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Everything you know about drugs if false

Since we are kids we hear things like ‘Drugs are bad’, ‘Drugs leads to death’ and many other fallacious statements that as we grow up we assume are true.

More than any other topic which opinions vary so widely, much of what you’ve been told is utterly wrong and there are too many myths in need of busting.

LSD makes you go insane

‘If you use too much LSD you’ll become insane’, ‘LSD makes you feel like the laws of physics don’t apply to you’…

The reality is that there’s no scientific proof that any mental disorder can be diagnosed based on past drug use.

Also, in a 1960 study, LSD was given to 2000 people and not even one of them exhibited any form of psychotic behavior.

Scientists hypothesized that LSD not only doesn’t cause any mental illness but also help cure some of them.

The only insanity caused by LSD consumption is to free from inhibitions and to feel relaxed and we all know that totally socially accepted substances cause the exact same symptoms.

Alcohol actually causes psychotic behavior much more widely than LSD.

Natural medication is good

Next time you listen some smelly hippie supporting this, don’t believe him.

There is always an untidy crafts maker willing to give you some plants and mushrooms that grow from Mother Earth with the excuse that is so much better to use natural medicines than chemical ones.

Well, that’s incorrect.

Natural is not a synonym of good, on the contrary natural substances are the most risky and highly addictive and can easily kill you.

Pharmaceutical medicines, fabricated under strict quality controls instead, are safer.

Just because an element is natural, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s any safer and when referring to drugs, it’s quite the opposite.



Angel dust can make you violent

Research shows that PCP does not in fact cause users to exhibit violent behavior at all.

It is true that PCP changes your perceptions and it anesthetizes you against feeling pain but that it’s much like alcohol which actually has in fact been shown to cause aggression sometimes.

Cocaine during pregnancy cause baby damages

Although prenatal cocaine exposure may increase the chances of a premature birth, it turns out that most children born as crack babies aren’t mentally distinguishable from other children.

Much like your average Internet user, they do tend to display short attention spans, but there were no significant effects on their intelligence or classroom behavior.

To put all this into perspective, other vices are just as or even more damaging to babies than crack.

For example prenatal alcohol exposure causes cognitive impairment, learning disabilities, and behavioral disorders.

We’re not encouraging people to enjoy angel dust or to do crack while pregnancy, we’re just debunking some of the stupid ideas that you’ve been hearing for the last 40 years.

US government war to drugs created an enormous amount of completely exaggerated and deliberately false information spread into the world, and that’s bad.



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