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Gangnam Style was a mind control study


When you think about the future probably imagine a few zombie outbreaks.

Well, according to Gangnam Style mind control study, that’s not the scary part.

The song and the video were created with a language worked much differently from our known languages.

They’re composed of short, simple syllables, which intellectual listeners would find primitive and completely unintelligible.

The melody interacts with the human brain in an almost programmatic fashion.

That was the first step towards train us all, Gangnam Style listeners, to follow specific orders.

Is like a modern chant to instruct the populace to bring in the harvest, or make leather goods, or whatever it needs to be done.

This type of viral video posed an incredible risk and left us all vulnerable to linguistic viruses capable of reprogramming our brains.

This vulnerability still persists after the video popularity disappears.

Every time we listen to that series of short syllables we immediately start to ride imaginary horses.

You are probably thinking that is not the music but the dance that is addictive.

Well, it turns out that this programming effect could be embedded in visual images also.

Let’s check it.




Are you with me now?

Psy is a linguistic hacker.

His masterpiece Gangnam Style is the music equivalent of plague.

It has reprogrammed our brains at a deep subconscious level to make us ride imaginary horses.

And the most remarkable thing about this is that this guy hasn’t used this incredible power for something sinister.

He’s a white glove hacker, a joker.




the world must know the truth!



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 The Hollywood Reporter 


Movies control your life


A couple of years ago there was a shooting during a Batman movie and the killer owned a Batman mask and called himself The Joker.

And we’ve seen that kind of movie triggered episodes repeatedly.

We always read that movie producers explain that those people are already crazy and that movies can’t influence people to do anything because the audience knows how to separate fact from fiction.

Well, they are wrong; we do not know how to separate fact from fiction.

When you watch a movie based on historical events, can you tell which parts was fiction and which ones reality?

You don’t know, do you?

What is real is that after Top Gun, Navy aviator recruitment rise 500 percent and also that the number of kids taking martial arts classes exploded after The Karate Kid.





Every single movie story was invented to control you.

That’s why superhero movies are so popular, because they were created as a way to teach you how to behave.

This is why stories were invented, to shape your brain in a certain way.

In a society, the people, the buildings and the roads are the hardware, movies is the software.

A clear example is Michael Bay.

He feels a certain way about women, and about the role of women in the world, and you will leave his movie agreeing with him just a little bit more than when you came in.

If you ever been arrested you know that nothing is like what we see in the movies because we don’t have criminal classes at school.

Everything you know about the criminal justice system came from actors on a glowing rectangular screen.

That’s why movies are so effective at shaping your personality, because you subconsciously assumed that large parts of these fictional stories weren’t fiction.

Fictional stories shaped your entire world.

You will reject this idea because you hate the thought that anyone but you has made you who you are.

But the truth is that you will spend your whole life trying to make your world look like what you’ve learn from movies.

Your expectations of how your life should look like are programmed by movies.

Expectations are crucial in your life and you’re handing them over to Michael Bay.




the world must know the truth!


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Guns save lives

 The Dallas Morning News 

Guns save lives


Seems to be popular these days to declare that guns are dangerous but that is not true.

Thousands of families are being robbed and murdered every year inside their homes and that is the real danger. We all have the right to be safe.

Honest families should have the right to protect themselves from the immorality of this world.

It’s just a matter of common sense that if there is a chance to receive an aggression then every man should bear his own gun to neutralize that chance.

Humans were not created to live in fear. Also we were not created to suffer so if we feel some kind of pain that same gun would help us to end it.


All those lefties who have never being attacked or robbed because they don’t even have anything worth to steal are the ones deciding what is best for us and that is clearly wrong.

Why should some French mannered politician tell you if you can or cannot own guns, why would they tell you if you can or cannot defend yourself?




If you don’t want to defend yourself you can choose that but if you are smart enough to want to protect yourself no one should tell you if you can or cannot do it.

Picture the following scenario; one of those poor drug addicts’ maniacs broke in the peace of your perfect home and you don’t have a gun because some effeminate understood that that would be beneficiary for you, would you be safe? I don’t think so.

Guns empower good people to protect themselves and their families.

How many Nazis could the Jews have taken out if they weren’t defenseless? Guns are our protection against the evil in the world.




If literally everyone had a gun criminals would almost certainly think more than twice about break into a home trying to steal, rape or murder.

Statistics shows that 98% of robbers say they wouldn’t go into a home if they knew someone in there was armed and that speaks for itself.

Guns save more lives than they take and prevent more injuries than they inflict

Guns are used 2.5 million times a year in self-defense and 200.000 women use a gun every year to defend themselves against sexual abuse.


the world must know the truth!