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American woman uploads 8 million picture of her 2 day vacation on Facebook


An arduous forty days long work came to an end for Marie Rogerson last weekend as the 26 year old woman finally finished uploading the more than 8 million photos she took during her unforgettable two day vacation to Miami last summer.


The online album creatively labeled “Miami 2013!!!!!!!!” was  allegedly gathered from more than 15 terabytes of data spanning 960 16 gigabyte memory cards each of those carefully documenting the landmarks, food, drinks, streets, buildings, plants, animals, people, signage, hotels, museums, sports, modes of transport, weather, and miscellaneous that Rogerson encountered along the way.


Now Marie is ready to the best part of her vacation that is obviously publishing them on the internet so people all around the globe can get a little taste of what it was like to actually be there at the rich, fashionable and jet setting social Miami.


The album features a preponderance of images of the same subjects taken from multiple angles and distances and in several different camera modes.


From the Beach portion of the trip the collection includes 95.000 pictures of a street performer captured from every possible direction as he does a human statue act, 58.000 of Marie at various zoom settings holding up a glass of Daiquiri and 901.234 alternating grayscale and sepia tone shots of an outdoor bar which according to the first caption was ‘divineeeee’.






It took her a while to get the vacation pictures organized but she’ve finally gotten them all uploaded and added a caption for each one and everyone of them.

She used seven Canon PowerShot SX170 digital cameras but it was worth because now everything is available to visualize; the 350.000 shots of the South Beach Oceandrive taken at dusk from the roof of her hostel to the 220.000 of the row of cute Rolls-Royce cars parked on the sidewalk next door even the 1.2 million from the night she arrived and stayed at the Airport for dinner.


Going through all these photos brings back so many amazing memories said Marie who appears asleep on a night club in more than 840.000 photos.

It’s nice to think that now when it’s cold outside and I’m sitting here in my tiny cubicle I can look at the 978.000 pictures of the stairs outside our Motel and remember how much hot was there and how much fun you can have on vacation at a city like Miami.

I’m already thinking about my next trip probably to Georgia where I would be able to beat my own pictures record.

Although most of the 8 million photos are clearly legible the album contains hundreds of thousands that did not come out as intended many of which including those of street shopping centers taken while walking of pigeons in mid flight and of boats off in the distance as seen through humidity are either completely black flashes of pure white sunlight or blurred beyond recognition.




In addition the immense photo gallery features countless images of subjects blinking or looking in the wrong direction.

Oddly we noticed that there seemed to be only one picture of Bayside Miami.

Rogerson said she cherishes every single picture from her trip even the ones that aren’t perfect and she intentionally wanted to publish all of them because that how life is.

‘I don’t consider myself to be a professional photographer and I just took the 8 million pictures I thought were most interesting because I didn’t wanted to bother anyone with you know, too many’ Marie explained.

As of today, a month and a half after being uploaded the album had received a total of three likes and one comment.