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How to win the lotto


Select the correct numbers

Even though all games operate under the assumption of randomness the truth is that there is no possibility for every drawn to be selected under a truly random way.

Everything in life even lottery board needs to keep track of how many winning tickets are in circulation so before selecting the ticket look at the numbers that mark the playing space and for each count how many times each number repeats on the ticket.

Pay close attention to singletons which are the supposedly random numbers that appear only once on the ticket.

The digits you’re looking for won’t be the same and that means they would appear more than once so remember that you’re looking for numbers that appear only once.






On a separate sheet of paper draw a replica of the ticket filling in first place of the random digit in each space you find a singleton.

A group of singletons will signal a winning number.


Analyze previous winning numbers

Another approach is to choose the numbers that come up most often like 44, 38, 40, 23, 39 and 33 or look up the frequency chart for previous lottery draws.

Every lottery web page offer charts showing how often each number has been drawn during a given timeframe so try to make your timeframe as large as possible.

The largest period you can recompile that’s the best possible data set for you to analyze.

Be aware that each number still has an equal chance of being drawn and that looking at frequency charts might show you which numbers tend to be drawn but keep in mind that when the actual lottery drawing comes around each number still has an absolutely equal chance of being picked.



 Apply the lucky rituals

If you really want to win the lottery there are some actions you should comply with.

-Do not share your numbers with anyone.

-Do not stay around beautiful people during the shuffle day.

-Eat chicken before picking the numbers.

-Talk to an elderly person at the line while purchasing the ticket.

-Stay away from the one you are in love with by the time of the shuffle.

-Wear something blue while watching the shuffle on TV

-Do not look into the eyes anyone the day before the shuffle.



Pro tip

This one is unbeatable.

Choose any 9 numbers from 1 to 40 and replace them in order with 9 number system 124578 134679 234589, 8 number system 123567 124568 134578 and with 234678.



Why did you read this entire article?

You think you’ll be happier by being richer?

Yeah, you’re wrong.

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    Fox News     

Dylan Sprouse nude photos leak


The words ‘Disney’ and ‘Star’ seems to said enough about this kids but let’s analyze a little further.

They are almost all subjected to the kiddie casting couch by the nest of pedophiles known as Disney producers so it’s hardly surprising that they’re programmed to behave like hedonistic exhibitionists and grow up developing personality disorders.

We’ve seen them surfaced all over Disney as innocent children and then after growing up they’re shredding up Hollywood with one scandal after another.

And that is the result of the sick combination of the regular amount of free drugs celebrities get with all the attention from pedophiles that this kids receive just for being cute.

Adding those two ingredients you’ve got a recipe for one perverted person.

We all know that Hollywood is full of pedophiles, especially Disney and when you live surrounded by some kind of behavior you start to assimilate it and to reflect it in your personal life.

The number one problem in Hollywood was, is and always will be pedophilia and that seems to especially affects Disney children in the industry.

They are surrounded by pedophiles and they don’t even know it until they are old enough to realize that they were abused.

The trauma of pedophilia leads some young actors to suicide, others to abruptly end their career and most of them to abnormal behaviors.



Another reason for this kind of edgy conduct is that they don’t live life stages as regular people.

As human  beings we all rebels as teenagers and explore sex during that life stage so then after 20 year old we are mature enough to face daily life with a calm and relaxing perspective.

These kids are surrounded during their teen years by an entourage of people every single minute of their lives and that prevent them from living a normal life and experience what is healthy for a kid their age to experience.

As a logic result they react getting resentful and as soon as they have a bit of freedom they don’t know how to manage it.

When the little fame of Disney is gone this kids feel lonely and need to get the attention somehow.

Is because of people like Dylan Sprouse that our country is becoming a very dark place.




More than any other time in the history of America we need to have spirituality in our lives, we need to believe in a higher power and stay positive no matter what.

Dylan Sprouse spreads a message of sexual desire, lasciviousness and that is contrary to natural laws.

Taking selfies is always the first step towards seduction, premarital sex, adultery, unnatural vice and rape.

Watch any kind of nudity is a perversion and we must make every effort to eradicate this perversion from the media.

We have the obligation to protect our families and guard them, we have been created to reach happiness, happiness is found in God and lust is forbidden by God.

For the sake of this country we should immediately legislate on this matter and make this kind of pictures removed from the internet within seconds after leaked.


the world must know the truth!

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 Daily Mail 

Kardashian Family: Global Role Models

Some may say that the Kardashians TV show is not based on people performing but if we think about it is so much hard to be able to open up your life like they do and be shown as you really live than perform a song or act in a movie reading what others write for you to say.

Acting and singing aren’t better ways to show talent than take part in a reality show.

It’s a skill to get people to really like you for who you are and not for a character written for you by somebody else.

The Kardashian sisters have become Hollywood headliners for their reality television series but most important because of their wise lifestyle and brilliant minds.

Differing with the American growing culture of violence, excessive drinking and early sex the immaculate lifestyle the Kardashian family have provides new generations an example to look up for.

The show focus on the opportunities and challenges that girls today have to face and promote the image of women being successful business owners as they are also great housewife’s.

The Kardashians portraits a role model family that uses their public personality and position of power to further advance the opportunities of all those who identify with them.

They do not do it with the objective to create profit, they just do it for the sake of helping others and they are aware and very mindful of how society interpret their image.

Kim Kardashian herself is an ideal role model for today’s teenage girls as she is focused, empathetic, loyal, a leader, and she has integrity.

She is a splendid example of all that is right in our Western society, she represents what we all want our young people to aim for and she is the image of what success should mean to everyone.

Kim Kardashian has managed to take a potentially humiliating incident for her like being cheated on and turn it into a successful branding opportunity for herself and her family.

From that very day she keeps taking the perfect career decision on every step she makes and that is what makes her deserve the great career trajectory she has.


Despite the colossal success this family accomplished we are focusing on the example this family is giving to us all whose behavior we need to try to emulate to achieve perfection.

They are a global role model because of they significantly impact in each of us future choice of career.

They provide a clear example on how self-confidence is of paramount important in pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematical fields.

They are also a great influence on how education and training helps on building an entrepreneurial career.

At the heart of their TV show added to the clever sense of humor displayed, they are a family that truly loves and supports one another.

The Kardashians are energetic and strong willed, passionate and career focused and also confident and downright hilarious.

The love and devotion they have for each other and their family is inspiring to see.

Aware of the brilliantness they possess they are so secure in themselves and are not afraid to stand up and fight for what they believe in if necessary.

The Kardashians are omnipresent throughout modern media.

They are a cultural touchstone representing warrantless celebrity, voluptuous beauty and social media savviness as well as narcissism and glamour.

The Kardashians have seemingly achieved the American dream without the visible hard work required for it.

They embody the contemporary American dream which is attaining success propelled by social media and reality TV as well as parading their opulent lifestyles and sparking a valuable cultural change.

They contribute to promote family values and place into the common people mind profound subjects like interracial relationships and mixed families.

Kim Kardashian is the hardest working young lady in the world, she never sleeps, she never stops creating and she never slows down and works so hard for what she’s got.



the world must know the truth!

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Guns save lives

 The Dallas Morning News 

Guns save lives


Seems to be popular these days to declare that guns are dangerous but that is not true.

Thousands of families are being robbed and murdered every year inside their homes and that is the real danger. We all have the right to be safe.

Honest families should have the right to protect themselves from the immorality of this world.

It’s just a matter of common sense that if there is a chance to receive an aggression then every man should bear his own gun to neutralize that chance.

Humans were not created to live in fear. Also we were not created to suffer so if we feel some kind of pain that same gun would help us to end it.


All those lefties who have never being attacked or robbed because they don’t even have anything worth to steal are the ones deciding what is best for us and that is clearly wrong.

Why should some French mannered politician tell you if you can or cannot own guns, why would they tell you if you can or cannot defend yourself?




If you don’t want to defend yourself you can choose that but if you are smart enough to want to protect yourself no one should tell you if you can or cannot do it.

Picture the following scenario; one of those poor drug addicts’ maniacs broke in the peace of your perfect home and you don’t have a gun because some effeminate understood that that would be beneficiary for you, would you be safe? I don’t think so.

Guns empower good people to protect themselves and their families.

How many Nazis could the Jews have taken out if they weren’t defenseless? Guns are our protection against the evil in the world.




If literally everyone had a gun criminals would almost certainly think more than twice about break into a home trying to steal, rape or murder.

Statistics shows that 98% of robbers say they wouldn’t go into a home if they knew someone in there was armed and that speaks for itself.

Guns save more lives than they take and prevent more injuries than they inflict

Guns are used 2.5 million times a year in self-defense and 200.000 women use a gun every year to defend themselves against sexual abuse.


the world must know the truth!


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Cambridge Journals Online

Backstreet Boys are a legendary band. Nirvana is not

Let’s start by expose that inspired on the success of this boys band there were various producers who created bands such as New Kids on the Block, ‘N Sync and Jonas Brothers.


There is no music group that ever claimed to be created inspired on Nirvana


Beyond the merely musical performance, the Backstreet boys have been involved in activities such as charity, politics and social work. They clearly are an example to live by contrasted with the fact that Nirvana leader killed himself.


Vocally speaking there is an outstanding difference.

Backstreet boys have their own musical style and performing grace and are great songwriters.


Kurt Cobain declares that his only hunch was to imitate the Beatles sound and unfortunately he dies before reaching that wish.


Another strong point is the Cover art of each band. Let’s the images talk.




And why on earth would anybody threats a baby life in a pool for an art like this?

Let’s finish by stating that the Backstreet Boys are nowadays an active band which reflects the creative power that this amazing group possesses and why they were, they are and they will be remembered always as a music legend.


the world must know the truth!

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Justin Biever is the best singer ever


Justin Bieber is the best singer ever


With only 19 years old, Justin Bieber has the right to be called the best singer that ever exists. 

Even if you are not one of his almost 50 million followers on Twitter or one of the 60 million people who actively likes him on Facebook you are aware about the celebrity that this young guy became in a couple of years.

 He was discovered by a music producer just by accident and since that very day he works hard to achieve success.

 The talent manager Scooter Braun mistakenly clicks on one of the videos that Justin mom uploaded on Youtube and immediately realized the aptitude of this kid.

 He even called Justin’s School to get his number and when he got hold of his mom she initially dooubted about leaving the little town behind to pursue a music career with her son.

 They said goodbye to the neighbors with tears in their eyes and took off to United States.

 A week later, Justin was already singing with Usher.



He became the first artist to have seven songs from a debut record to chart on the Billboard Hot 100.

 Justin’s 2010 hit Baby has gone 12 times platinum and has racked up 3.9 million track sales and over 876 million views on VEVO.



 By 2012 Bieber was releasing his third studio album and it became his fourth chart topper in the United States, debuting at number-one on the Billboard top 200.


the world must know the truth!