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TV shows are very racist


Is well known that racism was developed by the radio but after TV was invented it widely exceeds the radio levels of intolerance and racism.


American Gypsies

The National Geographic Channel is producing an atrocity named American Gypsies.

American Gypsies is a show so empty that the Kardashians would find it boring.

What they mainly offer is a reality show that focuses on an ethnic group in a really offensive way.

They get rid of the myths and stereotypes we all have about Gypsies by replacing them with all new and worse ones.

After a couple of episodes they just confirm the old ones anyway.

In most episodes there is a scene with one woman rubbing someone’s palm and proclaiming that all Gypsy women are psychic.

All of them.

After watching the show you learn nothing about Gypsy culture beyond the fact that they seem to be angry, violent frauds.




You don’t have to be an expert to realize that Glee looks like a U.N. musical that nobody normal would ever perform.

The two Asian characters on the show have the same last name.

The Jew’s last name is Ben Israel and he’s as sexually deranged as Gladstone.

The Latina cheerleader is actually named Santana Lopez, possibly because they had to cut Conchita Mexicola out of the script.

There’s even an Irish exchange student who is immediately believed to be a leprechaun.


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One episode revolved around a Jewish girl wanting a nose job to look like one of the white characters and they even included a duet of the two girls singing ‘I Feel Pretty’.

So what’s the message? That you can be pretty even if you are Jew?


2 Broke Girls


Has anyone who is involved with this show ever met an Asian real person?

Really, what’s going on there?

The actor is from San Francisco and speaks perfectly clear English except on the show where he’s an semi stupid Asian reporter.

They specifically designed a character to be the perfect Asian stereotype; he’s a workaholic, nerd and speaks like he just rolled out of a fortune cookie factory.

I’m surprised he’s not quoting Confucius while throwing ninja stars at rice eating pandas.



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