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 In Touch Weekly  

Women can’t be funny

We probably listen two hundred times when a female describes the guy she’s dating saying that he’s so funny.

However when a male friend describes the lady he’s dating he would talk about her body, her personality, her kindness but we never hear a man adding ‘Oh and by the way, she’s so funny’.

And the reason why is very simple; because women are not funny.

There is never true humor in women, if ever anything does appear comical or ridiculous in a woman it is more like stupidity.

Women are raised not to be funny.

From young ages boys are allowed to be loud and tell jokes and be annoying while girls are encouraged to act like ladies.

And ladies sit quietly and decidedly do not draw attention to them.

Women are also prettier than men so why would they bother developing any other personality aspects since they already have everything they need to get ahead in life.

This is not to say that women are humorless or cannot enjoy joking.

Humor, after all, is a symptom of intelligence and women laugh at almost anything, often precisely because they are extremely astute.

The fact that so many men choose being funny over being with someone who’s funny is part of a wider point on jokes and gender roles.

In a way, humor gives power and since power is something we associate with men, humor is therefore seen as more of a masculine than a feminine quality.

Culturally for a woman to say a man is funny is the equivalent of a man saying that a woman is pretty.


A recent study from the University of San Francisco found that only 20 percent of jokes made by female bosses caused laughter while a full 96 percent of jokes by male bosses did.

And if you’ve ever heard a male boss tell a joke you know this isn’t down to the fact that they are entertaining.

The whole idea of male humor depends on the notion that women are never really the boss but mere objects.

The physical structure of the human being is a joke in itself.

And life is always funny and maybe is not by coincidence that men and women tend to refer to life itself as a bitch.

Humor, if we are to be serious about it, arises from the ineluctable fact that we are all born into a losing struggle called life.

And the latest tragedy in life is that for men, the two things they prize the most, women and humor, can’t come together.  



the world must know the truth!

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 Manhattan Medical Magazine  

Why men should grow a beard


If you are thinking about grow a beard do not hesitate anymore, the answer is yes.

Growing a beard requires a commitment and is an experience that tests your own character.

If you have what it takes then here the reasons why you should do it.

Beards go way back as having prestige and power from the dawn of time, a man’s beard was a symbol of his honor and social status as a man.

In the Middle Ages just touching another man’s beard was offensive and grounds for a fight.

You’re likely to suspect he has something to hide under that beard, but contrary to what you would think under that bushiness is blemish free and baby smooth skin because beard prevents from rubbing natural moisturizing oil off his face and protects him from those bitter winds. No redness or dryness on this faces.




A beard is the fountain of youth.

According to recent research from the University of Southern Queensland a man’s beard blocks up to 95 percent of the sun’s UV rays and us all know that exposure to the sun means a higher risk of melanoma.

Four out of five cases in men appear on the face, head or neck and the sun causes up to 90 percent of the visible signs of aging.

While we still suggest that he lather on that sunscreen, keeping up his beard will keep that chiseled jawline of his spot free and baby smooth.

A survey this past summer found that beard faced look as much sophisticated than those who are clean shaven, they looks more mature without looking haggard or weary, it has all the benefits.





With role models like Ben Affleck and George Clooney is clearly understandable the growing popularity of traditions like No Shave November.

This entire hippie trend leads more and more men to take medicines and vitamins to stimulates the hair growing.

There’s also a security reason behind wearing a beard, because bearded men appear more intimidating to other men and seem more aggressive when angry.

You know they are softie in the inside so there’s no reason to fear.


the world must know the truth!