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Backstreet Boys are a legendary band. Nirvana is not

Let’s start by expose that inspired on the success of this boys band there were various producers who created bands such as New Kids on the Block, ‘N Sync and Jonas Brothers.


There is no music group that ever claimed to be created inspired on Nirvana


Beyond the merely musical performance, the Backstreet boys have been involved in activities such as charity, politics and social work. They clearly are an example to live by contrasted with the fact that Nirvana leader killed himself.


Vocally speaking there is an outstanding difference.

Backstreet boys have their own musical style and performing grace and are great songwriters.


Kurt Cobain declares that his only hunch was to imitate the Beatles sound and unfortunately he dies before reaching that wish.


Another strong point is the Cover art of each band. Let’s the images talk.




And why on earth would anybody threats a baby life in a pool for an art like this?

Let’s finish by stating that the Backstreet Boys are nowadays an active band which reflects the creative power that this amazing group possesses and why they were, they are and they will be remembered always as a music legend.


the world must know the truth!