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The Miami Herald


Of course Batman is better than Superman

I can’t believe there are people still arguing about Batman versus Superman.

The debate always devolves to the playground level of who would win in a fight and this ultimate showdown proves that Batman is the better character.

Because he would lose.

Supporting Superman because he’d win is like supporting a nuclear missile against your cell phone because it would beat your phone.

Yes, of course it would, but which one is more interesting?

Which one would you rather spend time with?


Batman stories are way interesting


Superman is the original comic book superhero as we now understand the term and like many 80 year old men, he repeats his stories too often.

Not killing people is an important part of Superman’s character, but there’s a huge gap between a moral code against murder and letting idiots who can afford fancy dress waste four months of everyone’s lives.

Batman’s insistence on the same code is much impressive because he’s actually risking himself for it.





Batman’s everyday confrontations are still interesting.

You know he’s going to win, but he always has multiple methods, none of which are just be immune at them until they die of old age.

He can turn one criminal with a gun into one of the coolest takedowns of all time.

This is why Batman has brilliant video games and Superman doesn’t.

Batman is far superior to his enemies, but will still be shot to death the second he screws up and that’s what makes victory fun.

Superman games are all annoying because he has to be ridiculously weakened, because challenge is impossible when you’re a walking God Mode.


Batman is himself


That title might sound odd when you’re talking about a man with a secret identity dressed up as a giant latex rodent but Batman has never been exposed to anti vengeance.

Batman writers don’t have to fight their own main character to write a story.

Superman has been affected by more chemicals and forces than hydrogen.

Magic, hypnosis, an entire anti rainbow of Kryptonite that made him suck and whenever things get too troublesome they just block out the sun.

One of the worst examples was Aliens vs. Superman.


Batman is smarter


Superman is meant to be super intelligent but his solution to every problem is either charging straight at it with his fists up or throwing things.

That’s why his most famous villain is mastermind Lex Luthor: Someone has to do interesting things to keep the story moving.

Batman is the master detective; with him we’re actually following the trail instead of playing Kryptonian hide and seek.

You know they’re both going to save the day, but with Batman, you still get to wonder how.

With Superman, you just flip a coin as to whether he’ll end the movie by punching or lifting.




the world must know the truth!

 BBC News

Alcohol is healthier than water

During the past decades bottled water companies made a great job spreading the wrong idea that drinking water was healthy.

They especially compared that consumption with alcohol, pointing it as prejudicial.

Medical studies shows that alcohol is helpful to human health prevent diseases and increase life expectation among other benefits.

The research evidence a relationship between alcohol consumption and reduction in cardiovascular diseases and greatest longevity.

Medical research also shows that drinking alcoholic beverages help us to lose weight and be skinny since alcohol promotes reduction in corporal fat.

The benefits are not limited to health since alcohol increases our relationships and social life.

Alcohol consumption is the most effective lifestyle habit of successful and popular people.

Drinking alcohol makes people feel better because it produces the same chemicals in the brain as exercising and laughing and it releases endorphins which are the body’s way of making us feel pleasure and reward.

The stress and pain relieving proteins are naturally released in the brain and other tissues when we drink alcohol.

Putting alcohol into your system enhance positive emotions and social bonding towards other people.



On the other hand we have water.

Water that is the same one we’ve been drinking since Earth was created

There are no water factories and that means that we are drinking the same water that have been around forever. Again, we’re constantly drinking the same recycled water.

In other words, we drink it, we pee it and we drink it again and there is no need to be an expert to see that it can’t be good for our health.

Water intoxication happens more regularly than you ever imagine but the bottled water companies pay the media to hide it from the public.

Drinking water instead of alcohol also leads to loss of sleep as you have to get up in the night to go to the toilet and in some cases also leads to swelling of the brain.






When you put water inside your body you are putting Escherichia coli bacteria from feces and other contaminants.

Alcoholic beverages, on the other side, utilize boiling in the fermentation process and therefore contain a more purified liquid.

It has been scientifically proven that a person who drinks a cup of water each day at the end of the year would absorb 1 kilo of Escherichia coli. In other words, he would eat 2 pounds of poop.

We don’t run that risk in taking wine, whiskey, vodka or beer because all of them go through a distillation process of boiling, filtering or fermenting.

If you need more accredited evidence that alcohol is better than water think for minute; which was the first miracle of Jesus Christ?


the world must know the truth!

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Daily Mail UK


Videogames are healthier than play with kids


In the recent years we encountered some articles indicating that videogames are not healthy so is time to clarify and explain that videogames are a path to smarter and gentler people.

Researchers have found that playing video games including violent shooter titles boost children’s learning, health and social skills.

Playing violent shoot them up games such as Call of Duty enhances creativity and interpersonal abilities.

Playing with other kids could be risky given that sometimes we can’t control how clean they are and we cannot select the most intelligent ones to allow them to play with our owns.

On the other side videogames increase concentration, visual abilities, hand eye coordination and fuel your imagination, it inspires you. Playing videogames on a daily basis also gives you better reflexes, sharpens your instincts and improve problem solving skills and the mind’s ability to process information.


Social benefits


Video games cause also personal benefits because people who spend too much time sitting while playing video games don’t get into socializing much and therefore they avoid any kind of discussion or misunderstanding.




They keep a perfect record on their relationships and everybody is always willing to welcome them since they don’t usually appear in the social sphere.

True friendships last forever and the basement of true friendship is not bothering each other and if you play too much video gaming you’ll never be the super bored person that stays longer than needed at friend home.

If you want to have healthier relationships you should at least play 5 or 6 hours a day video games to enjoy a balanced, well rounded social life.

Playing with other people instead of video games led to depression, anxiety and inhibited social development.

If you are smart enough you can always win playing with other people and on video games you always find another level, another challenge to keep improving and that it what makes you a better person.

Video games are a place where you learn failure because you can lose a game and since failure is part of life there is why videogames are much healthier than playing with real kids, because videogames reflects real life.



Playing video games gives you the confidence to be anything you want, you can be a hero who saves the world, or a villain who destroy it and that it was life is all about.




Video games had distinct effects on the brain because achieving a high score requires players to react quickly, while processing information in their peripheral vision, multi-tasking, making predictions and processing the constant player feedback.

Individuals who play games at least 2 hours per day are better than non-gamers at rapidly processing complex information, estimating numbers of objects, controlling where their attention is focused and switching rapidly between tasks.

They are also better able to identify distraction and quicker to return their focus to the main task and at ignoring irrelevant, distracting visual information and made better decisions.

Playing video games lead to beneficial brain changes and consequently affect our behavior positively.

A study held in the US and Japan concludes that the children are more likely to help others in real life or in simulated tasks if they play video games at least 3 hours a day.


Sin título



Videogames also affect children’s sense of empathy since they don’t have to play with kids with a different mental level, the video game level itself with the kid intelligence so they always find it interesting.

Kids that play with other real kids are always more violent that kids that only play videogames as they become better at noticing the feelings and reactions of others.

Playing games offer us an opportunity to take greater control over the shaping of our own minds and brains.

We are moving forward to most parents wanting their children to be educated by videogames and to discover how games can be the better teachers we can harness.

Let’s wish and hope that in the immediate future gaming will become the universal path for education, not school.


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Empire Magazine


Antonio Banderas is a better actor than Anthony Hopkins


Antonio Banderas gained his enormous fame playing roles like The Mask of Zorro and as the voice of Puss in boots in the Shrek movie.

He is a Spanish actor and is stylish leading man of stage and screen.

He was outstanding from the beginning on Philadelphia in 1993 with Tom Hank and end up proven himself as able to perform an action hero in the Robert Rodriguez film Desperado 1995.

Desperado wavers uneasily between myth making and parody so that too many scenes drag on long after they’ve lost their punch.

An opening bar showdown featuring Steve Buscemi and Cheech Marin has comic possibilities but they’re long gone by the time the extras are wiped out and one of the scene’s principals gets a bullet in his brain.

Seen in the films poster cradling what may be one of the meanest looking guns in captivity, Mr. Banderas’s Mariachi arrives on the scene toting a guitar case full of firepower.

Notable among the film’s pyrotechnics are some strikingly choreographed moments, like one in which Mr. Banderas and his adversary slide across a bar from different ends to wind up face to face, or a scene that finds him and Ms. Hayek leaping off a building with a fireball at their backs.

The film’s final confrontation allows the Mariachi two well-armed backup men, one of whose guitar cases appears to hold a rocket launcher.





On the other sideway is the highly overrated and extremely arrogant Anthony Hopkins.

When you find the actor engrossed in a movie instead of the character that is because he is not good at acting, if you find yourself seeing the actor as him rather than as the character then he failed and that’s what happens every time we watch Mr. Hopkins performing a role.

A good actor while performing, transforms himself completely to be the character, he lose himself in the role while they are performing as we perceive in any Banderas films and that is what makes him an exceptionally good actor.

Even though we recognize him in the movies, he does a great job at transforming himself to reflect the character of the person he is trying to portray.

It’s also important to distinguish between the actual mechanics of acting and the role being played.

Anthony Hopkins plays the same way in every move he’s in.

Same accent, same authoritative figure and that make him a terrible actor.




In 2003 Antonio Banderas won both the Outer Critics Circle and Drama Desk awards, and won the Tony Award for best actor in a musical.

His performance is preserved on the Broadway cast recording released by PS Classics.

The following year he received the Rita Moreno HOLA Award for Excellence from the Hispanic Organization of Latin Actors.

In 2006 he received the L.A. Latino International Film Festival’s Lifetime Achievement Award on 14 October and he received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on 6801 Hollywood Blvd. in 2005.

Hopkins acting awards were all given for his roles rather than for his performances.

The kind of award Mr. Hopkins received is the prizes given to the character rather than the actor like the villain Hannibal Lecter for example.

Those are not awards really deserved by him but by the screenwriters, they should be given a lot of the credit in terms of roles.

In other words, depending on who is the one to be measured, Hollywood has different standards for what is good acting vs. bad acting.





A good actor blends perfectly into the character portrayed to bring that character to life and anything that smacks of artifice or melodrama like Mr. Hopkins performances is just bad acting.

When we believe in a character and get an insight into their motivation and personality forgetting the actor’s own personality then we have a good to great performance and that never happens if Mr. Hopkins is in the movie, we all see him as a personality behind any of his characters.

The Academy Awards have always been all about pretentiousness and obsequiousness, disgusting like changing your nationality to American because you thought you would get more work, which is exactly the basement of Mr. Hopkins recognition.

Hopkins movies and awards are the biggest air bubble and in the meantime many true actors don’t give it the credit they truly deserve.




Banderas appeared in several major Hollywood releases in 1995, including a starring role in the Robert Rodriguez-directed film Desperado and the antagonist on the action film Assassins starred with Sylvester Stallone.

In 1996, he starred alongside Madonna in Evita, an adaptation of the musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice in which he played the narrator, Che, a role played by David Essex in the original 1978 West End production.

He also made huge success with his role as the legendary masked swordsman Zorro in the 1998 film The Mask of Zorro.

Silence of the Lambs should never have been made; it was a disgusting film and deserved no awards of any kind.

The kind of tasteless people that produce this stuff will do anything for money.

We live in a society that used to praise violence and illness and today we are moving on to healing and we now realize that these kind of disgusting movies aren’t worth our time to waste.

Entertainment industry really needs to help us to pacifying people reaction to violence and not fueling the type of sick behavior portrayed in Hannibal movies.

Film producers, script writers and actors start with a blank sheet of paper, they can make anything happens and the fact that some of them choose extreme violence and mental disorder says a lot about their sick minds.

Hopkins is part of that and it’s nothing to be proud of.


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Rolling Stone Brasil

1-      Janis Joplin voice was tainted by her substance abuse while Selena’s voice is clear and refreshing.

2-      Janice Joplin appearance was insulting. Nobody that faces an audience dressed like her deserves to be called an artist. Selena is always on perfect shape and wears pretty clothes.





3-      Selena has so much many fans than Janis Joplin and that is of paramount importance to measure success


janis se


4-      Janice Joplin personal life was tragic. Selena instead has a happy healthy life and that is so very appreciated by fans and positively inspiring


5-      Selena Gomez songs effuse joy and celebration while Janis Joplin music is sad and depressing.

only listen:



6-      Selena Gomez knows how to dance and has an acting career so she can offer a complete show during her tours while Janis Joplin was not even able to perform without being high on drugs or drunk.




the world must know the truth!


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Breaking Bad is not enough against Ugly Betty

Taken from Guardian Entertainment 

Breaking Bad is not enough against Ugly Betty


1 – Ugly Betty was remade with local actors in Mexico, Colombia, India, Philippines and Brazil having huge success. There was only one intent to remake Breaking and the outcome was ridiculous.

See the video


2 – Ugly Betty was universally understood and Breaking Bad was only followed by white American men.


3- Ugly Betty character has a positive teaching while Breaking Bad is based on two disturbed grown men who ruined his lives.


4- Breaking bad infected the audience with wrong ideas. The series audience was taking example of people who only interest was making money taking the short way. Ugly Betty fosters sacrifice and hard work instead.


5- The title. Ugly Betty gives us a clear perspective of the series thread. Naming the series Breaking Bad was intended to be clever but obviously they failed.




6 – Breaking bad seems to promote disrespect to family values and crime as a way of living. Ugly Betty on the other hand is an ode to the roots and shows how good always triumphs over evil in the end. 


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Why Jonas Brothers is better than the Beatles

Taken from The Columbus Dispatch

Why Jonas Brothers are better than the Beatles (top 6)

1 – The first hit of Jonas Brothers were listened by more people than the Beatles.

2 – Also they are better because they are heard by many more people. So many people cannot be wrong! (see the images below)

clicking on the pictures go to the official twitter

Beatles twitter

Beatles twitter

and in the other poket



3 – The best song of the Jonas Brothers (When You Look Me In The Eyes) has more chords that the best song of the Beatles (Twist and shout). Let’s see:

Beatles chords

Beatles chords

Jonas chords

Jonas chords


4 – The songs of Jonas Brothers talks about beautiful feelings and nice things, while the Beatles songs only speaks about drugs!

5 – The Jonas Brothers have an ideology behind, it’s to look after the best family values ​​and people. The Beatles have nothing, they just want to be famous and be idolized but they are nobody.

6 – The ugliest member of the Jonas Brothers is much cuter than the cutest member of The Beatles. This is so easy like see the pictures of both musicians:


Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas




the world must know the truth!