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How to improve The Walking Dead


I love The Walking Dead and I’ve watched every episode.

The reason I watch the show is not because I think is good but because I want it to be good.

From season one I’ve being expecting the show to revolve around how society will be after the zombie apocalypse but instead it’s been all about how people from different ethnic backgrounds treat each other.

I’m very positive that The Walking Dead is finally going to be the show we are waiting for after the producers read this article.


Red shirts


The Walking Dead has run out of Red shirts and that’s an improvement per se.

It’s stupid that the screenwriters keep throwing out insignificant characters instead of messing with the important ones.

With Jimmy and Patricia dead they are now out of easy people to kill.

I think about the writers like myself after a hard day at work when I grab everything I could possibly need, phone, laptop, remote and a drink to avoid getting up from the couch for the next couple of hours.

That’s what they did at the start of every season, they collected and arranged their Red shirts and they lazily punctuate a scene with a meaningless death whenever they needed it.




The show had Shane survive two full seasons and that was a mistake.

He was cast as the antihero and as much as woman may love him, watching his descent from amoral to evil just wasn’t absorbing.



The writers divided the Rick character into Rick and Shane rather than having one single character wrestle with opposing moral concepts.

Now that Shane is dead they’ve no choice but to make Rick actually grow as a character.




Dale is dead, and that’s good because Dale was really boring.

For me he was just an excuse for the writers to tell instead of show.

Now that he’s gone, with him went the pro bandit sermons and voting sessions making room for more actual zombies in a show that it supposed to be about zombies.

In the future if the show still needs a moral center Hershel can do it.




Convenient burdens only exist as easy plot devices to put the group in trouble when it gets boring.

Now that they’ve finally gave Carl his own gun it is the end of the helpless child lost plot lines.

Convenient burdens complicate so much around before achieving the original purpose that they end up not working for the show.

Now there’s only one left, Carol.


The farm


There is no possible worst location for any show.

Even farming shows would be better served with more interesting set pieces.

Literally anything is more interesting than a plain old ordinary farm.

The Walking Dead spent approximately five hours showing the characters cleaning wells, fixing windmills, patching up fences and protecting cows.

It seems that the writers finally understand what they did wrong.

Relocating to the prison means the group is probably going to encounter prisoners and the new dilemmas that come with them.

This is the perfect time; the show is finally going to pull it together.

It took three full seasons of boredom and idiocy to get here but we’re finally here.

The Walking Dead has finally caught up with the first 10 minutes of any ordinary zombie movie.




the world must know the truth!



How to improve The Walking Dead
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How to improve The Walking Dead
How to improve The Walking Dead. Humble recommendations that will benefit this amazing show


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