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Over the Rainbow song meaning


We all agree that Over the Rainbow has great orchestral arrangements and listen to it makes us feel calm and relaxed but the history behind this song is very interesting.

It was written in 1939 by E.Y. Harburg, a rich Satanist who worked with the secret societies and who controlled the Monarch Programming Church.

The symbolism of the lyrics was carefully chosen to be the basis for the satanic intelligence community’s mind control programming.

The initial verse ‘Somewhere over the rainbow way up high and the dreams that you dreamed of once in a lullaby’ is clearly full of satanic thinking and occult words use.

The message of the song is that we must rely upon ourselves for we alone have the power to save ourselves and that was the original lie of Satan in the garden.

Satan simply dressed up different and distributes his message in the most up to date way possible.

The second verse mention ‘Blue birds fly’.

The word fly originally was the Latin word flyn which means both a circle or the coil of a snake; in other words, the Devil.

And then ‘trees of green and red roses too’ is a reference to the symbolic colors that define the inverted triangle.



Rainbows are also associated with terrorist attacks planned by Satan together with Muslims.

The song reflects the basis of Satan’s Islam followers who nowadays commands the world.

We are 75 years away from the song creation and it’s still being sold and listening by children who are being programmed with total mind control as expected from them back in 1939.

American corporations are also instructed to use the song as background in every single presentation, meeting or employee get-together party.

They do it with the excuse of a training presentation, a new company policy instructive or even a social gathering photo showing.



The brilliant minds of Yoga and New Age also adopted rainbow symbols without realizing that they are building a bridge between Lucifer and mankind.

Part of the mind set of Satanism is that reality and fantasy become blurred as when we look straight at a rainbow.

This blurring has been part of the brainwashing that is being systematically given to American children at school when they made them create their own circular paper rainbow and watch the colors turn around until they seem to be all white.

Satan slaves have an incredibly difficult time trying to differentiate between reality and fantasy because of all the mind programming they have been subjected too.

If you don’t think some of this is true is because you are also being trained as many of us.

Why you think Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are together? And what happens with Madonna’s Super Bowl halftime show? Why did Whitney Houston die?

The answer is simple, because Satan is all around us and secret conspiracies are everywhere.


the world must know the truth!