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Ecology is very dangerous


This entire green trend we are facing seems not to be working as good as it supposed to.

We have to wonder if it’s all really worth it because some of the inventions we’re trying end up being totally unsafe.


Energy windows


Some people tried to be friendly to the environment and save on energy bills by installing e-windows meant to reflect the sun’s heat and keep the inside of your house cool.

They didn’t realize that in some cases they’ve turned the house into a giant death ray that melts the surroundings.

The e-windows have kind of a concave shape so they not only reflect the light out of your living room but focus it on whatever they’re facing, like a magnifying glass frying an ant.

And if your windows are aimed toward a neighbor’s house that happens to have vinyl siding, which most houses do, it can get more than hot enough to make it look like they sided their house with gummy bears.

As the number of melted houses continues to rise, siding manufacturers are starting to drop reflected sunlight damage from their warranty coverage, leaving homeowners to either foot the perpetual bills or living inside a Jackson Pollock art piece.


Waterless Urinals


Unlike traditional urinals, which use one to five gallons of water per flush, new waterless urinals use no water save for the occasional cleaning.

These urinals are getting installed in modern buildings around the world.

Imagine what pee looks like, imagine how it smells, now imagine it like, everywhere.

Soon we will be living and working inside a scene from The Shining, only instead of blood covered by pee.



 Solar panels


Solar panels are being used all around the world to turn sunlight into electricity without considering that the massive glare is literally blinding plane pilots.

Of course, airplanes being airplanes, they could always fly around the vast swath of nothingness like a Desert but that still doesn’t solve the whole area nearby the airports.


Natural fertilizers


Scientists affirm that if we process all the US waste we could eliminate the need for chemical fertilizers.

The raw materials in compost piles attract bacteria that turn it into plant food but since we can’t see them, we forget that they are alive, and any living, moving thing creates heat.

As more and more bacteria crowd together reproducing, they raise the core temperature of the pile.

Between 2009 and 2013 there were 6900 fires started by spontaneous combustion ignited by organic material.

That’s 6900 fires caused by people not wanting to mess with the icky stuff in the backyard.

While compost piles may be helping to make the world a cleaner place you’re now being exposed to bacteria empires who only desire is to see you burn.




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