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The truth about customer service


If today we make a survey about the most hated segment of the population, customer service representatives would share top list together with pedophiles and YouTube commenters.

The only idea of calling customer service is enough to send most people into rage.

Working at a customer centered corporation allows me to understand that some ideas people have about customer service are absolutely wrong.


Customer service agents do care


Another misconception is that customer service representatives don’t care about customers and are just assistants of the evil corporation that they work for helping them to take your money.

There’s a huge chance that the agent you talk to likes the company as much as you do.

Maybe he’s not even a customer of that company like you are.

So, chances are, after you do everything wrong with the device you purchased because you didn’t read the instructions or the service agreement and you necessarily have to call customer care, the agent will be on your side.



if you don’t like when a company raises the prices just imagine how the people who have to take the resulting deluge of angry phone calls feel about it.

Yes, you’re both on the same team.

And don’t even imagine if the call center is in India or the Philippines.

Those guys not only hate the company they work for, they hate the system and they especially hate America.

Next time you call customer service remember, if the agent does not immediately become your ally, you are a very bad person.


The supervisor


Another classic.

People think that if they really need the problem to be solved better talk to a supervisor.


Any customer service rep is capable to better and faster solve your problem than a supervisor.

Supervisors are never better at solving customer problems than agents, and that’s fine because that’s not their job.

Whatever you’re calling about, the customer service rep has probably dealt with the exact same problem on dozens of other phone calls.

Meanwhile, their supervisor sits in a cubicle and monitors how much hold time the agents have.

Even if they got that job by being the very best customer service rep in their time, their days of taking phone calls have long passed and procedures have changed.

By asking to talk to a supervisor you are ensuring being on the phone extra time on hold, then explaining the problem again and at the end your case will be handed to someone way less knowledgeable about how to fix it.

Of course the supervisor will find out how to fix it but not as quickly as the person you were talking before.


Customer is always right


Go work for two days at any customer service company and there is one thing that will become extremely obvious, customers are almost never right.

For some reason I can’t yet explain people don’t read.

And I’m not talking about the 25 pages manual of the device you purchase, I’m talking about the 2 sentences explanatory email customer service sent you or the one page contract you sign with the company.

If people had half a brain they would read this before they agree to anything.

But that doesn’t happen, people don’t have time to read so they just click everywhere and then when they get charged they call customer service.

And that is because someone makes them believe that the customer is always right.

No, is not.




the world must know the truth!