There’s a growing movement among Americans of people who understand that shower is unnecessary and even bad for your health.

And besides their casual look and grunge clothes they have medicine and science on their side.

A recent study from Harvard University found that some bacteria which take up residence on your skin’s surface may actually be good for you.

Good bacteria are educating your own skin cells to make your own antibiotics said Dr. Richard Dirt, chief of dermatology at the University.

Our skin produces their own antibiotics that kill off bad bacteria.

If you take a shower every day you are damaging your skin in an irreparable way.

Scientists are learning that there seems to be a good reason why some patients complain that their allergies and asthma symptoms flare up after shower.

It’s not just removing the lipids and oils on your skin that’s drying it out, it could also be removing some of the good bacteria that help maintain a healthy balance of skin and protect it from early aging and cancer.




And not only do you scrub off the healthy bacteria, you then hang it up in the shower where more bacteria breed, the next morning you rub that bacteria back into your pores.

Every time you take a bath you insert in your body all the germs that are in the bathroom and rub them into your skin until they penetrate.

Showering is pretty gross when you think about it.

Doctors recommend that instead of bathing every day; whittle your washing habits down to once a week.

As long as people wash their hands once a day there is no need to shower more than once a week.




We pay too much attention to the body beautiful and smelling good, with perfumes for men and women, added Dr. Dirt.

Singer Kesha is a convert to this healthy trend; she baths only once a month with aloe soap.

Actor Joaquin Phoenix showers no more than one time a week and less if he hasn’t been working out vigorously.

He contends that a soapy washcloth under her arms is all he needs to get really clean.

Anytime you take a shower you’re undermining the integrity of your skin’s layer and the result of showering is irritated skin prone to aging, allergy and cancer.


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  In Touch Weekly 

A better bum than Kim Kardashian

(Photo gallery at the end)

Kim Kardashian has some competition in the sexy bum stakes.

Fitness fanatic Jen Selter has more than 1.700.000 Instagram fans since she started posting hot gym pictures in 2012.

As her butt started to become more shapely more people started reposting her pictures and her Instagram account blew up.

Thanks to her internet fame, Jen has quit her job and is now being paid to front campaigns.

Despite being regularly compared to Kim, she doesn’t see the similarity and says she prefers the bodies of stars such as Rihanna and Miranda Kerr.

She’s recognized wherever she goes for one very impressive attribute: Her rounded rear end.

Just one picture of her on a workout ball or squatting at the gym can garner as many as 80.000 likes, and thousands consider her a fitness inspiration.

She started by posting photos of her workout and yoga sessions to Instagram and admits that some of the pictures can be a little ‘showy’ but that she wants to inspire and motivate people to stay fit and grow a nice butt.

She confesses that her photos are always focused on her rounded behind explaining that she doesn’t post face pictures because nobody want to see her face.




She remembered that she was very flat before and that after she started working out at the gym, she noticed that her behind began getting bigger and was inspired by the transformation adding a little surgical procedure to make it even bigger.

After that she joined Instagram in March 2012 and began posting images of her body.

When she saw people reposting her images, she asked for a credit and her number of followers boomed.

While she would not reveal how much she makes from this web page, this girl, who did not go to college, said she’s making a lot more money than a graduate would be making.

Her mother said she couldn’t be more proud of her daughter and her butt because she’s a girl who didn’t want to go to college and she was able to build up this social media in such a way that she has become famous and she is an inspiration and motivation for so many people.

Jen, who hopes to own a chain of gyms, admits that some of the photos can be showy but she wants to inspire people.

‘I see myself motivating and inspiring everyone around the world,’ she said, ‘With hard work and dedication, anyone can have a butt like mine’


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     LA Daily News


Gay people should not have equal rights

Over the past few years same sex marriage has emerged as a controversial topic.

In the 1960s society was pressured to accept all kinds of immoral sexual relationships between men and women and today we are seeing a new sexual revolution where society is being asked to accept this perverted idea of same sex marriage.

If homosexual marriage is accepted we will soon face arguments supporting incest, pedophilia, bestiality, and other forms of unnatural behavior.

Same sex attraction is not normal and therefore it is inevitably being unaccepted by the public in general, and always will be.




Being homosexual is not normal so forbidding same sex couples get married is not discrimination, is helping them to stay away from what is wrong.

If we allow same sex marriages we will be endorsing the unnatural, immoral and destructive.

Homosexuals and bisexuals are not capable of love; they are not able to have real caring relationships and it’s sad to see how today’s media lies about this.

Some have even the nerve to mention that gay people are capable to adopt kids.

It’s been extensive demonstrated that having same sex parents has a deteriorative effect on kids moral values.

In a recent TV interview with Ellen, an 11 year old kid adopted by gay parents stated that even though they seem to be nice, the way they behave is corrupting him and causing psychological and emotional damages.

I try to be a normal kid and go to the park but my dads are always forcing me to watch porn and talk about S&M, said the little Michael.






God did not intend for same sex relationships to exist, in Genesis says that after God created Adam He decided to take a rib out of him so that Adam might have someone who was suitable for him.

And marriage was established by God in Paradise for our first parents Adam and Eve.

As we read in the Book of Genesis God created man in His image in the Divine image he created him male and female He created them. God blessed them, saying ‘Be fertile and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it.

As an educated society, we certainly don’t want to punish gay people or kill them all but giving them equal rights seems to be a little too much.




the world must know the truth!

The Mirror

Monarchy. A better system than democracy


The governmental structure of a democracy has never been able to work properly on the long term.

If a system requires every citizen to vote to select the leader it would requires first to assure that every citizen knows all about politics and consequently can make an educated selection.

That’s why all democratic governments by definition will always have corruption issues and social discomfort.

Monarchies don’t have that limitation.

Monarchy is a perfect government system where the ruling class is reserved for those of the highest ethical standards as human beings, born and raised to dominate.

Monarchs are educated to be monarchs; trained to rule their kingdom, truly prepared and qualified to be succesfull.



The Dutch and Sweedish Royal families ar

Another great benefit of monarchies is that you can have slaves.

Slavery is of paramount importance on the construction and manufacturing industries and is also a highly profitable investment for slave’s owners.

It’s also true that some people vocation is be a slave and democracy prevents them to achieve their dreamed profession.

Monarchy instead preserves liberty far better.




The most stable nations are monarchies.

Monarchy has an interest in keeping its subordinates healthy and productive where democracy is unstable and self destructive.

Kings know they will last for lifetime so they feel the need to be magnanimous and benevolent.

Temporary governors on the contrary accumulate as much as they can during their term knowing that is coming to an end.



Changing government every five years prevents a nation from achieving anything.

Monarchs, knowing that the country is a personal possession will always act with good judgment rather than wasting resources.

In democracy by contrast, the government will grab as much as it can, without regard to the future.

In contrast to a king, a president will want to maximize not total government wealth but current income even at the risk of decreasing the national principal value.




When you grow up inside the royal family you are physically prepared to be a princess or a prince.

You spend your entire life developing elegance, getting plastic surgeries and doing treatments to reach the necessary shape to become a King or a Queen.

The British monarchy is a clear example of beauty and virtuosity and we all hope that this blonde family will soon develop into a global tendency.




Under a monarchy poor people can focus on doing their jobs instead of dreaming about reaching government positions.

That’s one of the most notorious deficiencies of democracy.

Democracy allows proletarians to have the empty hope that they can change their social level and become part of the government class.

They consequently spend valuable time, money and energy following that irrational path instead of focusing on being poor and producing benefits for the governing elite as expected.


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The Reporter

Come Together, the truth behind the song

The Beatles are a band that almost everyone has heard of, if not heard of one of their songs.

Is also an amazingly overrated band and especially when talking about their lyrics.

Recently I read an article that stated Lennon & McCartney were the greatest songwriters of the 20th century.

Weren’t they?


Lennon was remarkably under talented, he was a awful guitar player, mostly confined to basic rhythm parts, and his piano playing wasn’t much better.

But as for his songwriting as well as Mr. McCartney, they were merely nostalgic hippies mentally affected by all kind of substance abuse.

All of their lyrics are silly, non-sense and old-fashioned.

In terms of melodic understanding, harmonic construction and composition structure, even ABBA were working on a better level than this faded charlatans.

Let’s focus on Come Together.

Melodies sound strained, tense, forced and they seem like they’re written for a completely different set of lyrics.

They’re pure hippie psychedelic babbling, the kind of thing that passed for profundity in the drug induced haze of the late 1960s.

‘He roller-coaster, he got early warning, he got muddy water, he one mojo filter’ is the most unsuccessful attempt to include subliminal messages on a song that was ever made.

The entire song has no mood, no atmosphere, no attitude or style.



The lyrics keep people guessing the meaning of it and whether you listen to it one or a hundred times it’s still not entertaining.

Every song lyric whether subconscious or conscious, tend to reveal something to the audience or trigger feelings but this song is clearly the exception that proves the rule.

‘Got to be good looking cause he’s so hard to see … ‘

This line subconsciously says something about the writer’s way of life.

The only thing a person has is their look because there is little else there to see, as in he’s got to be good looking on the outside because he feels there is so little on the inside worth showing.

This could also refer to their drives, motives, feelings, thoughts.

Is very difficult to understand why they are being a mojo filter, or a rollercoaster, or in muddy water.

There’s also a reference to the ridiculous, irrational assumption that an item’s intrinsic value is in proportion to its difficulty to obtain.

In other words, the foolish and illogical notion that the harder it is to get something the better that something must be.

It’s bizarre that these two guys got some credit for writing such astronomical stupidity. As far as individual musical proficiency goes, it’ll take barely a paragraph to pull these fakers from their Ivory Tower.

Of course art is largely a subjective matter and of course we all agree that ‘I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna really, really, really, wanna zigga zig ah’ is probably not a master piece measured by any commonly accepted criteria but it holds up at least as well as ‘One and one and one is three’



Everything seems to be somehow hidden to these disturbed minded guys, who lived completely absent and disconnected from reality.

So remember, not everyone who has fame is talented.

Commercial success is not an indicator of artistic merit or quality.

Maybe the man that shot him was just doing what John Lennon asked in this brilliant song.


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 Billboard magazine  


Over the Rainbow song meaning


We all agree that Over the Rainbow has great orchestral arrangements and listen to it makes us feel calm and relaxed but the history behind this song is very interesting.

It was written in 1939 by E.Y. Harburg, a rich Satanist who worked with the secret societies and who controlled the Monarch Programming Church.

The symbolism of the lyrics was carefully chosen to be the basis for the satanic intelligence community’s mind control programming.

The initial verse ‘Somewhere over the rainbow way up high and the dreams that you dreamed of once in a lullaby’ is clearly full of satanic thinking and occult words use.

The message of the song is that we must rely upon ourselves for we alone have the power to save ourselves and that was the original lie of Satan in the garden.

Satan simply dressed up different and distributes his message in the most up to date way possible.

The second verse mention ‘Blue birds fly’.

The word fly originally was the Latin word flyn which means both a circle or the coil of a snake; in other words, the Devil.

And then ‘trees of green and red roses too’ is a reference to the symbolic colors that define the inverted triangle.



Rainbows are also associated with terrorist attacks planned by Satan together with Muslims.

The song reflects the basis of Satan’s Islam followers who nowadays commands the world.

We are 75 years away from the song creation and it’s still being sold and listening by children who are being programmed with total mind control as expected from them back in 1939.

American corporations are also instructed to use the song as background in every single presentation, meeting or employee get-together party.

They do it with the excuse of a training presentation, a new company policy instructive or even a social gathering photo showing.



The brilliant minds of Yoga and New Age also adopted rainbow symbols without realizing that they are building a bridge between Lucifer and mankind.

Part of the mind set of Satanism is that reality and fantasy become blurred as when we look straight at a rainbow.

This blurring has been part of the brainwashing that is being systematically given to American children at school when they made them create their own circular paper rainbow and watch the colors turn around until they seem to be all white.

Satan slaves have an incredibly difficult time trying to differentiate between reality and fantasy because of all the mind programming they have been subjected too.

If you don’t think some of this is true is because you are also being trained as many of us.

Why you think Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are together? And what happens with Madonna’s Super Bowl halftime show? Why did Whitney Houston die?

The answer is simple, because Satan is all around us and secret conspiracies are everywhere.


the world must know the truth!