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Technology flaws


Every one of us is now carrying an insanely powerful device.

We handle a music playing, video phoning, mapping, government tracking device in the palms of our hands every single day.

Technology has dramatically increased the speed and efficiency with which we communicate, entertain and make connections.

Someone from 20 years ago would be intimidated and a bit lost in the social relations pace we live today.

And all this great features of course came with a number of annoyances that irritate us.

Some of them we’ve been living with for so long that we’ve forgotten how much of a problem they are and we see them as part of our life.

We need to stop that.




If you have one of those remarkable modern phones I mentioned above you’re probably all too familiar with its tendency to turn into a pumpkin every evening when its battery goes completely dry.

I remember the ugly cellphones we used a few years ago that could last for days without charging.

Now we’ve been turned into a bunch of nomadic retarded carrying around phone chargers perpetually on our persons.




We prefer places depending on the amount of empty outlets or friendly strangers with a USB port.

The reason for this collapse in phone lifespans is because phones have improved dramatically.

Larger screens, faster processors and stronger radios reduce our poor batteries life.

The same problem afflicts just about every technology that relies on batteries, not only phones.




Even though storage media have gotten faster and denser they’re still far away from what we need.

In my ideal world files are always where they’re supposed to be.

What we do with files is crazy, almost primitive.

We keep emailing documents to ourselves, passing around drives or screaming obscenities at a spreadsheet with links to external files that don’t even exist.

I hope this is all going to be fixed by cloud technology but cloud technology is far from perfect and still has its own hurdles to overcome.

Cloud technology relies on our networks, the same networks that almost earned a place on this list I made.

As cool as cloud technology is, it will be awhile before consumers we can rely on it, which means we still have a few more years of drives and auto emails.




I find no world to describe how printers screw up my life.

With streaks, blotches, paper jams, beeps, grinding noises, error messages and ink levels constantly going down, printing has become one of the most challenging tasks you can put someone under.

Printers, unlike any other known technology, are as just as unreliable they were in 1995.

The software they include comes in a CD older as Earth itself so every time you buy a new printer you have to download new software.

And have you ever got one of those ‘Photo Quality Printer’?

‘Photo Quality’? Really?

Those printers are good for photo printing if you have to print one photo per year and you can spend the amount of ink worth enough to end world hunger.

I truly believe ink cartridges are made from unicorn blood.

If not I don’t find any reasonable explanation why are they so expensive.

And why printers ran out of the yellow ink first?

And why I cannot buy just the yellow ink?





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