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Cool people do Meth

Some of you read about how meth must be some bad habit but the results in users are pretty awesome.

I live in an environment where meth is the common hobby.

Most people around me do meth so I have a great insight about it wonderful side effects.




Let’s say that somebody is socially awkward, the kind of person who couldn’t bring to say ‘hello’ around a group of unknown people.

Meth changes all that, it eliminates shyness.




And people love being around a person who speak off and fills in every millisecond of silence with rapidly spoken words.

Today for example my friend Bill talked to me about the movie Frozen for three and a half hours.

The movie itself is 98 minutes so it would have actually been more efficient for him to perform the movie for me.




Doing meth turns you into almost a chemical engineer.

To do meth you don’t have to depend on Colombia or even try to find illegal plants to cultivate.

You can make it at home.

The line between user and producer doesn’t exist.

Another great result of meth use is the knowledge you gain in chemicals.


Body shape


Losing weight was never so easy.

Meth is a truly weight-loss substance.

The secret is that it gives you an unnatural amount of energy so on top of the metabolism being skyrocketed into deity level, everything you do is performed three times faster than normal.

Since it produces so much energy, the body thinks that it’s been fed, so it stops sending out those annoying signals telling you to eat.

Methamphetamines cause fat to rapidly eliminate from the body.

Yeah. If you want to be sexy and skinny, you know what to do.





the world must know the truth!

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 The Boston Globe  


My dog saved my life… and ate my face

Top model Heidi Canis’s life changed last Monday when her dog ate her face while she was unconscious due to a cocaine overdose.

Heidi bears no resentment or bad feeling towards the pet dog which disfigured her face by eating her nose, eyes and mouth.

The top model, now without a face, irrationally regrets that the dog had to be put down after the attack.

While being interviewed by her therapist she says that the dog Benji simply saved her life.

‘I lost my face and I lost my dog but this was the best thing that could have happened’ declared Heidi, an assiduous reader of Osho.

She also admitted to have a drug problem that now is being treated at a rehab facility near her house in Boston.

Her friends and coworkers declared that she was high from the moment she woke up and staid high all day, she would even wake up during the night to have a sniff.





It is unclear exactly what happened on Monday but after going to the bathroom, Heidi tripped on a rip in the stairs as a result of excessive consumption and tumbled down knocking herself out.

She didn’t regain consciousness until several hours later at around 11am and as soon as Wendy awoke, she knew something serious had happened because she was not able to find her face.

She went to a mirror and discovered that Benji had eaten the nose, eyes and mouth while trying to wake her up.

Despite what we are all thinking, Heidi described the moment feelings as ‘relief and happiness’.

She remembers that her first thought was ‘Oh my God, I’m so happy, now I’m no longer a top model so I can stop consuming drugs’.

When officers find her there was blood all over the walls, carpet and couch.

She was able to see out of the holes the dog left on her eyes but only for a couple of minutes so she put on some makeup and a nice dress waiting for the police to come.

The paramedics were completely shocked when they found her and she was completely calm and repeating that ‘Everything happens for a reason’.





the world must know the truth!


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People Magazine


Advices you realize are true when is already late

Almost everything people say is useless and you just need to look them into the eyes and nod.

It takes years to filter out the bad advices from the good relevant one.

Out of generosity I’m sharing some of them.


Butterflies in the stomach


Love is a great feeling but that teenage hormone fueled addictive experience of butterflies in the stomach is not even near from what real love is.

As soon as you are mature enough to adjust your life to another person without the anxiety of physical contact, butterflies go away.

The longer you know someone the more you love that person and the more comfortable you feel.

The difference between sexual rush and love is gigantic and the only way you can learn it is experiencing it.




Most of us never did any home chores and if you did some, it was completely unwillingly.

Much sooner than you think, you’re going to be responsible for all of the chores at your own house and you will wish you know how to do them.

Because you didn’t paid attention when someone tried to teach you cook, as an adult you will find the majority of your sustenance coming from the frozen boxes that are prepared with a microwave and the ability to push 4.




I’m a writer so maybe I’m a little extra interested in people who know how to compose but, it is truly very important that as an adult you type in your native language better than an eleven year old kid.

It is also true that some schools still treat the subject of writing the way they did in 1950 not understanding that today you can’t function as a human without knowing how to use a computer.

The way you write reflects your brainpower.

You don’t have to be Hemingway but you need to learn to be concise and clear or it will be coming back to bite you.




When you are at school 50% of what they teach you will be absolutely useless once you settle into your adult life.

Writing is one of those things that matters because in an online world most of the people who interact with you will only see that side of you.

No matter how smart or experienced you are, the majority of contacts are in the form of emails and texts.




If you don’t face your feelings and emotions when you are a kid, it would be very hard to understand yourself as an adult.

When your teachers send you to the counselor you should take it as something good, it means you are a deep and complex person.

Going to the doctor about mental counseling shouldn’t be harder for you to accept than going to see a doctor about an allergy is.

It’s completely normal to have some mental issues and seek help.

Maybe is not that normal to write about them on your Facebook wall but that’s another issue.




the world must know the truth!


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  American Programmer 


Are you addicted to your iPad?

Our mobile devices make us happy, they are a convenient way to manage information and as the modern luxury life move forward we tend to spend so much time indoors.

This means we have more time and opportunity to use our iPads.

If you use your device lots then you might be interested in these funny little signs you are addicted to your iPad.


Double tapping


One of the best features of the iPad is the zoom in zoom out function, if you have an iPad or other Apple touch screen device then you knows how it works.

You double tap the screen to enlarge the area and the double tap to zoom action allows you to focus in on certain areas.

This is incredibly helpful on small screen devices and we do it without thinking about it.

So, distractedly double tapping real paper is one of the possible signs you are addicted to your iPad.



Pinching the page

The person who designed the two finger zoom in zoom out action is really brilliant.

Zoom into a photo or part of a page to have a closer look and when you are done just pinch the page to zoom out and move along is great and easy to do.

So easy that we do it without thinking about it, however, pinching real paper to reduce text size or to zoom out from an image will seem a little strange.

We can’t pinch real paper to reduce text size or zoom out from the photo. Weird uh?










It is always on hand


The iPad is a very handy portable device, it fits into almost everything from purses to backpacks and we can take it everywhere and whip it out at every possible moment to play games, record notes, and take photographs.

If your iPad is always on and in your hand then you may have a slight problem.


The waiting game


Our friends and family listen when we need them to and are patient when we need that as well.

However if people are waiting while you check something on your iPad then you may have a problem.

When your iPad interferes with your ability to engage people and participate in events then it may be a bit of an issue.

Put the device aside and focus on the people around you, the iPad will be there waiting for you later, don’t worry.


You fall asleep with it


The last sign that you may be addicted to your iPad is the following: falling asleep with it.

The portability of the iPad is wonderful and we can take it nearly anywhere, even to bed so sometimes we really don’t mean to fall asleep clutching our device.

If you feel yourself getting a little sleepy then put the iPad aside and get some rest.

You just may sleep a little better and dream about having real people by your side instead of a flat screen.