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Why everybody hates hipsters?


There is no other group that ever incites more blind hatred than hipsters.

The term arose in the 40’s to describe middle class whites acting like black musicians, now referred to as nerds.

The hipster rebels against social norms by paying way more attention to them than anyone else.

They were way better before they went mainstream and sold out.

Hipster is another one of those subcultures that is hard to nail down, just like emos have bitchiness and ghosts have scarring, hipsters can generally be identified by their completely unjustified arrogance.

While most well-adjusted members of society view music as an enjoyable addendum to life, perhaps a distraction or even a hobby, hipsters take music as a serious business.

Lacking of any other talent since a very young age they decided to exercise influence in the fields of listening to boring music and putting on ugly clothes.

Every normal person recognize these areas as something subjective and not worth giving much attention and this is why hipsters win every single argument on those matters.

The reason is very simple: they’re the only ones who care enough to notice what it’s going on about music or clothing.





If asked to define what it is to be a hipster the answers may be passion for obscure bands, obtuse fashion sense, cheapness masquerading as quirkiness and the most important quality; judging.

Hipsters judge items, activities, bands, companies, clothes, brands and above all, other people.

They don’t seem to realize that if someone is less savvy than you about something; it doesn’t mean you are a better person.

They are all the time making huge efforts to stay a step ahead of normal people.

It reflects deep personal weakness being all the time trying to follow the trending stuff instead of attempt to create something yourself.

I don’t think hipsters are cool at all, I thing not caring is cool.

Really cool people ignore the conventions of mainstream society, we’re rebels in a good way; we surround with good people and spread the charm everywhere we go without wearing any weirdo clothing or following every new band that comes out.

Everything about hipsters is constructed to pretend they don’t care; they care a lot about the way they look to make sure they end up looking like they don’t care.

That continuous effort on wearing rainbow shirts, listening new bands, reading twisted books and watching weirdo short movies ends up being mainstream.

But let admit something important, there is one positive aspect about hipsters, right?

Yes, they’re a big joke and we all enjoy watching them.



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