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One direction is a better band than Radiohead

Despite the pure talent every of the members of One Direction embrace the more remarkable feature of this band is probably their confidence, fun attitude and fearless behavior.

One Direction’s debut single ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ reached number one on the UK Singles Chart after becoming the most pre ordered single in history and became the first band to have their first three albums debut at no 1 in the US.

Additionally, the album was a global success selling 1.2 million units in its debut week and becoming the fastest selling album of 2013.

One Direction’s first studio album ‘Up All Night’ became the UK’s fastest selling debut album and topped the charts in sixteen countries.

The album bowed atop the US Billboard 200 chart making One Direction the first British group in US chart history to enter at number one with their debut album.

They were even included in the Guinness World Records as a result.

Their album demonstrates originality, fresh sounds and music revitalization.

Radiohead sound is fatiguing, mostly because of the singer’s voice but also because they just sound tedious and nostalgic. They play that kind of clowned grunge music who denigrates virtuosity and beauty.





One Direction have supported many charities and foundations including Alzheimer’s Association, Comic Relief, Greenpeace, Mines Advisory Group, Sport Relief and Trekstock.

As part of their involvement with the UK philanthropy the band travelled to Ghana to volunteer at a children’s hospital, visit a school and make donations.

Their first stadium performance the ‘Where We Are Tour’ is set to start in April 2014 and for that they will donate £200.000 of the tour’s ticket sales to the Stand Up to Cancer charity.

They also have an endorsement with Home Depot and a portion of the proceeds from the alliance would go toward an anti bullying educational programs intended to promote kinder behavior in schools.

As of today the campaign has raised over one million dollars.



One Direction lyricism speaks of love, the uniqueness of each of us, friendship commitment, and sharing life with those friends who are always there for us.

On Radiohead songs they preach separation, being lonely or even being misunderstood and misjudged.

That awful and selfish vision also manifests into their career, they were and they are heartlessly commercial and avaricious.

Radiohead perpetual midtempo stateliness are disturbing and ridiculous.

The concept behind their melodies is the negative depersonalizing effect of technology and globalization.

Listen to Radiohead it feels like you are on the internet reading debates about how harmful the internet is.

Their albums talk about alien abductions, vehicular catastrophes, terrifying events and dangers of travelling.

And that’s not supposed to be the reason why someone listens to a band; we don’t look for music to find a feeling of sorrow and inevitability.

That’s what pain and death are for.


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