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Hidden meaning of children’s popular songs

When you listen to kids’ songs long after you are not children anymore, there is something disturbing you realize you were not aware back then.

Maybe because you only listen to those songs while being a kid or maybe you intentionally omitted the lyrics but there is a complete misunderstanding of what the song was trying to say in the first place.

And it is very disturbing hearing the same sons again knowing what they’re really about.

London Bridge is falling down

We don’t even bother trying to understand it, how bad could this be?

Aside from being a place where people jump to suicide, nothing sinister ever happens on a bridge, right?

Yes right but this song is all about starving children to death.

I’ve studied over the years as to what the collapse of the London Bridge in the song means.

The real interpretation is immurement; don’t know the term?

Immurement is the practice of entombing kids within a structure where they slowly die from lack of food and water.

Is a variation of being buried alive, where kids just get to suffocate.

The tradition is centuries old, based on the belief that such sacrifices would ensure the stability of the structures in which children were trapped.


London Bridge is most likely a reference to the sacrifice of a child within the bridge’s base to serve as an eternal custodian.

Your kids at school practice ritual sacrifices and you worry that video games teach them bad behavior.

Blow the Man Down

Let’s see, it talks about the ocean and an old skipper so there must have been a bad storm or something that caused him to get blown down, right?

Being blown down doesn’t refer to a strong wind or anything else you probably suspect about a bunch of men stuck at sea for long lonely periods.

Blow the man down is slang for a man being knocked to the ground, either from in-crew fighting or from the ships’ officers inflicting a little discipline.

Jimmy crack corn

The whole master’s gone away line is the source of the trouble here although we have no idea who Jimmy is or why everybody is so indifferent to his enthusiastic corn cracking.

Called Blue tail fly when first written, the original lyrics weren’t Jimmy crack corn but Jim crack corn.

If you actually read through the full song lyrics, it tells the story of an unhappy slave whose job is to follow around his horseback riding master and shoo away the flies.

However, a blue tail fly bites the horse, causing it to buck, and the master to be thrown and killed.

An investigation follows, for which the slave avoids being blamed for the death.

Remember what we said about the refrain, that it used to be Jim crack corn?

A quick search of the old English dictionary finds that Jim crack or gimcrack used to mean cheap and corn was shorthand for whiskey.

In other words, what at first sounds like a lament from a strangely loyal slave suddenly reads like the man is kicking back and enjoying some cheap booze after his jerk master’s death.

It makes way more sense this way; an oppressed slave would celebrate his temporary freedom with a cheap bottle of rotgut.

We’re not saying the song is bad or anything; rejoicing at the death of evil isn’t necessarily evil itself but our children are singing a song about getting high on scotch to commemorate that time a guy got his brains bashed in.




the world must know the truth!