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No, animals do not have rights


We live in an era where there is people that get more attached to a pet than to their friends and family and that’s something we should not be encouraging but on the contrary, it’s something that as specie we should find deeply disturbing.

Animals are beautiful and we all agree we need to treat them fine but stating that animals have rights seems to challenge common sense.

Of course we should treat animals with respect but not because they possess rights but because the notion that one’s superiority obliges one to act nobly toward commoners.

In other words, we should treat animals decently not because they are equal to us but specifically because they’re not.

Sensitivity toward lower forms of life was never meant to position them in equal status with people.

By definition rights are moral principles that set out certain standards of human behavior.

It is only if our nature is superior that we become subject to ethics and therefore capable of rights.

Consequently the only rights enjoyed by animals are those extended to them by people.




Pets, bugs or zoo creatures are granted protection by humans in exchange for their ability to be trained to serve our needs as masters.

We should respect nature and that requires a respect for the nature of what things are.

As humans we need to esteem our condition as superior specie instead of deny it.

People who give lower animals human rights do not do it because they love animals but because they failed as humans.

They hate the fact that their own superior nature as intellectual beings gives them superior challenges they are not able to pursuit.

Animal rights organizations are just one more diabolic scheme for promoting government control over human lives by destroying our right to private property.

It is the logical tactic of those who hate the individual creative ability and wish it to be replaced by some unnatural collectivism or communism.

Animal rights activists are losers.

The equalization of human and animal also gives license to breeding humans for specific traits

Furthermore on a subconscious level it also begs the question about genocide.

After all, the Nazis based their elimination of non-Aryans on the premise that they were less than human.

If all humans are not special, couldn’t certain types of people be eliminated?




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