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Upright abortion facility in Miami

With an initial $90 million dollar investment, the project will start operating on the bayside area of Miami by the end of this month.

The clinic will assist patients to terminate unborn lives with an efficiency never before thought possible.

During the press conference presentation, Emilio and Gloria Estefan co-founders of the clinic told reporters that the new ultramodern baby killing facility located in the nation’s most luxurious city offers quick, easy and relaxed abortions to all women.

This launch is a reinvention of the Cuban American culture, vision and values. Even if most of our effort is dedicated to other similar projects like helping poor kids or feeding hungry teenagers, with this project we try to solve the problems from their roots, said Estefan standing under the slogan banner at the building door ‘Not everyone deserves to live’.

The organization has also the Congress support which in September 2013 passed the ‘Universal Abortion’ bill thanks to Florida Senator Marco Rubio.



The regulation provides a 20 million dollar funds per year to the clinic which as per Gloria own words will help them to maximize the number of little heart beats that they will stop every day.

The government funding is of paramount importance for us and will support our nonprofit organization, states the singer. The modern machinery they have is capable of terminating one little person life every two seconds, if all the resources are used efficiently.

The facility is a 120.000 square foot building located between the Brickell area and the Downtown Miami, facing the great view of Bay front Park and Bayside Center with almost 1.500 luxury rooms dedicated only to end baby’s lives.   Luxury-Property-Miami-Beach-06

The center counts also with 50 on site counselors who meet the customers and make sure they understand that having a child will ruin their lives.

There are also social amenities like a movie theater, restaurants and beautiful outdoor pools to foster a sense of community and make abortion more of a social event.

It is our hope to make abortion become a part of women’s lives, especially younger Latin woman who have enough fertile years ahead so we hope receiving them frequently in our clinic, said Pitbull who is the main shareholder of the venue.

The abortion venue provides also free shuttle services from and to Miami International Airport.

The City of Miami is getting ready to receive an increased number of visitors in the next year’s thanks to the ‘Buy one get the second one 50% off’ promo that the clinic is offering through Groupon.

The online reservations are flowing through the internet and the center now is checked in full until November 2016.


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