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Us Weekly 

Why is The Bachelor a better show than The Simpsons


Finding someone perfect for you, someone you can trust, someone who never complains about anything, someone who makes you laugh and loves you unconditionally is the primary need that every person has, especially if you are a woman.


Nobody can reach happiness by himself because joy is found only when you find honest love in another person and you became life partners.


And that is exactly what The Bachelor is all about, people who find true love and couples that emerge from a reality TV romance.


The bachelor display what every women daily life is about. The most vital thing if you are a woman is of course to be cute, quiet and obedient. It is also of paramount importance to learn how to cultivate the power of seduction.


From a young age woman need to practice seduction so they can succeed in their only life objective which is to find a husband.


Men have other talents; men are intelligent, strong, creative, and executive; all those characteristics equals with the one that woman has: being pretty.


Women are inherently pettier than men and that’s more than enough because who need to develop intellectual resources, physical strength, creative ideas or decision making skills while being beautiful?


The Bachelor is pure brilliant television that everyone should be watching to learn how to live a life of excellence.


Differing with this educational TV show, The Simpsons features a troubled image of women. In one episode there were some woman in swimsuits and other  inappropriate clothing. Even if there was no nudity, that scene was clearly incorret since women should be dressed conservatively and obey the wishes of their husbands.


The show is full of bitter and resentful individuals who remember the past old days when life was better.


The Simpsons basically let our culture down by allowing our American heritage to be degraded and destroyed by some yellowish cartoon.



Being a woman on her own and be able to participate on The Bachelor is the most rewarding experience that someone can ever dream of.


This show gives the opportunity to every beautiful woman to show the world what happens in real life and what is the main reason why they get up in the morning every day: to seduce a man.


The show also provided a realistic idea of what life is for males.


Every weekend males find themselves in clubs full of beautiful girls to choose from and is a good thing that they can learn how to make that decision wisely by watching a TV show.


The bachelor is an ode to the right things like heterosexuality, external beauty marriage and family.


The show also portrait the most profound family values. What kind of father, mother, brother, sister, or close friend doesn’t want to see his young lady dating a man while he’s also dating other 25 women?


And what makes it more appropriate, who doesn’t want to see that on national TV?


It’s clearly a dream come true.


the world must know the truth!

Michael Jordan was not better than Kobe Bryant

 Washington Post 

Michael Jordan was not better than Kobe Bryant


When judging the careers of players we need to measure based on championships, awards and an ability to consistently raise the level of play when the situation calls for it.

We all remember Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Larry Bird and Michael Jordan whose merits are undeniable.

But what separates these NBA stars from the greatest basketball player of all the time?

His temperament, dominance and the ability to win championships. That’s exactly what made Kobe the number one.

Every year he reinvents the heart and lift up the spirit of the competition from the first season game.

Kobe Bryant is the greatest and most legendary player of basketball history being dominant on both sides of the floor throughout his career.

Nobody who understand the game can deny Michael Jordan’s achievement but what is also true is that everything Michael did, Kobe did better.




At the age of 18 he was the youngest player ever to play in an NBA game becoming the youngest player to be named the slam dunk champion.

Through fan voting, he also became the youngest NBA All-Star starter in NBA history.

At 23 Bryant became the youngest player to win three NBA championships.

Kobe is also a much complete player than Jordan.

In his last season with the Chicago Bulls, Jordan averaged 28.7 points on 46.5 percent shooting from the floor and 23.8 percent shooting from 3 range.

Currently Bryant is averaging 29.5 points on 47.8 percent shooting from the field along with a 38 percent clip from downtown.

During Jordan days the NBA was also more a Showtime than the rough arena than is today so standing out the average back there was so much easier than today.

It’s easy to understand that Kobe’s championships were tougher to earn than Jordan’s.

The teammates they had are also a significant component in this comparison. Bryant is basically unstoppable despite being surrounded with lesser talent.

He accomplished achievements that many could only dream of such as outscoring a Dallas Mavericks team through three quarters or dropping a ridiculous 81 points in one game against the Toronto Raptors.

Another remarkable detail beside his technical superiority is that he is the first NBA player to play 20 years with the same franchise.

Kobe has a sense of urgency with everything he does: every rep, every shot, every drill is important to him.

He takes advantage of every opportunity to get better, he is never satisfied with his game and is always looking to improve.

Is that hunger is what makes him great.


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Nicki Minaj is a better artist than Madonna

The Daily Telegraph

Music Production


Madonna songs are typically inspired by lesbianism.

Her music videos featured scenes of sadomasochism, oppression, same sex kissing and nudity.

Every single song she performs is absolutely ambiguous and confusing.

With her videos Madonna desperately try to force social acceptance of unnatural reverse of male and female sexual roles.

Her lyrics are so offensive that many organizations complained that promoted premarital sex and undermined family values.



‘Like a Prayer’ video featured Catholic symbols such as a cross burning and a dream about making love to a saint.


‘What It Feels Like for a Girl’ video shows Madonna committing acts of crime and vandalism.


In 1992 Madonna released her Sex book that consisted of sexually provocative and explicit images that triggered strong negative reaction from the media and the general public.



On the other side, with her colorful and celebrating songs Nicki Minaj irradiates happiness and optimism into the audience.

Maybe is that cheerfulness one of the many reasons that made her became the first female solo artist to have seven singles simultaneously charting on the Billboard Hot 100.





Madonna’s look and manner of dressing is found insulting by many organizations and to most of the general public.

Nicki’s exceptional and colorful costumes, wigs and clothing have given her recognition as a fashion icon.

She was the first female artist to be included on MTV’s Annual Hottest MC List.

Madonna’s looks effuse sexual resentment and rage.

Her first inspiration to write a song was found in the unresolved feelings of anger towards her father that lasted for decades and developed a rebellious attitude not yet solved by the old singer.

When she was 20 Madonna was raped and she could never forget it.

Madonna used to pose nude for porn magazines causing shock in her fan base and she remained defiant and unapologetic for that mistake.

She starred in the critically slammed film ‘Shanghai Surprise’ which delivered her the Golden Raspberry Award for Worst actress and also in the repulsing movie ‘Body of Evidence’ which contained scenes of sadomasochism and slavery described by the experts as an annoyed and hurting film.

Nicki’s songs are relaxed, they celebrate life and are written based on a deliberate decision to try to tone down the sexiness.

Nicki wants people to understand that in life nothing is going to be based on sex appeal and that what really matter is to have honest relationships and true friends since those values last for a lifetime.




Madonna’s videos are bored and she constantly mimic iconic figures like Marilyn Monroe, Ella Fitzgerald and Prince.

Her single ‘Frozen’ was even banned to be plagiarized from the Belgian songwriter Salvatore Acquaviva’s 1993 song ‘Ma Vie Fout L’camp’.

Madonna’s cameo in the James Bond film ‘Die another Day’ was described as incredibly wooden.

Her entire album ‘American Life’ was accused as a lazy, unfinished effort to be taken seriously.

Its original music video was canceled as featuring violence and war imagery was considered extremely unpatriotic since America was then at war with Iraq.

Nicki Minaj effort was rewarded with the acclamation of being the most influential female rapper of all time.



Madonna refuses to use her real name clearly rejecting and denying her own ancestries and origins.

In a latest interview Nicki Minaj stated ‘I want people to hear me and know exactly where I’m from’ and with over 17 million followers she is the one of the most active user of Twitter.



the world must know the truth!

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Memphis Downtowner Magazine

Justin Timberlake is a much better artist than Frank Sinatra


At the age of 11 Justin Timberlake appeared on the television show Star Search performing country music songs and was a cast member in The Mickey Mouse Club where his cast mates included future girlfriend and pop superstar Britney Spears, future tour mate Christina Aguilera, future band mate JC Chasez and future movie actor Ryan Gosling.

Frank Sinatra, having ever learned how to read music, found unexpected success at 26 as a solo artist defined by his colleagues as the chairman of the bad attitude.

With sales of his music declining he decided to retire on 1971 and two years later he came out of retirement revealing his mood swings and bouts of depressive personality.

Justin’s debut solo studio album ‘Justified’ was released in 2002 and debuted at number 2 on the Billboard 200 with first week sales of 439,000 copies and it went on to sell over three million copies in the U.S. and more than seven million worldwide.

Timberlake released his second studio album ‘Future Sex Love Sounds’ on 2006 and debuted at number 1 on the Billboard 200 album chart. With sales over 700,000 during the first week is the biggest album for pre orders on iTunes and beat the record for the biggest one week sales of a digital album.




Personal life

Sinatra’s father was a boxer and his mother ran an illegal abortion business. She was arrested several times and convicted twice for this offense.

Frank Sinatra was expelled from high school because of his disorderly conduct and never graduated.

In 1938, Sinatra was arrested for adultery and seduction, a criminal offense at the time.

Always avoiding unglamorous surroundings Sinatra after becoming famous never came back to his home town even to visit.

Sinatra has been frequently linked to members of the Mafia and it has been rumored that his career was sponsored by the organized crime.

Sinatra did not serve in the military during World War II because the doctors stated that he was a neurotic and not acceptable from a psychiatric standpoint.

In 1951 Sinatra’s fear of fallen lead him to commit suicide but a friend find him lying on the floor so he was not even able to kill himself properly.

On contrast, Justin Timberlake was discovered a throat condition in 2005, he went to surgery to remove some nodules and was advised not to sing or speak for months.

He followed the doctor’s instructions and successfully completed his recovery.

Sinatra got married 4 times and every relationship he has was not based on genuine love but interest. They were only motivated by self-interest and inner anxieties.



Public behavior


On 1981 during a trip to Australia Sinatra described local journalists as fags, pimps and whores.

Australian unions representing transport workers, waiters, and journalists went on strike demanding that Sinatra apologize for his remarks and instead of that he insisted that the journalists should apologize to him.

The Prime Minister of Australia and the Australian Council of Trade Unions insisted that Sinatra apologize and a settlement was reached.

The same year Sinatra broke the boycott against apartheid in South Africa by receiving $2 million to perform in Sun City.

On 2008 Justin Timberlake single ‘Follow My Lead’ was available for download and all the funds raised went straight to the Shriners Hospitals for Children, a charity dedicated to improving pediatric care for sick children.




It was usual that during concerts Sinatra’s memory failed and there were times he reportedly fell onstage.

Sinatra’s appeal to the audience declined as he moved into his 30’s.

He projected such arrogance not compatible with the type of kindliness needed to be an artist.

He was so conservative and close minded that was not able to adjust his music to the times he was living.

Through the fifties Sinatra criticized rock and roll music being that his reaction to a rhythm he found hard to perform.

Instead of join other artists on collaboration jobs he criticized every contemporary success.

The list of artists whom Justin collaborate with included Madonna, Black Eyed Peas, Snoop Dogg, Duran Duran, Lil Wayne, 50 Cents, Nelly Furtado, T.I., Ciara, Leona Lewis, Jay-Z,  Beyoncé Knowles, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears and Janet Jackson.





In 2005 Timberlake began his own record company Jay Tee Records.

He is the executive producer on the MTV reality series ‘The Phone’ which premiered on 2009.

His other ventures include record label Tennman Records, fashion label William Rast, and the restaurants Chi, Destino and Southern Hospitality. He is also owner of the Memphis Grizzlies.




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Why was Bush better than Mandela

From Dallas Morning News

Why was Bush better than Mandela


To be a demagogue is to exhibit what others want to see, to seeks support by appealing to popular desires and prejudices rather than by using rational arguments

It probably will not be mentioned today or in the coming days this quality of Nelson Mandela but that’s exactly what he did by condemning everything he wanted to defeat tagging it as ‘racist’.

Bush Legacy

Bush family is a prominent American family. The family includes two US Senators, one Supreme Court Justice, two Governors and two Presidents. They are usually described as the most successful political dynasty in American history.

Wide Scope

Mandela obstinately and selfishness pursue and attain benefits for the only interests of his own identity group. The most common tool used by a demagogue is to push a specific policy with an intended personal interest under the surface of benefice a whole race that they claim to represent. President Bush took actions on the way to benefit not only his familiar circle but a wide range of valuable causes all around the globe. He issued the Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, a $15 billion global program to fight HIV/AIDS, the largest international effort in history created to fight a disease. Thousands of Africans received due to this initiative free antiretroviral drugs that would otherwise cost thousands of dollars per month. When a tsunami ravaged southern Asia on December 2004 Americans donated $700 million which was matched by $950 million more from the federal government headed by Bush. Sixteen thousand US military personnel, dozens of US ships, and more than 100 aircraft were dedicated to tsunami recovery at a cost the US State Department estimates at $5 million a day. Bush set free Afghanistan from the Taliban Terrorists, gave them political freedom and the right to choose leaders and laws for themselves. Bush worked hard also towards environmental relief that’s not a popular and demagogic topic like the ones Mandela systematically fight for but it shows authentic interest in long term issues that do not report immediate popular approval. In 2006 Bush designate a group of Hawaiian Islands a marine reserve. Only environmentalists applauded the decision at this time and today the area is home to 7,000 species of marine life including endangered Hawaiian monk seals and threatened green sea turtles and commercial fishing was eliminated.


Even his speech was always against discrimination is amusing how Mandela coworkers were all socially, intellectually and physically similar to him. President Bush was the president who appointed more women and minorities to high level positions in history. He surrounded himself with African Americans, Hispanics, Cubans, Asian Americans and women.


George W. Bush and family


Is very easy to say what others want to listen and to do what people will see as heroic but what about making unpopular decisions for the sake of the rectitude? Nelson Mandela stands higher than any other for his political correctness and that contrast with the Bush decision making aspect that merits special recognition: his courage. That boldly doing the right thing despite the popularity is what distinguished a right decision maker from a crowd pleaser. ….

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Miami Herald Entertainment 

Pitbull is the real King; Elvis Presley is just one of many Princes

Stand as the King in the music history is not a matter of appearance. Charisma, eloquence, confidence and a positive message are the core secrets behind Pitbull success.

Marketing selling songs

Admitted by himself that what makes a song a hit is not inspiration but marketing, Pitbull understood from day one that promotion and public relations are core to ensure a successful musical career.   Not only ‘Back in Time’ is a complete corporate song, almost all of his creations are deliberated marketing tools.   From the very beginning with ‘Culo’ until his latest hit ‘That High’ Pitbull melodies are groovy, danceable, catchy and very easy to sing along to and that’s the genius of his music. The hook, the easy singalong words, the connection to popular stuff are clinically chosen and made every Pitbull song sounds familiar and easily incorporated by all of us.


In 2005 Pitbull and Sean Diddy founded Bad Boy Latino, a subsidiary of Diddy’s Bad Boy Records label.   Besides being the founder, Pitbull heads the A&R division of the company.   He also signed with Polo Grounds Musicthrough Sony Music and created his own label ‘Mr. 305 Inc’and has a variety TV show ‘Pitbull’s La Esquina’ being aired since 2007 on the mun2cable TV channel.   Let’s summarize Elvis business abilities remembering that he was completely broke when he died.  


The city of Miami granted Pitbull a ‘Key to the City’ honor on August 19, 2009.   In 2010, Pitbull performed in the Haiti benefit song ‘Somos El Mundo’ which was a Spanish version of ‘We Are the World’.

Role model

Growing up inside a foreign family who ran a drug dealing business for a living, Pitbull find a way to straight out his life path through music creation using his talent to improve his personal situation and helping his relatives to escape that previous lifestyle.   He achieved to become a great example for kids all over the country by his eloquence and his initiative to convey a positive message to education.   Elvis Presley was born and raised in a traditional American family surrounded by an amazing environment and despite the ideal conditions his name is synonymous with excess   Naming his 2012 record Global Warming Pitbull helped to create awareness on this important matter reinforcing his initiative to contribute with humanity common problems forgetting about himself and reaching to others with his message.   Elvis individualistic personality leads him to a life of prescription drug abuse and obscure behavior.   He was not able to use his mass presence to anything good but to cause himself a premature death. ….

the world must know the truth!

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Ben Affleck teaches and Stanley Kubrick is a humble student

From Screen Daily

Ben Affleck teaches and Stanley Kubrick is a humble student


In addition to enthusiasts opinion there is some facts to be consider that we expose in this honest comparison


Being Affleck an acclaimed actor himself gives a much more comprehensive perception of the movie industry itself.


Kubrick unsuccessfully attempts to pursue an actor career and that is revealed as frustration in his productions.


Affleck was greatly awarded as actor likewise as a director and he was recognized at a very young age what proves his innate aptitude.


Achievement reaches Kubrick later on his life and only as a result of uninspiring movies that for unstable reasons got trendy among the irresponsible audience from the decay of social order 60s society.


He was almost 32 years old when nominated to the Locarno International Film Festival which is of course a not a very distinguished award.


At the age of 25 Affleck won the Academy Award for Good Will Hunting.


His director debut work received the National Board of Review Award.


Affleck directed and starred in The Town and Argo wich won him the Golden Globe Award, BAFTA, and Directors Guild Award for Best Director, and the Golden Globe Award, BAFTA, the Producers Guild Award and the Academy Award for Best Picture.

BAFTA Affleck Clooney


He will continue his directorial career when he adapts Dennis Lehane’s 2012 novel Live by Night for a 2015 theatrical release.


Affleck movies inspired the audience to consider profound subjects as love, sexuality, mass media values and reflect on them.


Kubrick lacks of that influence. His movies only employ disturbing, violent images as in A clockwork orange or blurred obsessed mental states as in Lolita.


the world must know the truth!

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Why Jonas Brothers is better than the Beatles

Taken from The Columbus Dispatch

Why Jonas Brothers are better than the Beatles (top 6)

1 – The first hit of Jonas Brothers were listened by more people than the Beatles.

2 – Also they are better because they are heard by many more people. So many people cannot be wrong! (see the images below)

clicking on the pictures go to the official twitter

Beatles twitter

Beatles twitter

and in the other poket



3 – The best song of the Jonas Brothers (When You Look Me In The Eyes) has more chords that the best song of the Beatles (Twist and shout). Let’s see:

Beatles chords

Beatles chords

Jonas chords

Jonas chords


4 – The songs of Jonas Brothers talks about beautiful feelings and nice things, while the Beatles songs only speaks about drugs!

5 – The Jonas Brothers have an ideology behind, it’s to look after the best family values ​​and people. The Beatles have nothing, they just want to be famous and be idolized but they are nobody.

6 – The ugliest member of the Jonas Brothers is much cuter than the cutest member of The Beatles. This is so easy like see the pictures of both musicians:


Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas




the world must know the truth!