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Benefits of having a mental disorder


Even though medicine evolves a lot we don’t really have an answer on why human brains go wrong the way they do.

Let me show you how what we call a disorder can be an advantage.


Obsessive compulsive disorder


Humanity might have been eaten by horror wolves a long time ago if it wasn’t for OCD.

OCD is a psychological immune system.

This disorder carries the stigma of being seen as washing your hands 10 times when you get home or organizing your clothes by color like a neurotic but it has aseptic benefits for humanity.





This people hold cleaning rituals that can be the difference between life and death.

An OCD sufferer acts like he’ll die if he doesn’t get every little thing in his immediate surroundings exactly right and in some cases that is absolutely true.

It is thought that the condition originated as an evolutionary warning system that kept our whole species alive by making certain early humans constantly worried about everyday stuff.

People who have OCD serve as a meaning to get us to stay away from icky things that pose a potential danger in the form of bacteria and parasites.


Attention deficit


Let’s use the best example: me.

Attention deficit make me write articles, make paintings, read books and learn new languages, just because I easily got bored.

Some people think that attention deficit is a disease but it only is a genetic condition.

A condition that has historically helped humanity.

As specie we need a wide variety of skills to survive.

We had to be a little bit of everything to be successful so is very useful to have a brain that likes to hop from task to task.

Great advancements happened because capable people got bored with the status quo.

We run the world!




Dyslexia is one of those disorders that make you wonder just who the hell designed the human brain.

It’s characterized by an inability to read despite normal intelligence.

The brain jumbling up characters like one of those captcha text boxes.

Dyslexia is also a symptom of a brain superpower.

Over 40 percent of successful people describe themselves as dyslexic, from Albert Einstein to Steven Spielberg have struggled with the condition.

People with dyslexia tend to be highly creative, artistic, intelligent and great at solving multidimensional problems.

Things may become tricky when it comes time to write the answer down.




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