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Bruno Mars is greater than Freddie Mercury


It’s more than deserved that Bruno Mars is the idol lauded by the media with every honor possible this days.

We of course go a little further and analyze the reasons why he is so much better than the prodigious Freddie Mercury.

It may appear a bit premature to give such credit to someone who entered public consciousness last year but evidence speaks for itself.

Bruno origins made his music so exclusive and inimitable.

His mixed origins from South America, Philippines and North American result in a unique cultural combination reflected on his music bendiness.

He performed with his family’s band since the age of 4.

Of course Freddie vocals were also great but Bruno voice is unique in his high tenor range and exceptional tone.

He possesses a soulful, emotive timbre that retains clarity as they navigate the scales.

Bruno also holds a natural talent for creating melodic hooks that penetrate your subconscious.

He creates new music by singing the sounds and he write and co-write prolifically.

He also drew from various musical styles like Jazz, Rock, Afro Funk and Reggae.

He adapted many refrains and chorus and embedded it into musical history.

Bruno’s Rock, Rap and Reggae influences are apparent in the Lazy song and Locked out of heaven that artistically surpasses any of Freddie creations.




Generosity is another characteristic that we have to point out when comparing these two artists.

A star player knows how to puts team success first without overshadow anybody.

Listen any song where Freddie Mercury participates and tell me whose part stands out.

Then check out Bruno’s role on Billionaire with Travie McCoy, on Nothing on you with B.o.B. or on Lighters with Bad Meets Evil and Eminem and tell me what you think.

Bruno also co-wrote Flo-Rida’s Right Round, Cee-Lo’s Fuck You and songs for stars like Sean Kingston and Adam Levine without outshine them.

While Mercury was only followed by rock listeners, Mars has wide cross-genre appeal.

Again, let’s remember that we are comparing 29 years of career against less than 5.

Five years, time enough for Bruno to be nominated for 113 major awards, including 12 Grammy’s and nine Teen Choice Awards.

Bruno sold more than five million albums and 45 million singles worldwide in his first career year.

His debut album Doo-Wops & Hooligans went to number 1 in 2010 selling six million copies globally.

His first three singles went to number 1 in UK.

And btw, did Freddy Mercury performed at the Super Bowl?




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