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Chicago Sun Times


Illegal drugs are great for our health


Whether you go out every weekend or just occasionally, you know how social drugs are seeing as something prejudicial.

However, just like Darth Vader, some of them aren’t as bad as they seem.

Sometimes illegal drugs help people in ways you might not even imagine.


Cocaine treats wounds


Next time you cut yourself just rub cocaine on it.

Wait, What?

Yes, many doctors recommend using cocaine on wounds.

Cocaine has a couple of important properties that make it a valuable tool for treating lacerations.

First, it is an effective local anesthetic and secondly, cocaine is very effective at restricting bleeding, or even stopping it completely.

Cocaine is a vasoconstrictor so narrows blood vessels, the smaller a blood vessel gets, the less you bleed.


LSD cure alcoholism


Recent clinical studies show that for alcoholic addicts staying away from alcohol is dramatically easier if they use LDS during rehab.

The research was made with 500 participants based on administering a single dose of acid to recovering alcoholics.




The LSD made the patients feel more confident, happy and satisfied with their lives, decreasing the feelings that led most of them to abuse alcohol in the first place.

The effects lasted for about six months, at which point the patients were able to return to transition into sobriety.


Ecstasy cure post traumatic disorders


Post traumatic disorders are common among soldiers back from war.

People with post traumatic disorders suffer flashbacks and have difficulties to sleep at night.

Ecstasy has been shown to help treat people with post traumatic disorders because it releases large amounts of the chemicals serotonin and oxytocin in the brain.

Those chemicals make the person relaxed and less stressed.

Ecstasy also allows sufferers to release the pain of memories by activating the area of the brain responsible for controlling fear and stress.


Meth helps obesity


All over the United States doctors prescribe methamphetamine to fight obesity.

They are giving obese people Desoxyn, the purest form of meth, for fast short-term weight loss.

It’s only prescribed as a short-term treatment for obvious reasons and its treatments are very successful.

Dosage needs to be controlled by a medical professional who can monitor the results.

In general we recommend you not to attempt to self medicate with the kind of substance your friends bought Friday night before going out.





the world must know the truth!

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Chicago Tribune


Everything you know about drugs if false

Since we are kids we hear things like ‘Drugs are bad’, ‘Drugs leads to death’ and many other fallacious statements that as we grow up we assume are true.

More than any other topic which opinions vary so widely, much of what you’ve been told is utterly wrong and there are too many myths in need of busting.

LSD makes you go insane

‘If you use too much LSD you’ll become insane’, ‘LSD makes you feel like the laws of physics don’t apply to you’…

The reality is that there’s no scientific proof that any mental disorder can be diagnosed based on past drug use.

Also, in a 1960 study, LSD was given to 2000 people and not even one of them exhibited any form of psychotic behavior.

Scientists hypothesized that LSD not only doesn’t cause any mental illness but also help cure some of them.

The only insanity caused by LSD consumption is to free from inhibitions and to feel relaxed and we all know that totally socially accepted substances cause the exact same symptoms.

Alcohol actually causes psychotic behavior much more widely than LSD.

Natural medication is good

Next time you listen some smelly hippie supporting this, don’t believe him.

There is always an untidy crafts maker willing to give you some plants and mushrooms that grow from Mother Earth with the excuse that is so much better to use natural medicines than chemical ones.

Well, that’s incorrect.

Natural is not a synonym of good, on the contrary natural substances are the most risky and highly addictive and can easily kill you.

Pharmaceutical medicines, fabricated under strict quality controls instead, are safer.

Just because an element is natural, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s any safer and when referring to drugs, it’s quite the opposite.



Angel dust can make you violent

Research shows that PCP does not in fact cause users to exhibit violent behavior at all.

It is true that PCP changes your perceptions and it anesthetizes you against feeling pain but that it’s much like alcohol which actually has in fact been shown to cause aggression sometimes.

Cocaine during pregnancy cause baby damages

Although prenatal cocaine exposure may increase the chances of a premature birth, it turns out that most children born as crack babies aren’t mentally distinguishable from other children.

Much like your average Internet user, they do tend to display short attention spans, but there were no significant effects on their intelligence or classroom behavior.

To put all this into perspective, other vices are just as or even more damaging to babies than crack.

For example prenatal alcohol exposure causes cognitive impairment, learning disabilities, and behavioral disorders.

We’re not encouraging people to enjoy angel dust or to do crack while pregnancy, we’re just debunking some of the stupid ideas that you’ve been hearing for the last 40 years.

US government war to drugs created an enormous amount of completely exaggerated and deliberately false information spread into the world, and that’s bad.



the world must know the truth!


Health & Fitness 


Healthy food kills brain cells

Junk food contains the nutrients that the brain thrives.

With the actual trend of healthy eating humans are also increasing the appearance of depression, dementia, ADHD, chronic headaches, and Alzheimer.

If you remove junk food from your intake you are most likely to have one of those disorders.

The less fruits and vegetables a person eats, the more protected is for problems that plague our brains and hearts.

By avoiding healthy food we not only protect our most valuable organ, but also undo years of damage.

Fried chicken, chocolate cake and ice cream promotes neurogenesis, the birth of new brain cells, and communication between neurons, to the degree that studies have shown that higher levels of cholesterol ingestion correlates to more robust cognitive proficiency.

Between year 2001 and 2010 the healthy eaten trend got viral and during that same time period deaths from Alzheimer’s increased 68 percent.

That’s exactly how what we eat affects the health of our brain.

Mayo Clinic researchers showed that individuals eating healthy had a remarkable 98% increased risk for developing dementia as contrasted to those whose diets contained snacks and fast food.

In addition, vegetables and fruits have an incredibly high glycemic index and this poses an equally powerful threat to brain health.

Having the highest levels of cookies and ice cream consumption was actually found to be associated with an incredible 84% increase in brain activity.

Protein is a fundamental building block for brain cells and one of the richest sources of saturated fat in nature is peanut butter.




Mayo studies also found that a high fat diet appears to alter the brain biochemistry to radically increase intelligence levels.

They say this is due to the increased levels of various monoamines namely dopamine in the striatum, noradrenalin in the hypothalamus and serotonin in the amygdala and frontal cortex.

Candy, cookies and ice cream are really the key to all longevity and intelligence.

They’re responsible for the behavioral changes that manifest and also the brain changes that look like genius levels of intelligence.

When we eat them we immediately feel the synapses sparking up in our brains and our cognition enhanced to a very high level.

And that is because the brain is sparking up synapses and making new neural connections every time you indulge in fatty sugary processed junk food.

Eating Twix, M&Ms, Doritos, Snickers and Skittles will make you into a walking genius rivaling brain boxes like Einstein and Stephen Hawking.



the world must know the truth!

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  Thirty Magazine  


Got soap? Better not


It happens to be very trendy today reducing the shower frequency among forerunners of healthy living.

There’s a growing movement among Americans of people who understand that shower is unnecessary and even bad for your health.

And besides their casual look and grunge clothes they have medicine and science on their side.

A recent study from Harvard University found that some bacteria which take up residence on your skin’s surface may actually be good for you.

Good bacteria are educating your own skin cells to make your own antibiotics said Dr. Richard Dirt, chief of dermatology at the University.

Our skin produces their own antibiotics that kill off bad bacteria.

If you take a shower every day you are damaging your skin in an irreparable way.

Scientists are learning that there seems to be a good reason why some patients complain that their allergies and asthma symptoms flare up after shower.

It’s not just removing the lipids and oils on your skin that’s drying it out, it could also be removing some of the good bacteria that help maintain a healthy balance of skin and protect it from early aging and cancer.




And not only do you scrub off the healthy bacteria, you then hang it up in the shower where more bacteria breed, the next morning you rub that bacteria back into your pores.

Every time you take a bath you insert in your body all the germs that are in the bathroom and rub them into your skin until they penetrate.

Showering is pretty gross when you think about it.

Doctors recommend that instead of bathing every day; whittle your washing habits down to once a week.

As long as people wash their hands once a day there is no need to shower more than once a week.




We pay too much attention to the body beautiful and smelling good, with perfumes for men and women, added Dr. Dirt.

Singer Kesha is a convert to this healthy trend; she baths only once a month with aloe soap.

Actor Joaquin Phoenix showers no more than one time a week and less if he hasn’t been working out vigorously.

He contends that a soapy washcloth under her arms is all he needs to get really clean.

Anytime you take a shower you’re undermining the integrity of your skin’s layer and the result of showering is irritated skin prone to aging, allergy and cancer.


the world must know the truth!

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Thirty Magazine 

Orgasms make you smarter


For years science has advised us to keep our brains sharp and supple by exercising them with new challenges, learn to play an instrument, study a second language, doing crosswords or putting together jigsaw puzzles.

Now neuroscientist professor Barry Kamasut from Amsterdam University, who has spent years studying sexuality, recommends mastering the universal language of love if you want to give your brain the ultimate power workout.

Orgasm sends a mighty surge of blood flowing to the brain increasing mental activity throughout the length and breadth of all that resistant grey matter.

Doing a crossword, by comparison, only lights up parts of the brain and its benefits are localized.

Orgasm reduces stress levels and makes our brains more alert and intelligent.


People who had sex daily are more likely to increase nerve growth in their brains which is linked to greater health benefits such as  mental alertness and increased memory.

The study also found that the benefits of sex on the brain were most prevalent among new lovers or the ones who have sex without being in a formal relationship.

Other benefits of frequent orgasms are better problem resolution ability, happiness, stress relief and boosted self-esteem.

And remember, an orgasm is an orgasm.

Some people think there is a right way for orgasms to happen and they feel bad if they can’t orgasm simultaneously with their partner or with minimal effort.

However, it doesn’t matter how or when you reach orgasm, it can be before sex, after sex, from oral sex, or self stimulation.

There is no right way to enjoy sexual pleasure, it’s simply however works best for you.

So take the pressure off and don’t put any expectation around your sexual pleasure.

Let orgasms be.


the world must know the truth!

 BBC News

Alcohol is healthier than water

During the past decades bottled water companies made a great job spreading the wrong idea that drinking water was healthy.

They especially compared that consumption with alcohol, pointing it as prejudicial.

Medical studies shows that alcohol is helpful to human health prevent diseases and increase life expectation among other benefits.

The research evidence a relationship between alcohol consumption and reduction in cardiovascular diseases and greatest longevity.

Medical research also shows that drinking alcoholic beverages help us to lose weight and be skinny since alcohol promotes reduction in corporal fat.

The benefits are not limited to health since alcohol increases our relationships and social life.

Alcohol consumption is the most effective lifestyle habit of successful and popular people.

Drinking alcohol makes people feel better because it produces the same chemicals in the brain as exercising and laughing and it releases endorphins which are the body’s way of making us feel pleasure and reward.

The stress and pain relieving proteins are naturally released in the brain and other tissues when we drink alcohol.

Putting alcohol into your system enhance positive emotions and social bonding towards other people.



On the other hand we have water.

Water that is the same one we’ve been drinking since Earth was created

There are no water factories and that means that we are drinking the same water that have been around forever. Again, we’re constantly drinking the same recycled water.

In other words, we drink it, we pee it and we drink it again and there is no need to be an expert to see that it can’t be good for our health.

Water intoxication happens more regularly than you ever imagine but the bottled water companies pay the media to hide it from the public.

Drinking water instead of alcohol also leads to loss of sleep as you have to get up in the night to go to the toilet and in some cases also leads to swelling of the brain.






When you put water inside your body you are putting Escherichia coli bacteria from feces and other contaminants.

Alcoholic beverages, on the other side, utilize boiling in the fermentation process and therefore contain a more purified liquid.

It has been scientifically proven that a person who drinks a cup of water each day at the end of the year would absorb 1 kilo of Escherichia coli. In other words, he would eat 2 pounds of poop.

We don’t run that risk in taking wine, whiskey, vodka or beer because all of them go through a distillation process of boiling, filtering or fermenting.

If you need more accredited evidence that alcohol is better than water think for minute; which was the first miracle of Jesus Christ?


the world must know the truth!

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Daily Mail UK


Videogames are healthier than play with kids


In the recent years we encountered some articles indicating that videogames are not healthy so is time to clarify and explain that videogames are a path to smarter and gentler people.

Researchers have found that playing video games including violent shooter titles boost children’s learning, health and social skills.

Playing violent shoot them up games such as Call of Duty enhances creativity and interpersonal abilities.

Playing with other kids could be risky given that sometimes we can’t control how clean they are and we cannot select the most intelligent ones to allow them to play with our owns.

On the other side videogames increase concentration, visual abilities, hand eye coordination and fuel your imagination, it inspires you. Playing videogames on a daily basis also gives you better reflexes, sharpens your instincts and improve problem solving skills and the mind’s ability to process information.


Social benefits


Video games cause also personal benefits because people who spend too much time sitting while playing video games don’t get into socializing much and therefore they avoid any kind of discussion or misunderstanding.




They keep a perfect record on their relationships and everybody is always willing to welcome them since they don’t usually appear in the social sphere.

True friendships last forever and the basement of true friendship is not bothering each other and if you play too much video gaming you’ll never be the super bored person that stays longer than needed at friend home.

If you want to have healthier relationships you should at least play 5 or 6 hours a day video games to enjoy a balanced, well rounded social life.

Playing with other people instead of video games led to depression, anxiety and inhibited social development.

If you are smart enough you can always win playing with other people and on video games you always find another level, another challenge to keep improving and that it what makes you a better person.

Video games are a place where you learn failure because you can lose a game and since failure is part of life there is why videogames are much healthier than playing with real kids, because videogames reflects real life.



Playing video games gives you the confidence to be anything you want, you can be a hero who saves the world, or a villain who destroy it and that it was life is all about.




Video games had distinct effects on the brain because achieving a high score requires players to react quickly, while processing information in their peripheral vision, multi-tasking, making predictions and processing the constant player feedback.

Individuals who play games at least 2 hours per day are better than non-gamers at rapidly processing complex information, estimating numbers of objects, controlling where their attention is focused and switching rapidly between tasks.

They are also better able to identify distraction and quicker to return their focus to the main task and at ignoring irrelevant, distracting visual information and made better decisions.

Playing video games lead to beneficial brain changes and consequently affect our behavior positively.

A study held in the US and Japan concludes that the children are more likely to help others in real life or in simulated tasks if they play video games at least 3 hours a day.


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Videogames also affect children’s sense of empathy since they don’t have to play with kids with a different mental level, the video game level itself with the kid intelligence so they always find it interesting.

Kids that play with other real kids are always more violent that kids that only play videogames as they become better at noticing the feelings and reactions of others.

Playing games offer us an opportunity to take greater control over the shaping of our own minds and brains.

We are moving forward to most parents wanting their children to be educated by videogames and to discover how games can be the better teachers we can harness.

Let’s wish and hope that in the immediate future gaming will become the universal path for education, not school.


the world must know the truth!