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Happiest place on earth my snow white ass


According to his slogan Disneyland is the happiest place on Earth.

That description may fit for some specific kids and a few teenagers that go there completely boozed but for the rest of us, everything about Disneyland is a pain.




Epcot is like experiencing the different cultures of the world but without the culture part.

If you visited Magic Kingdom you probably remember Epcot as the one with all the weird educational rides that teach you nothing.

Epcot is also the only theme park with alcohol so I recommend you to leave it for the last day of vacations.





Every bathroom you enter at Epcot is packed of passed out people so they start littering the bushes and trees and dropping in the street.

At Epcot there is also the Mission Space, a highest speed attraction.

Mission Space is like a big centrifuge ride so given the alcohol element already described, it is very likely that you will end up wearing some dude’s lunch for the rest of the day.




The regular Disney costume is made of wool and polyester.

Given that the average temperature in Florida is 95°F (35°C) being all day long hugging those huge stuffed animals is something any kid would like to avoid.

Not even to mention being the guy wearing them.

All those sleeping princesses you see walking by while waiting for a ride, they aren’t waiting for a kiss, they have heat exhaustion.

The character costumes are also heavy, they cover all their bodies and they absorb the previous employee transpiration so they even smell like hell.




In general, there seems to be a weird desire by visitors to debunk the idea of Disney characters.

They are always trying to unveil the person behind the costume or catching Mickey eating at a restaurant while another Mickey is marching in a parade.

And that’s so strange because it threaten their presumably fantastic vacation.

They spend thousands of dollars to visit a magic place and when they are there the only thing they want is try to ruin that magic.

It is for the sake of your trip that they are preserving the magic.




the world must know the truth!

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    Fox News     

Dylan Sprouse nude photos leak


The words ‘Disney’ and ‘Star’ seems to said enough about this kids but let’s analyze a little further.

They are almost all subjected to the kiddie casting couch by the nest of pedophiles known as Disney producers so it’s hardly surprising that they’re programmed to behave like hedonistic exhibitionists and grow up developing personality disorders.

We’ve seen them surfaced all over Disney as innocent children and then after growing up they’re shredding up Hollywood with one scandal after another.

And that is the result of the sick combination of the regular amount of free drugs celebrities get with all the attention from pedophiles that this kids receive just for being cute.

Adding those two ingredients you’ve got a recipe for one perverted person.

We all know that Hollywood is full of pedophiles, especially Disney and when you live surrounded by some kind of behavior you start to assimilate it and to reflect it in your personal life.

The number one problem in Hollywood was, is and always will be pedophilia and that seems to especially affects Disney children in the industry.

They are surrounded by pedophiles and they don’t even know it until they are old enough to realize that they were abused.

The trauma of pedophilia leads some young actors to suicide, others to abruptly end their career and most of them to abnormal behaviors.



Another reason for this kind of edgy conduct is that they don’t live life stages as regular people.

As human  beings we all rebels as teenagers and explore sex during that life stage so then after 20 year old we are mature enough to face daily life with a calm and relaxing perspective.

These kids are surrounded during their teen years by an entourage of people every single minute of their lives and that prevent them from living a normal life and experience what is healthy for a kid their age to experience.

As a logic result they react getting resentful and as soon as they have a bit of freedom they don’t know how to manage it.

When the little fame of Disney is gone this kids feel lonely and need to get the attention somehow.

Is because of people like Dylan Sprouse that our country is becoming a very dark place.




More than any other time in the history of America we need to have spirituality in our lives, we need to believe in a higher power and stay positive no matter what.

Dylan Sprouse spreads a message of sexual desire, lasciviousness and that is contrary to natural laws.

Taking selfies is always the first step towards seduction, premarital sex, adultery, unnatural vice and rape.

Watch any kind of nudity is a perversion and we must make every effort to eradicate this perversion from the media.

We have the obligation to protect our families and guard them, we have been created to reach happiness, happiness is found in God and lust is forbidden by God.

For the sake of this country we should immediately legislate on this matter and make this kind of pictures removed from the internet within seconds after leaked.


the world must know the truth!

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Rolling Stone Brasil

1-      Janis Joplin voice was tainted by her substance abuse while Selena’s voice is clear and refreshing.

2-      Janice Joplin appearance was insulting. Nobody that faces an audience dressed like her deserves to be called an artist. Selena is always on perfect shape and wears pretty clothes.





3-      Selena has so much many fans than Janis Joplin and that is of paramount importance to measure success


janis se


4-      Janice Joplin personal life was tragic. Selena instead has a happy healthy life and that is so very appreciated by fans and positively inspiring


5-      Selena Gomez songs effuse joy and celebration while Janis Joplin music is sad and depressing.

only listen:



6-      Selena Gomez knows how to dance and has an acting career so she can offer a complete show during her tours while Janis Joplin was not even able to perform without being high on drugs or drunk.




the world must know the truth!