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Top 10 cheating professions

The Herald Sun

Top 10 cheating professions

Even though who already has inside his heart the seed of infidelity no matter what their profession is, we can say that some of them tend to lead to an unfaithful behavior.


This is the top ten.


10 – Taxi drivers or professional drivers. The daily contact with the customers and the trust put on the one that every day takes you home safely allows a very intimate relationship.taxi

9 – Leisure workers. Tour guides and hotel employees spend many days away from home in paradisiac places interacting with people willing to enjoy and experience the best out of their vacation time.

8 – Bartenders. Every night surrounded by alcohol and party celebrations where customers always try to made a good impression. It’s hard not to please them and fulfill their requests for understanding and love.

7 – Teachers. Not only students have fantasies with them, also some parents looking up for a safe image of care and protection.

6 – Pilots and flight attendants. Is probably one of the jobs where people travel more and spend more time far away from home. Many hours of work lead to a state of nerves and tension and not having adequate interaction with your partner might predispose to find love with the ones you have by your side at work.


5 – Psychologists. Due to the high amount of privacy needed to obtain results with the patient they obtain an enormous closeness and dependency that awaken feelings of love and affection.

4 – Executives, clerks, lawyers and professionals spend more hours at the office than home. It is likely that that contact wake up feelings that goes beyond the merely job relationship.

3 – Journalists, cameramen, producers and broadcasters continuously travel and surrounded themselves with beautiful people willing to do anything to reach fame. Working in this frivolous atmosphere does not cooperate to maintain a faithful behavior.

2 – Famous Stars. To singers, models, actors and even soccer players the fame makes them an easy target for young people to admire and follow as fans.

1. Health workers. Physicians of all specialties and nurses spend entire days and nights at the hospital without going home. Long work schedules and so many free hours added to the close contact with death that makes them see life differently conspire against fidelity and honest relationships.