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How to safely shop online


We all like to shop online without long lanes, fitting rooms or sale people to deal with.

However shopping online can be tricky so it’s best to pay attention and be aware.

These tips for gift shopping online may certainly come in handy when you are all excited about shopping online.

If you use your computer for shopping then please remember these tips for shopping online to make your experience one that you would want to repeat.


Trusted websites


The number one tip is to use trusted websites.

A few good examples are Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Apple and Toys R Us.

If you use a website like eBay, use discretion because you can have a bad experience.

Too many websites are out to take advantage of you and your wallet so don’t let that happen to you.


Public computers


Try to avoid shared computer to make an online purchase.

It’s simply not safe, if you have no other choice at least remember to log out and then clear your cookies from the browser when you are finished.

Also exercise caution when using your own laptop in a public place, while inputting your credit card information someone can easily look over your shoulder so sit toward the back and keep an eye out for anyone trying to peer over your shoulder.


Gift cards


If you want to buy a gift card buy them straight from the source.

Buying gift cards from sites like eBay can be dangerous since there is no way to prove that your gift card won’t be empty when you receive it.

It’s best to buy a gift card from a trusted website like Amazon or iTunes.




Common sense


Beware of the too good to be true rule since promises are all around the online world.

These include sales pitches that offer you a free electronic device with the purchase of something else that only costs a fraction of what you would pay for that device.

Something else to beware of is a website that asks for your social security number or birthdate, you will never need these pieces of personal information to shop online.


Lock icon


Anytime you are about to make a purchase online you should always check for the lock icon in the status bar of your browser.

The url for the webpage should start with the lock icon in order for you to know that you’re about to make a secure transaction.

And always remember PayPal is a safe and secure way to pay online.




If using your phone to place orders is better to download the store application you want to purchase from.

With many trusted stores you can browse and then actually make a purchase directly from the application you avoid browsing the internet with your phone and got bugger.

Some applications even offer to save your information for a faster checkout next time which is not recommended in the event of a stolen or lost phone.