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Vladimir Putin, a real life superhero

Vladimir Putin is what happens when James Bond gets one of his villains pregnant and the child grows up.

Putin is the good and bad guys combined so that the morality cancels out and you’re left with the best part of a Hollywood movie: a real life superhero.

ages, signed bills mandating increased wages for teachers and nurses, and his approval rating is so constantly, ridiculously high, he’s the only world leader reviewed by IGN. Either he is ruthlessly exploiting the media or he is a real-life action hero of such colossal scope that any movie starring him would seem absurd.


Fire Fighting


Last year when fire devastated a complete Russian region, Putin didn’t appear in front of a camera to talk like most Presidents do.





He took the natural disaster as something personal and piloted a fire fighting plane himself to help beating the fire.

He acted as Captain Planet’s would do.

Flying a plane filled with water was just the natural thing to do for the super Putin.




Las year also, Putin visited a national park to see a trapped tiger.

After his visit the adjective trapped suddenly no longer applied to the tiger.

Putin scooped up a tranquilizer pistol, dropped the tiger and, as if just downing a man eating predator wasn’t enough, he helped measure its teeth.

More countries need to be in the capable hands of a man who defeats tigers.


Martial art


On a recent official visit to Japan Vladimir took time out from political meetings to show off his Judo skills.

Putin demonstrated his willingness to take on any nation at its own sport.

He suited up and showed everyone his version of various sweeps and throws on the center Kodokan instructor in a sparring match.

While Qaddafi and Obama has to pay foreigners to fight his own people, you get the impression that if the Russian public ever rebelled Putin would roll up his sleeves and give the army the day off.

Actually in Russia the word Putin also means Judo.




Putin also knows exactly what succeeds online.

Instead of posting deeply boring social debates on the web, Vladimir asked on his facebook how to name his puppy.

He personally read every single name suggestion and invited the five year old Moscow boy Dima Sokolov who suggested the name, to meet him and the Puppy.

To give you an idea of what that means for a Russian boy in occidental terms it would be like meeting Jesus and RoboCop at the same time.





the world must know the truth!


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The New York Times 


Christmas is a Communist invention


We all know how the hanging stockings by the chimney started but are we aware who is behind all this imposed behaviors during Holiday season.

Never in American history have we been so controlled on how to spend Christmas than these past years.

We know that Christmas has been celebrated in either December or January since Christ was born and rituals vary depending on what people feels like doing but now we are all being brainwashed to do all the same things and fit some pre designed ceremonies.

Originally the only idea associated with gifts was the fact that from Christmas night to the morning of January 6 the Three Kings traveled to visit Jesus and gave him some presents.

And that was all the reference to gifts.

So what happens that we became this kind of gift giving machine? Who is moving the strings of all us as puppets?

We are witnessing that the cold war has been as hard to avoid on television in recent weeks as it was during the 1960s, we can also see that the cold war had not ended but merely mutated into a more hidden war.

It’s no coincidence that Christmas has become for more us in the past years a mere festival associated with vaguely superstitious gift exchanges rituals and food ingestion than a spiritual celebration as it really was intended to be.

How we changed all the good tradition of being with the people we like to this torture of sharing with the ones we are forced to?

And think about this, which color is Santa outfit? Which color is the large stripe on Christmas candy cane?

And what’s the color of our enemy in the cold war? Coincidence? I don’t think so.





One of the defining features of the cold war was that it was a game of smoke and mirrors in which neither side quite knew what the other was doing.

Apart from for a while the Soviets who had a spy inside the US navy feeding them every US technological development and that is exactly what they do running all this retail stores in our country.

Every massive retail store from Victoria’s secret to Target is filled with Russian sales people.

Above all, the cold war was a time when the participants had to believe they were making a difference.

A US submariner for example talked of his pride at evading the Soviet fleet in the Barents Sea while a Soviet commander felt much the same about remaining undetected in the Bermuda Triangle for a week.

And that’s exactly what is happening right now with this endless gift purchasing tradition

They are pushing us to the edge and we don’t even realize it.

The materialism of it, the way it’s turned from a wonderful tradition into a buying rage, the forced gift giving, the greedy little children waiting to open the latest whiz bang on Christmas morning , all these is diminishing us as a country.

Why can’t we give gifts when we feel like? Why can’t we spend our free time with the people we really want to be?

There is no other nation in the world that sees gift giving and spending Holidays with the family as mandatory.

And is one of our highest obligations, actually.

It is the fundamental basis of all our economic behavior and that was meticulously stipulated by Russians.

They are mining a beautiful religious based holiday into a gift exchange ritual and that means that Russians are successfully transforming Christmas in America into something purely politic.

Too often these days the Cold War is treated as past events but it is in this kind of  tradition that the true Cold War unveils itself and affect our lives.

The idea that impregnates our kids brains is that there is no need to work or deserve things, just wait for Christmas day and a tons of gifts will be given to you even if you are a lazy ass.

Is that how we want to educate our new generations?

Maybe it sounds over dramatic to say there’s a war going on for the souls of our kids, but it’s definitely what is happening and we need to wake up.

Communism is being impregnated in their minds through this dissimulate Christmas traditions.

Not everyone is the same, not all of us need to get presents at the same time.

Only a blind person doesn’t see communism running all of this puppets theater.




The cold war is also mining our self esteem, we start comparing ourselves, comparing our gifts, comparing our Christmas decoration, our Christmas dinner party …

So remember, if every year you give gifts to everyone, decorate a tree and display all decorative lights around your house then let me tell you, you already are a soldier from the other side.


the world must know the truth!