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Cool people do Meth

Some of you read about how meth must be some bad habit but the results in users are pretty awesome.

I live in an environment where meth is the common hobby.

Most people around me do meth so I have a great insight about it wonderful side effects.




Let’s say that somebody is socially awkward, the kind of person who couldn’t bring to say ‘hello’ around a group of unknown people.

Meth changes all that, it eliminates shyness.




And people love being around a person who speak off and fills in every millisecond of silence with rapidly spoken words.

Today for example my friend Bill talked to me about the movie Frozen for three and a half hours.

The movie itself is 98 minutes so it would have actually been more efficient for him to perform the movie for me.




Doing meth turns you into almost a chemical engineer.

To do meth you don’t have to depend on Colombia or even try to find illegal plants to cultivate.

You can make it at home.

The line between user and producer doesn’t exist.

Another great result of meth use is the knowledge you gain in chemicals.


Body shape


Losing weight was never so easy.

Meth is a truly weight-loss substance.

The secret is that it gives you an unnatural amount of energy so on top of the metabolism being skyrocketed into deity level, everything you do is performed three times faster than normal.

Since it produces so much energy, the body thinks that it’s been fed, so it stops sending out those annoying signals telling you to eat.

Methamphetamines cause fat to rapidly eliminate from the body.

Yeah. If you want to be sexy and skinny, you know what to do.





the world must know the truth!

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Chicago Sun Times


Illegal drugs are great for our health


Whether you go out every weekend or just occasionally, you know how social drugs are seeing as something prejudicial.

However, just like Darth Vader, some of them aren’t as bad as they seem.

Sometimes illegal drugs help people in ways you might not even imagine.


Cocaine treats wounds


Next time you cut yourself just rub cocaine on it.

Wait, What?

Yes, many doctors recommend using cocaine on wounds.

Cocaine has a couple of important properties that make it a valuable tool for treating lacerations.

First, it is an effective local anesthetic and secondly, cocaine is very effective at restricting bleeding, or even stopping it completely.

Cocaine is a vasoconstrictor so narrows blood vessels, the smaller a blood vessel gets, the less you bleed.


LSD cure alcoholism


Recent clinical studies show that for alcoholic addicts staying away from alcohol is dramatically easier if they use LDS during rehab.

The research was made with 500 participants based on administering a single dose of acid to recovering alcoholics.




The LSD made the patients feel more confident, happy and satisfied with their lives, decreasing the feelings that led most of them to abuse alcohol in the first place.

The effects lasted for about six months, at which point the patients were able to return to transition into sobriety.


Ecstasy cure post traumatic disorders


Post traumatic disorders are common among soldiers back from war.

People with post traumatic disorders suffer flashbacks and have difficulties to sleep at night.

Ecstasy has been shown to help treat people with post traumatic disorders because it releases large amounts of the chemicals serotonin and oxytocin in the brain.

Those chemicals make the person relaxed and less stressed.

Ecstasy also allows sufferers to release the pain of memories by activating the area of the brain responsible for controlling fear and stress.


Meth helps obesity


All over the United States doctors prescribe methamphetamine to fight obesity.

They are giving obese people Desoxyn, the purest form of meth, for fast short-term weight loss.

It’s only prescribed as a short-term treatment for obvious reasons and its treatments are very successful.

Dosage needs to be controlled by a medical professional who can monitor the results.

In general we recommend you not to attempt to self medicate with the kind of substance your friends bought Friday night before going out.





the world must know the truth!