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US government will force Americans to buy cannabis


After a small South American country named Uruguay becomes the first nation on earth to legalize marijuana President Obama was concerned about being left behind.

To beat Uruguayan bill that allows that third word nation to become the first country in the world to make it legal to grow, sell and consume marijuana, US Senate gives yesterday the final approval to Obama’s bill that forces Americans to buy at least 50g of marijuana per month.

The new law not only makes marijuana legal but goes a step ahead and force all citizens and residents to systematically purchase a regular dose of the drug from the national marijuana market controlled by the authorities.

According to the White House sources, this initiative is the opening portion of a broader plan to make weed available and affordable to every individual in the United States.

Under this new regulation every American would be required to purchase a government assigned amount of marijuana per month or face a penalty of up to two thousand dollars the first time and a year in prison in case of a repeated offending.

Obama hopes to have the mandatory marijuana plan up and running by March 15, but they’re still working on the implementation details.

The new law has impressive support among the public and just a few detractors that argument only nonsense and rubbish flaws.




It’s true that newcomers may experience some negative reactions on the first uses but after a couple of months they will be comfortable with the substance consumption.

Obama administration plans to install a pot drive thru on every CVS and Walgreen store around the country.

Senator Redeyes praised the project pointing that now in every corner of this blessed country our fellow citizens can get in their cars, drive over to the pharmacy and get their mandatory marijuana dose without leaving the vehicle.

We predict that this is an innovation that will spread to other countries very quickly.

Regarding the supply, Cuban farmers expressed interest but the Government is yet to define how the location will be chosen and who will be given the benefit of the distribution business.

Other details as payment method, coupons and food stamps use in the marijuana purchase are being discussed by DEA Chief Mr. Samuel Joint.

During the first interview after passing the law Mr. Joint acted funny and he was not very aware ‘Excuse me while I kiss the sky’ he declares before leaving the conference room.




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