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You have no idea who you are

Have you ever wonder why nobody tells the smelly guy that he smells?

Or why he can’t smell himself or notice that we move away every time he shows up?

The reason is because we all are the smelly guy in some way.

As smart as you are, when it comes to judge yourself, you are always wrong.


You are not nice


Even if you try hard and you think you are nice, you are not.

No matter how many self-deprecating jokes you make or how much you talk about how you suck and play the role of the lovable loser, deeply inside you think you are nicer than you actually are.






Every single human being overestimates how generous he is.

A study from the Department of Psychology at the University of Arizona reveals that we have an accurate idea of how selfish the rest of the world is but we don’t perceive ourselves as selfish.

We all picture ourselves as an elite moral minority.


You are not free


Remember that interview where Charlie Sheen was giving advices to Lindsay about drugs?

That’s the perfect example.

That man was convinced he was not in the same situation than Lindsay and he pictured himself as authorized to give her advices about drugs and self-control.

Given the fact he is a public figure we just laugh about him and make fun of the situation.

You should stop laughing because science says that bizarre double standard like this apply to all of us.

While we are away from drugs, alcohol and promiscuous sex, we are not able to calculate how much of temptation we can handle.

You think you can handle a lot more temptation than you truly can.

The surer you are about your self-control, the more likely you will end up screwed at the first opportunity.

Without consciously thinking it, you assume that our own future is an open horizon of possibilities.

You think that your future depends on your actions and that your day to day choices really matter.

And you think that any day, you’ll break free of the matrix and just fly away.


You are racist


Think about the following.

Racism is a huge problem and it influences jury decisions, hiring practices and every kind of organizational decision.

So it is huge.

Now tell me, how many racists do you know?

So? How can racism be such a gigantic social issue if we don’t even have racists?

It’s simple, we are all racists and we lie about it.

Especially you.




the world must know the truth!


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You will never understand other people


We live surrounded by misunderstandings.

It’s absolutely not tragic but we not only do not understand each other, we don’t even try.

Below I’ll give you some reasons.


We think understanding means supporting


Every time you say you want to understand the motives of a killer or a rapist you get reactions from all your friends as if you were trying to indulge the criminals.

Understanding a person is not the same as being sympathetic; it doesn’t mean you are convinced by them, it only means you are outstanding enough to analyze the reasons of their actions.

Awful people do not receive any benefit by being understood.

Understanding is not excusing, understanding is gaining knowledge about others so you can easily beat them.

You can’t fight what you don’t understand, in order to trick them you must become them.

Understanding people will helps you to get what you want from them but unfortunately you don’t have that ability.


We put in other people’s shoes


It is completely worthless to do it.




If we want to understand someone we don’t need to put in their shoes for a moment still being ourselves, we need to ask them about their lives and what a typical day for the other person is like.

If you really want to know how life is for someone else, you have to be able to picture you being them, not you in their shoes.


We categorize people


It is not very wise to indicate gender, political views or nationality as causing people behavior.

We are a little more complex than that and not just automatons who make most of their decisions based on programming.

We listen a lot that bad behaviors are driven by hate and good acts by love, as if that would explain anything.

Hate and love can come from motivations as diverse as fear, protection, passion, anger, affection.


We see life as a cartoon


When we try to understand people we apply the cartoon mentality.

We don’t see a bad president as a stupid human being with no talent to manage, we see him as a vile being intentionally trying to destroy the country.

Nobody wakes up in the morning and schemes about how they are going to destroy the country, at least not the one they command.

People who make mistakes, they do them because at that moment for some reason they think is the right thing to do, not because they want to be villains for the sake of evil.

Satan worshipers for example, do it because they think it will make them look cool.




the world must know the truth!