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The Reporter

Come Together, the truth behind the song

The Beatles are a band that almost everyone has heard of, if not heard of one of their songs.

Is also an amazingly overrated band and especially when talking about their lyrics.

Recently I read an article that stated Lennon & McCartney were the greatest songwriters of the 20th century.

Weren’t they?


Lennon was remarkably under talented, he was a awful guitar player, mostly confined to basic rhythm parts, and his piano playing wasn’t much better.

But as for his songwriting as well as Mr. McCartney, they were merely nostalgic hippies mentally affected by all kind of substance abuse.

All of their lyrics are silly, non-sense and old-fashioned.

In terms of melodic understanding, harmonic construction and composition structure, even ABBA were working on a better level than this faded charlatans.

Let’s focus on Come Together.

Melodies sound strained, tense, forced and they seem like they’re written for a completely different set of lyrics.

They’re pure hippie psychedelic babbling, the kind of thing that passed for profundity in the drug induced haze of the late 1960s.

‘He roller-coaster, he got early warning, he got muddy water, he one mojo filter’ is the most unsuccessful attempt to include subliminal messages on a song that was ever made.

The entire song has no mood, no atmosphere, no attitude or style.



The lyrics keep people guessing the meaning of it and whether you listen to it one or a hundred times it’s still not entertaining.

Every song lyric whether subconscious or conscious, tend to reveal something to the audience or trigger feelings but this song is clearly the exception that proves the rule.

‘Got to be good looking cause he’s so hard to see … ‘

This line subconsciously says something about the writer’s way of life.

The only thing a person has is their look because there is little else there to see, as in he’s got to be good looking on the outside because he feels there is so little on the inside worth showing.

This could also refer to their drives, motives, feelings, thoughts.

Is very difficult to understand why they are being a mojo filter, or a rollercoaster, or in muddy water.

There’s also a reference to the ridiculous, irrational assumption that an item’s intrinsic value is in proportion to its difficulty to obtain.

In other words, the foolish and illogical notion that the harder it is to get something the better that something must be.

It’s bizarre that these two guys got some credit for writing such astronomical stupidity. As far as individual musical proficiency goes, it’ll take barely a paragraph to pull these fakers from their Ivory Tower.

Of course art is largely a subjective matter and of course we all agree that ‘I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna really, really, really, wanna zigga zig ah’ is probably not a master piece measured by any commonly accepted criteria but it holds up at least as well as ‘One and one and one is three’



Everything seems to be somehow hidden to these disturbed minded guys, who lived completely absent and disconnected from reality.

So remember, not everyone who has fame is talented.

Commercial success is not an indicator of artistic merit or quality.

Maybe the man that shot him was just doing what John Lennon asked in this brilliant song.


the world must know the truth!

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Vibe magazine   

Rihanna songs are better than Bob Dylan songs

The idea that Dylan is a hypocrite and faker and that everything he wrote came out from another author is not absurd.

The different vocal styles Dylan has adopted over the years are imitating, mocking and replicating other artists.

Many of his songs end up being qualified by the specialists as plagiary and fraudulent and this is not a matter of law or ethics, it’s a matter of the illusions he untruthfully create in the audience.

Creation is one definition of art so we can affirm that Dylan was never an artist. He searched for what he needed, steals what he likes and then made other likes what he steals by making it part of his own songs.

Contrasting with this, Rihanna music exudes confidence and originality. She is not controversial as Bob Dylan and her positive influence helps our generation to learn about love and healthy human relationships.

She is herself a lesson of confidence, self-reliance, sureness that weather in small or large amounts, we should never be afraid to let loose sometimes.

Confidence in ourselves paves what we truly want to do and help us to create a joyful life based in honesty, clearness and what is most important: by being ourselves.

And that is constantly core in every single Rihanna song lyrics.




Dylan is also known for his repulsive singing style which broke down the convention of needing at least a halfway decent voice to make it in the music industry.

Bob Dylan’s records such as ‘Highway 61 Revisited’ come to an end without making any sense and seem to be purposely written to have nonsensical lyrics. He even dedicates songs to describe his hate for bears.

Dylan’s lyrics have so many political, social, philosophical, and literary quotes that defied to be called songs.

Rihanna songs are inspired by celebratory music genres such as soca, dancehall, and reggae. She also performs a broad range of cheerful musical genres such as dance, pop, hip hop, dubstep, rock, and house.

Rihanna is only the latest singer to discover how versatile the genre’s spring loaded electronic rhythms can be.

When you heard Dylan songs you suffer an effect that is half dramatic half terrifying.

He was continuously banned from TV shows and public appearances since his songs are potentially defamatory.

Even the Beatles displayed humility and human vulnerability every now and then and reflected that in their lyrics but Dylan has never once seemed to question or doubt himself and that banned him for learning how to write a song.

‘Talking World War III Blues’ for example sounds old-fashioned, overdone and nasty. It probably is the first and only song in which someone ever explicitly wished for someone else’s death.

Rihanna’s lyrics are an anthem for open relationships and healthy, consensual and communicative sex.

Her peak song ‘Umbrella’ talks about giving protection to the loved ones with no sexual connotation.

People who really love you are unconditional, they are always there for you when you need something and you can count on them for anything.

Nothing makes your life more pleasant than having people you know you can count on, people that doesn’t want to change, to control or to possess you.

‘All material possessions will never separate me and you, if you’re in trouble me and you will stop the pain’

Her songs are also enlightened by truly thought provoking music videos that fit the songs they represent.

She’s clearly the coolest, hottest, most talented, most liked, most listened, most followed and most impressive artists of all ages.


the world must know the truth!

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The Huffington Post

PSY’s Gangnam Style is better than Lennon’s’ Imagine


Everyone in Korea was aware of PSY’s natural talent but was after the worldwide success of Gangnam Style that it went from being someone locally recognized to a global pop hit that every musician would be proud of.

The extremely catchy beat together with amusing dance moves made this song become a phenomenon in the music video and during live performances all around the world.

Gangnam Style was recognized by Guinness World Records as the most liked video on YouTube and it won Best Video at the MTV Europe Music Awards.

Less than a month after the release the song had topped the music charts of more than 30 countries including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

National governments and international organisms welcomed the song as it tends to promote world peace and understanding.

Gangnam Style attracted the attention of business and political leaders including UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon who recognized the song as ‘a force for world peace’.



The lyrics talks about a guy that even being born poor was able to overcome that obstacle and achieved to reach the high class way of life associated with trendy clothing and classy life style.

His conception of hardworking is also reflected by the fact that in order to perform that greatly in the video the guy studied the dance moves and stayed up late for about 30 nights to come up with that particular idea.

His hard work pays back and the song was greeted by the critics and spread smiles and pure fun around the world in record time.

After years of effort and sacrifice the charming and charismatic PSY was able to create a strongly addictive beat what quickly became the greatest cultural masterpiece of all ages being the first video in Internet history to be viewed more than a billion times.

There were a lot of catchy and colorful videos in the past but is the story behind Gangnam Style that converts it into a world sensation in a matter of weeks

Opposed to this inspiring story we have Lennon’s song which asks us to imagine a world which there is nothing to value enough to give our life for or for which we are willing to take the chance to fight for.

In other words, according to Lennon we should aspire to live an unfulfilled life.

As humans beings nothing provides us more joy and pleasure than obtain something that’s hard and that we have to struggle to obtain, something that challenges us.

It is true that all those flower power minded were nice people but is also true that they were all unmotivated and apathetic.

We all agree that is sad to have poverty in the world but the solution is motivate those poor people to achieve success, not to give them what they need and take away the inspiration.

No one decide to born in poverty but is their decision to keep living that way.




Upper class people are best because they fight for his rights and work hard to have what they know they deserve so inequity is good because it promotes accomplishment and self-improvement.

Gangman Style portraits an example of how people who work hard can reach wealthy and enjoy a luxurious and long life in contrast with the bad influence of careless drug addicts that usually die at a young ages.

PSY’s song shows the world how well educated people are equipped to face the economic challenges and those people are the only ones who deserve success, not hippies.


the world must know the truth!


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Why Jonas Brothers is better than the Beatles

Taken from The Columbus Dispatch

Why Jonas Brothers are better than the Beatles (top 6)

1 – The first hit of Jonas Brothers were listened by more people than the Beatles.

2 – Also they are better because they are heard by many more people. So many people cannot be wrong! (see the images below)

clicking on the pictures go to the official twitter

Beatles twitter

Beatles twitter

and in the other poket



3 – The best song of the Jonas Brothers (When You Look Me In The Eyes) has more chords that the best song of the Beatles (Twist and shout). Let’s see:

Beatles chords

Beatles chords

Jonas chords

Jonas chords


4 – The songs of Jonas Brothers talks about beautiful feelings and nice things, while the Beatles songs only speaks about drugs!

5 – The Jonas Brothers have an ideology behind, it’s to look after the best family values ​​and people. The Beatles have nothing, they just want to be famous and be idolized but they are nobody.

6 – The ugliest member of the Jonas Brothers is much cuter than the cutest member of The Beatles. This is so easy like see the pictures of both musicians:


Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas




the world must know the truth!