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You are not trendy, you are sick


There was a time in history where people didn’t want to have diseases.

In the past it was considered cool to be healthy.

Now time has changed and being normal is a label for people to make fun of.




Asperger’s is a type of autism.

It’s a lifelong challenge for people who have it and also a great opportunity for lazy people with bad social skills to excuse themselves.




Asperger’s needs to be diagnosed by a doctor but today there are lots of people that just Google

their awkward manners and auto diagnose with it.

They self-indulge that way.

Being unsocial is not their fault anymore, they are sick now.

No one can blame you and tell you how rude you are because poor thing, you have a condition.

Also, since there is no cure for Asperger’s people can’t make you do anything about it.




Bipolar disorder is a serial mental illness but for some reason today anyone with mood swings self-diagnose with it.

Sometimes I’m happy and sometimes I’m sad, I’m bipolar.

Dude, you are not bipolar, you just need to exercise some self-control like we all do.

Of course it is easier to say you’re bipolar so people will give you sympathy and pity because your struggles are way beyond what normal people have to go through.

They’ll also encourage you to seek professional help, but you won’t go because if you go to see a therapist he will tell you that you are not bipolar and as the rest of humanity you just need to manage your emotions.

Yes, every single person sometimes is happy and sometimes is sad.


Gluten Intolerance


All of the sudden, it seems like nobody can tolerate gluten anymore.

Apparently since a couple of years, gluten becomes some kind of horrible poison.

Every single food is now being served in a gluten-free version.

The real fact is that gluten can give diarrhea to less than one percent of the population who have celiac disease.

Beyond people with celiac disease, gluten won’t give you anything.

But it seems to be so trendy say ‘I can’t eat gluten’ that suddenly millions of people discover they are intolerant to it.

Maybe you can try removing gluten from your diets to prevent symptoms of other diseases, like Asperger’s.




the world must know the truth!


Cool people do Meth

Some of you read about how meth must be some bad habit but the results in users are pretty awesome.

I live in an environment where meth is the common hobby.

Most people around me do meth so I have a great insight about it wonderful side effects.




Let’s say that somebody is socially awkward, the kind of person who couldn’t bring to say ‘hello’ around a group of unknown people.

Meth changes all that, it eliminates shyness.




And people love being around a person who speak off and fills in every millisecond of silence with rapidly spoken words.

Today for example my friend Bill talked to me about the movie Frozen for three and a half hours.

The movie itself is 98 minutes so it would have actually been more efficient for him to perform the movie for me.




Doing meth turns you into almost a chemical engineer.

To do meth you don’t have to depend on Colombia or even try to find illegal plants to cultivate.

You can make it at home.

The line between user and producer doesn’t exist.

Another great result of meth use is the knowledge you gain in chemicals.


Body shape


Losing weight was never so easy.

Meth is a truly weight-loss substance.

The secret is that it gives you an unnatural amount of energy so on top of the metabolism being skyrocketed into deity level, everything you do is performed three times faster than normal.

Since it produces so much energy, the body thinks that it’s been fed, so it stops sending out those annoying signals telling you to eat.

Methamphetamines cause fat to rapidly eliminate from the body.

Yeah. If you want to be sexy and skinny, you know what to do.





the world must know the truth!


The Los Angeles Times


What’s wrong with DiCaprio?

It took me almost two days recovering from Leonardo DiCaprio not winning the Oscar.

I’ve seen the ceremony three times already and I can’t believe he didn’t.

And the worse thing is that he’s probably not going to win it any time soon unless he becomes a different kind of actor, a much less cool one.

I don’t understand why cool actors usually don’t win the Oscars.

Movies are made for us to go and stare at cool people for hours, movies have been good to cool, and cool has been good to the movies.

So why is it that so few of the cool actors have ever won the Academy Award for best actor?

Let me exemplify: Johnny Depp, Robert Downey Jr, Harrison Ford, Steve McQueen, Samuel L. Jackson, Gary Oldman, Tom Cruise, Cary Grant, Richard Burton and James Dean.

I don’t understand why being cool mean that an actor will struggle to win the Academy Award for best actor.

Maybe the reason is that cool people doesn’t invite you to share his position.

Cool people invite admiration, envy, desire, much more than empathy.

For an actor being cool means that they leave you wondering what it would be like to be them, without ever imagining that you could.



On the other end we have the clear model of a not cool actor: Tom Hanks.

Tom Hanks almost invites you to share his position.

He communicate exactly what it would be like to the character he is playing, which is why he has succeeded so much at the Oscars.

He has been nominated five times for best actor and won it twice.

The more cool an actor’s style and roles are, the less likely he is to win.

DiCaprio certainly has plenty to say in The Wolf of Wall Street.

We find out everything we need to know about DiCaprio’s performance early in the movie when Belfort takes a job selling penny stocks.

He did great but still creates an audience to this performance not an audience to share Belfort.

That’s the point, Ejiofor’s and McConaughey’s performances invite the audience to share the positions of characters that have almost never been seen on screen.

Ejiofor performance demands we see the world of slavery through the character’s eyes.

McConaughey puts more of his emotions on the screen even than Ejiofor, he lets the audience share all his rage, grief, and fear.

Today McConaughey is no longer a cool guy and that’s why he won the Oscar for best actor.




the world must know the truth!