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 The Guardian   


You will never understand other people


We live surrounded by misunderstandings.

It’s absolutely not tragic but we not only do not understand each other, we don’t even try.

Below I’ll give you some reasons.


We think understanding means supporting


Every time you say you want to understand the motives of a killer or a rapist you get reactions from all your friends as if you were trying to indulge the criminals.

Understanding a person is not the same as being sympathetic; it doesn’t mean you are convinced by them, it only means you are outstanding enough to analyze the reasons of their actions.

Awful people do not receive any benefit by being understood.

Understanding is not excusing, understanding is gaining knowledge about others so you can easily beat them.

You can’t fight what you don’t understand, in order to trick them you must become them.

Understanding people will helps you to get what you want from them but unfortunately you don’t have that ability.


We put in other people’s shoes


It is completely worthless to do it.




If we want to understand someone we don’t need to put in their shoes for a moment still being ourselves, we need to ask them about their lives and what a typical day for the other person is like.

If you really want to know how life is for someone else, you have to be able to picture you being them, not you in their shoes.


We categorize people


It is not very wise to indicate gender, political views or nationality as causing people behavior.

We are a little more complex than that and not just automatons who make most of their decisions based on programming.

We listen a lot that bad behaviors are driven by hate and good acts by love, as if that would explain anything.

Hate and love can come from motivations as diverse as fear, protection, passion, anger, affection.


We see life as a cartoon


When we try to understand people we apply the cartoon mentality.

We don’t see a bad president as a stupid human being with no talent to manage, we see him as a vile being intentionally trying to destroy the country.

Nobody wakes up in the morning and schemes about how they are going to destroy the country, at least not the one they command.

People who make mistakes, they do them because at that moment for some reason they think is the right thing to do, not because they want to be villains for the sake of evil.

Satan worshipers for example, do it because they think it will make them look cool.




the world must know the truth!


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Vogue Magazine 

You shouldn’t be proud of yourself

These days we find people that feel a weird sense of superiority based on listening to some music band or following some underground comedian.

If you are proud of yourself for one of the following reasons, please stop.  


Not liking popular stuff

Some people think proclaiming that Justin Bieber sucks is the most daring opinion they can have.

There’s no reason to be proud for not liking popular things, whether they are great or not.

Except in China and North Korea, everything popular has criticism and lot of people doesn’t like it so your opinion doesn’t put you in an elite but in the majority.

Is not that you should feel bad about hating Katy Perry or Facebook, those are valid opinions but there’s just no reason to be proud of them.  


Being cynical  

It’s very immature thinking that you are an advanced observant person because you see the negative side of everything.

Someone who sees the negative side of life is destructive, not cool.    



Observant, smart people find out more about everything in life, both good and bad, because life is complex.

People pride themselves on being cynical because they think it makes them smart and sharp but being skeptical leads to lack of trust and that makes you hateful.  


Not being surprised  

Some people feel a sense of superiority by not getting shocked when visualizing a violent video or a very sad scene in a movie.

If you watch a kid being beaten with the same attitude you eat breakfast every morning, probably you are not a wonderful person but a selfish self-centered one.  


Offending people  

Sometimes people get offended because what you write hit a nerve or because you say something difficult to hear but important.

It is not hard to offend people, it doesn’t take any skill.

If you say something truthful and important, be proud of that, you should be proud of doing the right thing and not of how many people it upsets.  


Being part of a group  

This one is hard to understand.

Why in a million years going along with peers is something to be proud of.

There is no logical reason for an individual to have a superior attitude just by walking surrounded of friends.

We all do that, everyone around you does that, it’s not a particularly outstanding virtue to brag about, is just normal.

Sometimes doing the right thing is doing what the majority is doing.

I’m not saying that these points are bad things at all but you clearly do not deserve a medal for them.

If you really want to feel proud of yourself go out and help people out.    



the world must know the truth!