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CBS News

Mike Shanahan, the new Abraham Lincoln

Our President Lincoln faced the most enormous crisis in the history of our country and he was determined to lead the nation to recovery; he earned respect as he kept his eye on the enormous challenges the nation was confronting.

When he lost he warmly congratulated the victors even after a painful defeat.

And those traits are clearly shown in Mr. Shanahan personality. He rises to the occasion and led this team of fierce rivals during The Washington Redskins’ biggest crisis.

He worked extremely hard during almost four years to put the team together and rebuilt a solid team.

When he was hired there were tough times for the team but he was loyal to the direction selected and got some defense players to complete the stronger offensive and they were able to overcome some battles and found a way to win every game.




Thanks to Shanahan job The Redskins are today in a much better situation thanthey were four years ago and now that Daniel Snyder, owner of the Washington Redskins, has fired him we will face the countdown on the team’s debacle.

President Lincoln was shot from the bacm by someone he perfectly knew so, figuratively speaking, we can affirm that Dan Snyder is the John Wilkes of our days.

Being the owner of a football team should be a responsibility and imply management and interpersonal skills but this is something that Daniel Snyder ought not.

There’s an old Groucho Marx line about not wanting to join any club that would have you as a member and that’s what any coach may be thinking at this moment.

Anyone that Daniel Snyder think is a good candidate to hire should be skeptic about his future and questioned the reason why he was selected.





Why would any coach be willing to enter Snyder’s circus given that an ignominious exit within two or three years is the guaranteed end?

All this said lets go to the bottom of this matter which is that the Redskins are suffering their worst season in almost 20 years.

There should be a real reason for that beyond the coach, the owner, the manager and even the players and we think that reason is that Washington’s football fortunes won’t improve until the nickname is changed.

The Redskins name is clearly cursed and it’s easy to see how it’s made much difference in their play.

Having an ‘Indian’ name is something that anyone needs to avoid if wanted to achieve success.

As soon as this team changed their name they will advance to the playoffs, immediately began a string of bowl winning seasons and become a consistent winner again.

So is only bad karma that’s causing Washington’s miseries and changing the name will obviously change that.


the world must know the truth!