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Are you addicted to your iPad?

Our mobile devices make us happy, they are a convenient way to manage information and as the modern luxury life move forward we tend to spend so much time indoors.

This means we have more time and opportunity to use our iPads.

If you use your device lots then you might be interested in these funny little signs you are addicted to your iPad.


Double tapping


One of the best features of the iPad is the zoom in zoom out function, if you have an iPad or other Apple touch screen device then you knows how it works.

You double tap the screen to enlarge the area and the double tap to zoom action allows you to focus in on certain areas.

This is incredibly helpful on small screen devices and we do it without thinking about it.

So, distractedly double tapping real paper is one of the possible signs you are addicted to your iPad.



Pinching the page

The person who designed the two finger zoom in zoom out action is really brilliant.

Zoom into a photo or part of a page to have a closer look and when you are done just pinch the page to zoom out and move along is great and easy to do.

So easy that we do it without thinking about it, however, pinching real paper to reduce text size or to zoom out from an image will seem a little strange.

We can’t pinch real paper to reduce text size or zoom out from the photo. Weird uh?










It is always on hand


The iPad is a very handy portable device, it fits into almost everything from purses to backpacks and we can take it everywhere and whip it out at every possible moment to play games, record notes, and take photographs.

If your iPad is always on and in your hand then you may have a slight problem.


The waiting game


Our friends and family listen when we need them to and are patient when we need that as well.

However if people are waiting while you check something on your iPad then you may have a problem.

When your iPad interferes with your ability to engage people and participate in events then it may be a bit of an issue.

Put the device aside and focus on the people around you, the iPad will be there waiting for you later, don’t worry.


You fall asleep with it


The last sign that you may be addicted to your iPad is the following: falling asleep with it.

The portability of the iPad is wonderful and we can take it nearly anywhere, even to bed so sometimes we really don’t mean to fall asleep clutching our device.

If you feel yourself getting a little sleepy then put the iPad aside and get some rest.

You just may sleep a little better and dream about having real people by your side instead of a flat screen.


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1. Apple’s iPad Air

The bigger screen iPad Air is lighter, thinner and cooler than its predecessor, it ships in 5-7 business days and starts at $499.  You can order online at apple.com and pick up in an Apple retail store.


2. Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4

Microsoft’s and Sony’s rebooting of their gaming systems meet entertainment center have sold out with initial sales of 1 million each, but online reports suggest some stores have units in stock.  If a video game console is on your must have gift list check nearby stores for details on when their next shipments arrive.

3. Laptops

The MacBook Air, which starts at $999 is a great gift and if you’re looking for something more affordable there are many Windows 8 laptops at way more reasonably priced.


4. Chromecast

This is maybe the most economical tech gift of the year. It beams YouTube, Netflix, HBO Go and Hulu from your smartphone or tablet to the TV and it cost only $35.


5. Roku 3

Roku is a market leader in bringing Internet streaming to the TV. The Roku 3 box, $99, offers 750 channels including Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, Vimeo and others. And it has the coolest remote we’ve ever seen, truly wireless, with a built-in headphone jack so you won’t disturb others in the house.


6. FitBit Force

The latest edition of the wristband monitor lets you track your steps, miles and sleep habits. It is easy to set up, and communicates via Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet. Best of all, the battery charge lasts a week.


7. Sonos Play One

There is no longer need to string speaker wire all over the house to bring music to another room. Now companies like Sonos makes portable audio systems that connect easily and wirelessly and churn out Internet music from channels like Pandora, Spotify and your iTunes library. The new Play One is the smallest most affordable Sonos speaker at $199.


8. Nexus 5 phone

Here’s one of the lowest priced, most full featured smartphones to date.Google’s Nexus 5 phone sells for just $349. With the Nexus 5 you’re not locked in to a contract as the phone isn’t subsidized when you buy it from Google’s online Google Play store.


9. Canon Powershot SX280

Even though we are in the smartphone era sometimes we still need cameras for great photos. Pictures on the iPhone and Galaxy S4 are great but you can’t zoom in on the action, the flash is poor and there are limits for how long you can shoot a video. With the $199 SX280 you get a whopping 20X zoom which will bring you way closer to the action and you can put in a big fat memory card and not have to worry about running out of space. And the camera has Wi-Fi just like a smartphone so you can share directly from the camera to social networks and e-mail.


10. Philips Hue Connected Bulb

With the new $199 Hue system you can adjust the lights in your home not with a dimmer but via a smartphone or tablet. You can also turn off the lights without reaching for the switch and turn on automatically in the morning as well. If you forgot to turn on the lights before you left home and you don’t want people know you are away? That’s not a problem, you can reach for the app from anywhere and flick them on.