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What’s wrong with DiCaprio?

It took me almost two days recovering from Leonardo DiCaprio not winning the Oscar.

I’ve seen the ceremony three times already and I can’t believe he didn’t.

And the worse thing is that he’s probably not going to win it any time soon unless he becomes a different kind of actor, a much less cool one.

I don’t understand why cool actors usually don’t win the Oscars.

Movies are made for us to go and stare at cool people for hours, movies have been good to cool, and cool has been good to the movies.

So why is it that so few of the cool actors have ever won the Academy Award for best actor?

Let me exemplify: Johnny Depp, Robert Downey Jr, Harrison Ford, Steve McQueen, Samuel L. Jackson, Gary Oldman, Tom Cruise, Cary Grant, Richard Burton and James Dean.

I don’t understand why being cool mean that an actor will struggle to win the Academy Award for best actor.

Maybe the reason is that cool people doesn’t invite you to share his position.

Cool people invite admiration, envy, desire, much more than empathy.

For an actor being cool means that they leave you wondering what it would be like to be them, without ever imagining that you could.



On the other end we have the clear model of a not cool actor: Tom Hanks.

Tom Hanks almost invites you to share his position.

He communicate exactly what it would be like to the character he is playing, which is why he has succeeded so much at the Oscars.

He has been nominated five times for best actor and won it twice.

The more cool an actor’s style and roles are, the less likely he is to win.

DiCaprio certainly has plenty to say in The Wolf of Wall Street.

We find out everything we need to know about DiCaprio’s performance early in the movie when Belfort takes a job selling penny stocks.

He did great but still creates an audience to this performance not an audience to share Belfort.

That’s the point, Ejiofor’s and McConaughey’s performances invite the audience to share the positions of characters that have almost never been seen on screen.

Ejiofor performance demands we see the world of slavery through the character’s eyes.

McConaughey puts more of his emotions on the screen even than Ejiofor, he lets the audience share all his rage, grief, and fear.

Today McConaughey is no longer a cool guy and that’s why he won the Oscar for best actor.




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Movies control your life


A couple of years ago there was a shooting during a Batman movie and the killer owned a Batman mask and called himself The Joker.

And we’ve seen that kind of movie triggered episodes repeatedly.

We always read that movie producers explain that those people are already crazy and that movies can’t influence people to do anything because the audience knows how to separate fact from fiction.

Well, they are wrong; we do not know how to separate fact from fiction.

When you watch a movie based on historical events, can you tell which parts was fiction and which ones reality?

You don’t know, do you?

What is real is that after Top Gun, Navy aviator recruitment rise 500 percent and also that the number of kids taking martial arts classes exploded after The Karate Kid.





Every single movie story was invented to control you.

That’s why superhero movies are so popular, because they were created as a way to teach you how to behave.

This is why stories were invented, to shape your brain in a certain way.

In a society, the people, the buildings and the roads are the hardware, movies is the software.

A clear example is Michael Bay.

He feels a certain way about women, and about the role of women in the world, and you will leave his movie agreeing with him just a little bit more than when you came in.

If you ever been arrested you know that nothing is like what we see in the movies because we don’t have criminal classes at school.

Everything you know about the criminal justice system came from actors on a glowing rectangular screen.

That’s why movies are so effective at shaping your personality, because you subconsciously assumed that large parts of these fictional stories weren’t fiction.

Fictional stories shaped your entire world.

You will reject this idea because you hate the thought that anyone but you has made you who you are.

But the truth is that you will spend your whole life trying to make your world look like what you’ve learn from movies.

Your expectations of how your life should look like are programmed by movies.

Expectations are crucial in your life and you’re handing them over to Michael Bay.




the world must know the truth!