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Study reveals some clothes can kill you

Skinny jeans harm legs


Unfortunately for all of us with good taste, skinny jeans become mainstream among effeminate glam rockers, hipsters and fat dudes with tight clothing budgets.

Doctors warned that wearing tight pants like skinny jeans can compress the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve which runs down your thigh and is there to register physical sensations like touch and pain.




Therefore, if you squeeze your legs into tight denim, the constant pressure on the nerve might cause it to go into overdrive and start registering pain like crazy before ultimately crashing and burning.

Wearing this kind of jeans cause neurological disorders, numbness, chest pain and fecal incontinence.

Luckily, in most cases the injuries are not permanent and can be reversed simply by taking the pants off.


Bras damage your immune system


Bras are really cute and elegant but they are as well very harmful.

A study from the Department of environmental health at Nara University asked 95 women to wear a girdle and brassiere for a couple of nights while the scientists tested their saliva, urine and rectal temperature.

The study showed decreased levels of melatonin in the participants’ saliva while they were wearing the foundation garments.

According to the scientists, the skin pressure caused by bras can suppress the production of melatonin which reduced the immune abilities of the body.

Wearing a bra lowers your melatonin levels and by messing up with your sleep makes you sick and interferes with your immune system.


Ties damage vision


Suit and tie look is absolutely awesome and just like everything else that seems awesome, it sucks.

Wearing tie leads to glaucoma.

Glaucoma is one of the most common eye diseases in the world and causes blindness unless it’s treated early.

Its primary cause is increased pressure in the eye, which in turn is caused by obstructed blood flow to and from the head by a tie.

Wearing tie obstructed the jugular vein and ultimately damages the retina.


Piercings reduce brain activity


Scientists have studied that piercings damage and degenerate brain cells.

Wearing a piercing lead to symptoms like eye misalignment and loss of rational thinking.

In a recent study held by the National University of Amsterdam, subjects with facial piercings who were complaining about dizziness, headaches and reduction of intellectual activities, felt much better after their jewelry was removed from the skin.

Minutes after putting it on again, however, some of the symptoms returned, fading yet again when the piercings were taken out.




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 Vomit, fellatio and a moving speech


Lady Gaga is known for her odd looks and for shed her clothing onstage.

Her insubordinate inclination was totally exhibit on Thursday night during a corporate sponsored concert at Stubb’s BBQ.

Gaga invited friend and performance artist Millie Brown to vomit paint on her during the song Swine.

The pop singer unleashed an absolutely non corporate show that was equally vulgar and bizarre.

The performance got started with woman fellatio to a sausage.

Then there was Gaga herself being rolled out to a spit by her backup dancers who proceeded to baste her with BBQ brushes like a pig while singing.

Before the crowd was able to react, things got even uglier.

Gaga brought her friend Millie Brown out onstage who assisted the singer by drinking green paint and vomiting all over Gaga while drumming.

Immediately both of them, covered by green vomit, manned a mechanical pig and played a keyboard as the pig bucked the liquid around.

After all this disturbing acts, Gaga paused the performance and honor the victims with a nice speech.

‘… when you leave the earth nobody’s gonna give a fuck about what you tweeted. Nobody’s gonna care what picture you posted. They’re gonna care about that one person you told that one little inspirational thing to and they look back at you and knew they weren’t alone. So be that for each other right now. Don’t let the machine and don’t let technology take you into a place where you don’t belong. Stay right here on this earth, we need you…’




Advices are always wrong


When someone is sad we have some repetitive advices we give to them that are absolutely useless.

We just say them because sound smart and somebody said them to us before where we were in that situation.

Deep inside we know they do no better but we just can’t help but repeat them.

I’m giving you some examples in this article so please, next time you feel the urge to say something stupid, think for a minute.


Speak your feelings


Since we are little kids, people continuously teach us to speak our feelings as if it was something good.

Now think, who is the most annoying contact you have on Facebook? Who is the most hated person at work?




You got it right. The one who speak out his feelings.

Trust me; nobody is ever going to know that you have a problem if you don’t let them know.

So what you really need is just to toughen up, look to other people with superiority right in their eyes and let her know that you are fine.

Not also is annoying to be the one who speak feelings out but is also worthless.

Nobody is ever going to care about your feelings, people may pretend they do but because of an ulterior objective.

Growing up means finding out people doesn’t care about each other.


The past is not important


‘What happened happened and you can’t change any of that so forget about the past and move forward with your life’

Just partially.

Life basics is to learn how to avoid what you don’t like and do more of what you do like.

It’s not a good idea to forget what made you feel happy and what made you feel bad.

Enjoyment, pleasure, great experiences are what make you a better person.

Most of the time, when someone tells you to ‘put all that behind’ is because they are about to manipulate you.


Live every day as the last



What we should do is living today being productive so tomorrow we can look back and be proud.

Then the day after tomorrow we should be even better and the next one better, and keep growing.

It’s completely right to enjoy the moment you are living, but people who spend all of their time living in the present they have a name… they’re children.

And that’s exactly why they have other people to take care of them.


Fight for what you believe


Do you understand how dangerous this advice is?

The Ku Klux Klan fight for what they believe in.

Please, we need to understand that not fighting for what we believe is sometimes a great idea.

Most of the things we believe are wrong anyway.



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Gangnam Style was a mind control study


When you think about the future probably imagine a few zombie outbreaks.

Well, according to Gangnam Style mind control study, that’s not the scary part.

The song and the video were created with a language worked much differently from our known languages.

They’re composed of short, simple syllables, which intellectual listeners would find primitive and completely unintelligible.

The melody interacts with the human brain in an almost programmatic fashion.

That was the first step towards train us all, Gangnam Style listeners, to follow specific orders.

Is like a modern chant to instruct the populace to bring in the harvest, or make leather goods, or whatever it needs to be done.

This type of viral video posed an incredible risk and left us all vulnerable to linguistic viruses capable of reprogramming our brains.

This vulnerability still persists after the video popularity disappears.

Every time we listen to that series of short syllables we immediately start to ride imaginary horses.

You are probably thinking that is not the music but the dance that is addictive.

Well, it turns out that this programming effect could be embedded in visual images also.

Let’s check it.




Are you with me now?

Psy is a linguistic hacker.

His masterpiece Gangnam Style is the music equivalent of plague.

It has reprogrammed our brains at a deep subconscious level to make us ride imaginary horses.

And the most remarkable thing about this is that this guy hasn’t used this incredible power for something sinister.

He’s a white glove hacker, a joker.




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Tips to live longer


Thanks to Oprah and other nice people on TV we’re all very aware of what it takes to live a healthy life.

We need to take vitamins, make exercise and drink water.

What I’m writing about is not random advices, is science.

There are several habits that will help us live longer.


Being poor


It doesn’t seem possible that being poor would make you live longer.

After all, while life is more important than money, you need money to buy the things that keep you alive.




In turbulent economic times, you would expect the life expectancy of the population to lower as unemployment increases and nobody can afford to pay for doctors and vitamins.

Also, instead of eating expensive fresh fruit and vegetables, we subsist on the warm bowl of ramen noodles.

But statistics shows that economic hardship increases life expectancy.

According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the death rate in the U.S. declined and life expectancy rose during the whole financial collapse from 2007 to 2010.

The reason is that poor people can’t afford to go out so they don’t use cars as much as we do so they have fewer traffic fatalities.

For poor people, fun activities like drugs, cigarettes and liquor are luxuries so they rarely do them.

Plus, staying home means forming stronger bonds with family, which is universally known to be good for your health.

At the end of the day they have better habits than rich people.

They don’t have jobs which is good for stress levels so fewer poor people suffer heart attacks.


Being quiet


You know the person who never shows up in a bad mood and always remembers your birthday with cupcakes and hugs.

According to another study from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, people who approach life with an overly optimistic, cheerful attitude, die young.

The study found that optimistic extroverted people are way less cautious than grumps.

Happy people take more risks and are less aware of consequences.

They’re the ones who dance in the rain and get struck by lightning.

Do you hear that, free spirits?

You’re going to die young.



This is another one that seems impossible.

We all know of at least one famous person who drank himself to death.

If that would make you think that drinking alcohol is bad for your health you are wrong.

People who totally abstain from alcohol have a higher mortality rate than those who enjoy it.

A study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology reveals that people who had one to three drinks a day are two times more likely to live longer than those who drink water or soda.

You wonder why?

The MIT also explains that the results are because nondrinkers have fewer social ties and less family support than the funny drinkers.

People who don’t drink tend to be more boring and have fewer friends which are factors that affect longevity.

And that my friends, is why I’m going to live forever.




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Top 10 richest basketball players of 2014


Based on this season’s salaries this list looks at the top 10 highest earning players in this year’s NBA.

Though young players have begun to emerge, this list will show that old faces are still dominating the league, and commanding the highest salaries.


10. Blake Griffin – Salary $16,441,500




9. Kevin Durant – Salary $17,832,627




8. Chris Paul – Salary $18,668,431



7. Dwyane Wade – Salary $18,673,000




6. Lebron James – Salary $19,067,500




5. Chris Bosh – Salary $19,067,500


Miami Heat Media Day



4. Dwight Howard – Salary $20,513,178




3. Carmelo Anthony – Salary $21,388,953




2. Joe Johnson – Salary $21,466,718




1. Dirk Nowitzki – Salary $22,721,381


Dallas Mavericks v Portland Trail Blazers



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Technology flaws


Every one of us is now carrying an insanely powerful device.

We handle a music playing, video phoning, mapping, government tracking device in the palms of our hands every single day.

Technology has dramatically increased the speed and efficiency with which we communicate, entertain and make connections.

Someone from 20 years ago would be intimidated and a bit lost in the social relations pace we live today.

And all this great features of course came with a number of annoyances that irritate us.

Some of them we’ve been living with for so long that we’ve forgotten how much of a problem they are and we see them as part of our life.

We need to stop that.




If you have one of those remarkable modern phones I mentioned above you’re probably all too familiar with its tendency to turn into a pumpkin every evening when its battery goes completely dry.

I remember the ugly cellphones we used a few years ago that could last for days without charging.

Now we’ve been turned into a bunch of nomadic retarded carrying around phone chargers perpetually on our persons.




We prefer places depending on the amount of empty outlets or friendly strangers with a USB port.

The reason for this collapse in phone lifespans is because phones have improved dramatically.

Larger screens, faster processors and stronger radios reduce our poor batteries life.

The same problem afflicts just about every technology that relies on batteries, not only phones.




Even though storage media have gotten faster and denser they’re still far away from what we need.

In my ideal world files are always where they’re supposed to be.

What we do with files is crazy, almost primitive.

We keep emailing documents to ourselves, passing around drives or screaming obscenities at a spreadsheet with links to external files that don’t even exist.

I hope this is all going to be fixed by cloud technology but cloud technology is far from perfect and still has its own hurdles to overcome.

Cloud technology relies on our networks, the same networks that almost earned a place on this list I made.

As cool as cloud technology is, it will be awhile before consumers we can rely on it, which means we still have a few more years of drives and auto emails.




I find no world to describe how printers screw up my life.

With streaks, blotches, paper jams, beeps, grinding noises, error messages and ink levels constantly going down, printing has become one of the most challenging tasks you can put someone under.

Printers, unlike any other known technology, are as just as unreliable they were in 1995.

The software they include comes in a CD older as Earth itself so every time you buy a new printer you have to download new software.

And have you ever got one of those ‘Photo Quality Printer’?

‘Photo Quality’? Really?

Those printers are good for photo printing if you have to print one photo per year and you can spend the amount of ink worth enough to end world hunger.

I truly believe ink cartridges are made from unicorn blood.

If not I don’t find any reasonable explanation why are they so expensive.

And why printers ran out of the yellow ink first?

And why I cannot buy just the yellow ink?





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 Philadelphia Inquirer


Benefits of having a mental disorder


Even though medicine evolves a lot we don’t really have an answer on why human brains go wrong the way they do.

Let me show you how what we call a disorder can be an advantage.


Obsessive compulsive disorder


Humanity might have been eaten by horror wolves a long time ago if it wasn’t for OCD.

OCD is a psychological immune system.

This disorder carries the stigma of being seen as washing your hands 10 times when you get home or organizing your clothes by color like a neurotic but it has aseptic benefits for humanity.





This people hold cleaning rituals that can be the difference between life and death.

An OCD sufferer acts like he’ll die if he doesn’t get every little thing in his immediate surroundings exactly right and in some cases that is absolutely true.

It is thought that the condition originated as an evolutionary warning system that kept our whole species alive by making certain early humans constantly worried about everyday stuff.

People who have OCD serve as a meaning to get us to stay away from icky things that pose a potential danger in the form of bacteria and parasites.


Attention deficit


Let’s use the best example: me.

Attention deficit make me write articles, make paintings, read books and learn new languages, just because I easily got bored.

Some people think that attention deficit is a disease but it only is a genetic condition.

A condition that has historically helped humanity.

As specie we need a wide variety of skills to survive.

We had to be a little bit of everything to be successful so is very useful to have a brain that likes to hop from task to task.

Great advancements happened because capable people got bored with the status quo.

We run the world!




Dyslexia is one of those disorders that make you wonder just who the hell designed the human brain.

It’s characterized by an inability to read despite normal intelligence.

The brain jumbling up characters like one of those captcha text boxes.

Dyslexia is also a symptom of a brain superpower.

Over 40 percent of successful people describe themselves as dyslexic, from Albert Einstein to Steven Spielberg have struggled with the condition.

People with dyslexia tend to be highly creative, artistic, intelligent and great at solving multidimensional problems.

Things may become tricky when it comes time to write the answer down.




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New York Post


Social media chivalry

Either if you use the social media to promote your business or just to flirt around there are a variety of rules specific to social networking that you have to follow if you want chivalry to prevail.

In this article I present the cardinal guidelines of social networking to avoid being discourteous.




There is a certain cadence people expect you to have when you social network and if you exceed it you piss them off.

For example, I haven’t seen anyone go above five tweets per day and be popular.

Remember, is important to be smart and fun but is way more important to be modest.

The first rule then can be set as following: firmly avoid talking about the same thing everyone else is talking.




If you talk to someone and that person simply don’t answer back there are two options, is deaf or the most uneducated person you’ve ever met.

When someone sends you a message you’re supposed to write back.

I know it might seem like common sense or even just basic human decency but some individuals doesn’t seems to be grown in a human environment and need to be told about this.



It’s ok being an anti-social monster or a sick maniac depressive that doesn’t want human interaction but try to hide it, act normal so we don’t realize it.

So remember, if one of us, the normal people, talks to you, the weirdo, then you just say something back.

It’s simple. Is not hard, you can do it.

There is of course an exception: Blackberry users.

For the 5 of you out there that join me in the Blackberry use, please don’t feel that pressure since your phone is probably hiding most of the interactions you have.

A couple of weeks ago I found almost 19 Google chat conversations inside my satanic phone.

Conversations filled with questions, demands and increasingly desperate pleas for a response.

Another warning regarding the ‘Always reply’ rule is that it gets a little harder on weekends.


Be concise


One of the big benefits of social media is the opportunity to be short and simple, so use it.

Be careful, don’t go to the other side and respond to a ten word question with ‘Yes’.

Use common sense, read your message a couple times before sending it and ask yourself how you would interpret this if you were the other person.




Everybody likes proper punctuation.

Punctuation is not a matter of taste, how you punctuate something can make a big difference in how it’s interpreted.

‘Ok’ feels a lot different from ‘ok!!’

Punctuation is an important part of establishing the mood you’re in when writing.




Never, ever, log into a chat, get a request to begin chatting, ignore that request and go offline.

To the person on the other end it can come across as a network error or they can assume that you are a horrible person.

Noblesse oblige I admit to having done this a couple of times, again, in my defense, I have a Blackberry.

And Blackberry main feature is to constantly log you into chat services against your will.

Well guys, I have to go. Nice talking to you!





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The Boston Globe


How to be a hacker


I’m sure if you are reading this page is because you are smart.

So you are also able to bust into people’s computer, stealing passwords and credit card numbers using nothing more than your brain.

I used to be a hacker myself so let me tell you that everything you’ve see on movies about hacking has utterly failed to communicate just how completely boring it actually is.


Hacking is easy


The majority of events that you describe as ‘hacks’ are pretty trivial.

Any of us is perfectly capable of cracking passwords or bringing down a website, even you.

Don’t trust me? Google it.

You see? Is just a matter of clicking here and there, some readings, some downloads and you are hacking whatever you want.

It takes very little thought to run someone else’s scripts and hacking tools someone else has made.

Note for the 99% of you who have opened another browser to start hacking things: you can do it but you will get caught so please, for the sake of our overcrowded prisons, stay calm.


Social engineering


The biggest security hole every piece of software or hardware has to try to deal with can be summed up in the below statement.

Humans are stupid.



It’s this stupidity that hackers take advantage of for the simplest and most effective hacks of all.

First, there are all the problems we have with our passwords, which are the central element of our security systems.

All of us have terrible easy to guess passwords.

Let’s pretend for a second that you are the exception that proves the rule and your passwords are not dumb.

Well, there’s also another issue: the idiots you’ve given your passwords to for safekeeping.

In other words, the employees of any company that handle emails and passwords.

When you sign up on a social network or a shopping site you don’t conduct an interview with their network security team.

You just access the page and give them your email and your password.

Chances are, those guys don’t even have a clue on how to store your information securely and by simply social engineering you can trick them into giving out anyone’s personal information.


Sit and wait


When most people think of hacking, they probably picture someone sitting in a dark room frantically typing, every keystroke chipping away at the firewall, just steps ahead of the authorities.

The details may vary but they’ll certainly picture something tense and fast paced, where every second counts.

At no point during this hack do they imagine the hacker wandering off somewhere for several months.

Viruses, Trojan horses, and worms are a group of semi-related programs that, once created, spread around completely on their own, which can take a lot of time, but allows them to damage or compromise a lot of computers.

This is how some of the most impressive hacks of all time have been pulled off.

Like the Trojan horse which blew up a natural gas pipeline in Siberia.

So not only does this type of hacking involve making the virus, with all the tedious weeks of programming, and math that goes into that.

Once that’s done come the months and months of waiting.

It’s about as exciting as planting a tree, except with the fun possibility that the FBI will come kick in your door.




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