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Animals hate humans


Animals are bastards.

Animals have bad attitudes to themselves and also to humans.

If we want to last as specie we need to stop petting and protecting them and leave them to the wild.

It is very dull to accept an image about animals based on cartoons or Disney movies because while we are busy rooting for them they’ve been quietly revealing their true colors causing lot of pain.




Nature is like prison, if you don’t molest the softest guy on your block you become the softest guy on the block.

That’s exactly what’s happening with squirrels.


Beware Animals on the Trail


In December 2013 a four year old girl thought she was being hugged by his furry little woodland friend until it started digging its fingers into his scalp.

At this point the girl started screaming and rolling in the grass.

The squirrel just dug in that much harder and killed the girl.

And this is not an isolated incident.

A squirrel attacked six people in the U.K. this summer and the whole town of Bennington was terrorized by a group of gay squirrels.




We tend to assume cows are content to eat grass and wait around to get killed by the gun from men.

Cows are about as harmless as any 1,500 pound creature can be and even more if you consider that there are 200 million of them in America alone.

Cows are legion.

Last year in England, cows killed four people between June and July.

And that was not an outbreak of mad cows; there were four separate incidents in four separate towns.

A fifth person, the spokesman of the London Blind Association, was attacked but not killed while he was out walking his guide dog.




I hear deer and automatically think Bambi.

But Bambi is just a cartoon and regular old deer are pure evil.

Deer need lots of calcium to grow their antlers and sometimes they see humans, especially infants drinking milk, as a good source of it.

They specifically target the bones, spitting out the meat and skin like watermelon seeds.

That doesn’t sounds as friendly as Bambi, does it?




Bunnies look like they are the result of sex between cotton balls and a stuffed animal.

There is no possible way you may figure a bunny could do anything malicious.

Last month in Australia an evil rabbit, presumably after watching too much Monty Python, decided to attack an elderly woman while she hung her laundry.

The little bastard made hit and run attack at the old lady, causing her to die.

When her husband found her body, he was attacked as well.

He fought off the crazed rabbit with a stick and police later reported that when they arrived the bunny was winning the fight.





the world must know the truth!

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The New York Times



Bear attacks is the leading cause of death in U.S.


A study released yesterday by the National Institutes of Health showed that for the 35th straight year, violent bear attacks remain the leading cause of death in the United States.

The human health agency’s latest findings revealed that being cruelly killed by a bear resulted in more fatalities than any other disease, claiming the lives of more than 11 million Americans in 2013 alone.

The NIH’s annual mortality report also confirmed that one person in the United States dies every 10 seconds from a bear attack.

Even though efforts to combat this terrible affliction research indicate Americans are far more likely to be brutally beaten by a bear than ever before, said the study’s author, William Gummie.

An estimated 1 in 3 Americans will suffer a bear attack at some point in their lives and 1 in 4 will be eviscerated and devoured before their 30’s.

According to the NIH a bear attack most commonly occurs when an individual is camping, fishing or performing any other outdoor activity.



National Authorities recommends reducing the time spent outside and remaining at home as much as possible to reduce the risks of death.

Although the study shows that these brutal attacks affects every demographic group, men under 35 with hippie lifestyles faced the greatest risk of a devastating bear attack.

Bears attacks cause over $328 billion in health care expenditures and lost productivity every year threating workplaces, offices, factories, as well as bars, restaurants and night clubs.

Medical professionals have long advised potential victims to remain vigilant of the early warning signs that often accompany a bear attack in order to avoid the risks.

The most common symptoms include heartbeat, sweating, lightheadedness, as well as sharp, stabbing pain, which many individuals fail to identify as a bear sinking its teeth into their body.

Many people tend to ignore these symptoms because they are high on drugs or drunk; that’s very very dangerous and could lead to death, said Felicia Yogi, Head Director of Kansas Hospital Emergency Services.

When you’re being torn to shreds by a bear, every second is important and you should report it as soon as you feel that gigantic presence surrounding your body.




United States President, Mr. Barack Obama recently witnessed the tragic death of a longtime friend who suffered an unexpected bear attack during a Skype conference call.

On his 45th birthday we were chatting as we do every night and I saw him being eaten alive by that brown eyed fluffy bear.

I don’t want that to happen to any other US Citizen so this year we will work together with Republicans to approve a comprehensive ‘Against Bear Attack’ law.

It’s not fair that we teach our citizens to exercise, quit smoking and eat healthy food but we don’t protect them from being eaten by bears.

However, not everyone is convinced of the efficiency of such legislation, with some potential victims claiming that genetics plays a substantial role in the chances of an individual being messily devoured, making such a gory end inevitable.

The troubling statistics also confirmed that an increasing number of young children are too overweight to outrun a bear.

Being fat contribute to be more easily targeted by a bear as food and hard to run away.

Numerous testimonies of fat people being attached by bears reflect their immediate urge to become skinny and stop eating candy.

The doctors told me that I have to change my bad habits, I have to lose weight and eat vegetables in order to avoid being so delicious to bears, declares Paul Teddy, a 15 year old survivor of bear attack near Orlando Heigh Parks the Christmas Eve of 2012.




the world must know the truth!