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Nobody cares about you

Think one second about the guy that sits next to you at the office for 8 hours a day, five days a week and tell me, does he cares about you?

Humans are goddamned horrible at caring to one another.

This is never more ostensible than when we’re forced to talk.

When a friend or family member is down we use the same repetitive phrases somebody said to us in the past.

It is weird though that we already know that being the recipient of this generic kind of advices feels like crap but it’s like an automatism.

We can’t help, we see someone suffering and immediately activate the reservoir of stock replies that sound good but means nothing.

‘You have to believe in yourself’, ‘Everything happens for a reason’, ‘Try see the bright side’…

These help us as much as help pages on Windows.

The one I like the most is when a person trying to lose weight is told by her skinny friend ‘Well, you just have to eat less’


Don’t you think that person and the other 2.4 billion obese people on Earth have already tried that?

Obese people can give advice to obese people; addicts can give advice to addicts, no one else.

So if that’s not you, zip it.

Next time you hear the word ‘Just’ coming out of your mouth chew your tongue.




Another one that I love is ‘You have to cheer up’

There is nothing worse for anyone struggling that knowing everyone is going to bug.

In addition to already feeling like crap, you now have to hide it from everyone. 

Next time you see someone down try asking how things are going and maybe the person would talk about the problem and that would help him.

The belief that a normal human should be happy every waking moment is killing us.

It trains us to constantly seek little pleasures like video games, porn, food, weed and prevent us to think.

We consider being normal a permanent state of breezy distraction and that explains failure.

Success depends only on your ability to delay gratification.

The cheerfulness we should have is not the happiness of a healthy animal but the supernatural happiness that comes from knowing what is important for you.

What really matters is to have a clear idea of what we want and set our mind to it.

Another indicator that somebody doesn’t care about you is the following ‘You miss a hundred percent of the shots you don’t take’.

Clever, accurate, but let me explain you something.

The ‘taking risks’ lifestyle probably work for you, blond, male, successful business owner who lives in a beautiful neighborhood two houses away from your real parents.

But for me, a brunette woman, adopted by people who live sixteen thousands miles away; trust me, I don’t want to take any more risks.




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