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Rolling Stone Brasil

1-      Janis Joplin voice was tainted by her substance abuse while Selena’s voice is clear and refreshing.

2-      Janice Joplin appearance was insulting. Nobody that faces an audience dressed like her deserves to be called an artist. Selena is always on perfect shape and wears pretty clothes.





3-      Selena has so much many fans than Janis Joplin and that is of paramount importance to measure success


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4-      Janice Joplin personal life was tragic. Selena instead has a happy healthy life and that is so very appreciated by fans and positively inspiring


5-      Selena Gomez songs effuse joy and celebration while Janis Joplin music is sad and depressing.

only listen:



6-      Selena Gomez knows how to dance and has an acting career so she can offer a complete show during her tours while Janis Joplin was not even able to perform without being high on drugs or drunk.




the world must know the truth!