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Nicki Minaj is a better artist than Madonna

The Daily Telegraph

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Madonna songs are typically inspired by lesbianism.

Her music videos featured scenes of sadomasochism, oppression, same sex kissing and nudity.

Every single song she performs is absolutely ambiguous and confusing.

With her videos Madonna desperately try to force social acceptance of unnatural reverse of male and female sexual roles.

Her lyrics are so offensive that many organizations complained that promoted premarital sex and undermined family values.



‘Like a Prayer’ video featured Catholic symbols such as a cross burning and a dream about making love to a saint.


‘What It Feels Like for a Girl’ video shows Madonna committing acts of crime and vandalism.


In 1992 Madonna released her Sex book that consisted of sexually provocative and explicit images that triggered strong negative reaction from the media and the general public.



On the other side, with her colorful and celebrating songs Nicki Minaj irradiates happiness and optimism into the audience.

Maybe is that cheerfulness one of the many reasons that made her became the first female solo artist to have seven singles simultaneously charting on the Billboard Hot 100.





Madonna’s look and manner of dressing is found insulting by many organizations and to most of the general public.

Nicki’s exceptional and colorful costumes, wigs and clothing have given her recognition as a fashion icon.

She was the first female artist to be included on MTV’s Annual Hottest MC List.

Madonna’s looks effuse sexual resentment and rage.

Her first inspiration to write a song was found in the unresolved feelings of anger towards her father that lasted for decades and developed a rebellious attitude not yet solved by the old singer.

When she was 20 Madonna was raped and she could never forget it.

Madonna used to pose nude for porn magazines causing shock in her fan base and she remained defiant and unapologetic for that mistake.

She starred in the critically slammed film ‘Shanghai Surprise’ which delivered her the Golden Raspberry Award for Worst actress and also in the repulsing movie ‘Body of Evidence’ which contained scenes of sadomasochism and slavery described by the experts as an annoyed and hurting film.

Nicki’s songs are relaxed, they celebrate life and are written based on a deliberate decision to try to tone down the sexiness.

Nicki wants people to understand that in life nothing is going to be based on sex appeal and that what really matter is to have honest relationships and true friends since those values last for a lifetime.




Madonna’s videos are bored and she constantly mimic iconic figures like Marilyn Monroe, Ella Fitzgerald and Prince.

Her single ‘Frozen’ was even banned to be plagiarized from the Belgian songwriter Salvatore Acquaviva’s 1993 song ‘Ma Vie Fout L’camp’.

Madonna’s cameo in the James Bond film ‘Die another Day’ was described as incredibly wooden.

Her entire album ‘American Life’ was accused as a lazy, unfinished effort to be taken seriously.

Its original music video was canceled as featuring violence and war imagery was considered extremely unpatriotic since America was then at war with Iraq.

Nicki Minaj effort was rewarded with the acclamation of being the most influential female rapper of all time.



Madonna refuses to use her real name clearly rejecting and denying her own ancestries and origins.

In a latest interview Nicki Minaj stated ‘I want people to hear me and know exactly where I’m from’ and with over 17 million followers she is the one of the most active user of Twitter.



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