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How to be polite to annoying people


Even though we chose the people we hang up with, sometimes we have to share some moments with annoying people.

Being in contact with this kind of people help us develop our internal virtues like strength, patience and serenity.

Even when they are clearly stupid we should always act classy.

It’s just a matter of practice and you will never fail into deliver perfection even when you are in front of a dull.

The very best thing you can choose to do is to not acknowledge them at all.

At the beginning it can be difficult but you just need to play some music in your head or think about something completely different than what they are talking.

If you listen to what they are saying to you they win.





After we master the art of faking we are ready to the next step.

Going a step further is even better.

When someone annoys us choose to be kind to them, of course you should not be their friend because it is necessary to keep distance from such individuals but you should do it with kindness and smiling.

If someone does something in front of you that shows their lack of humor, smile at them, not with a true smile of course but try your best to convince them they are funny.

Give them all the smiling you are able to so they will never find out they are stupid.

That would not stop them from behave ridiculous but would help you to improve your kindness and social skills.

After smiling you will like to add something to the conversation. A little comment that trigger more stupidity.

You don’t have to panic or try to make them shut, just relax and say something very vague.

This will get to them to reload the arguments and start all over again with the nonsense conversation.

After you master doing this, it is actually quite enjoyable to know that the best way to get under some people’s skin is to refuse to let them get under yours.



Always be cool.

You must keep your amazing attitude whoever you are with, do not allow the person behaving poorly to change that.

Your charming temperament will show your class and their lack thereof.

Let your actions speak for you, they speak louder than words anyway.

Most people will hang themselves if you give them enough rope.

Confidence can absolutely put out someone’s fire toward you, if they know they can’t get to you, what is the point of continuing to try; they may still dislike you from afar but you don’t care because you are superior.

Do not show that what they do bothers you, hang in there.

The best way to succeed in dealing with boring people is to be able to enjoy being sarcastic with them.

That is the opposite of what they expect from you so it’s worth doing it.

By watching you happily facing annoying people noisy comments and dully jokes, everyone will know that you are a winner.





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